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Vero Beach Bridge Center
Jan 21, 2020 11:51 EST
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at the
Indian River Shores
Community Center,
6001 N. HWY. A1A,
each Tuesday.

0 - 50 PAIRS
@ 9 a.m.
@ 12:30

GUESTS                     $ 12




0 - 99 Pairs Game
Each Wednesday
@ 1 p.m.





At the VBBC, it is the
responsibility of the EAST
player to check all scores
 entered each round into
Bridgemate. If you later 
 find that one of your scores
was entered incorrectly you
are to contact your
  opponents and verify the
score  with them, then email
 the game director within 24
hours. Your own scores may
 also be checked in
  Bridgemate at the end of the 
 game. This is helpful as you can
verify with your opponents immediately.


One of the Best Florida Bridge Clubs

Located in Vero Beach Florida, the Vero Beach Bridge Center is a member-owned bridge club. We host daily bridge games, duplicate bridge tournaments, bridge classes for all levels,  celebrity speakers, and student games for new players which are all sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. In fact, the size of our club allows us to hold many restricted games for up and coming players, no need to swim with the sharks! 
Pre-dealt boards for pair games mean no shuffling and hand records are available after each game, whether for the daily bridge play or on-site duplicate bridge tournaments. The use of Bridgemate II allows results to be ready immediately following the game.
We have one of the best duplicate bridge clubs in Florida, if not the nation.  
We are currently ranked at #4 in North America for 2019 based on the number of tables of bridge played during the year!

Correct Contract, Well Played

We will meet on the following Saturdays: Jan 11, Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8 and skipping a week to Feb 22

There are several links below that you may find useful as well as class summaries for each class as they occur.

Last updated : Jan 17, 2020 12:04 EST
  Summary of Class Two

Some of you might be wondering why we did not discuss the bidding after our partners open 1NT or open 2NT. The simple reason is that most of you have methods that you are comfortable with. Some of you even play slightly different methods with different partners. LCStandard does review these auctions and you can read the articles at your leisure employing the same link to LArry Cohen's website to find them on the list.

So we can most effectively use our class time this week and next week reviewing our auctions that start with an opening bid in a major. These are very important auctions

The video shown in class presenting 2/1 GF is here for you to watch again. Remember there are three other (longer) 2/1 GF videos that can be watched on the same channel. Links to them will be posted here soon.

We covered four more hands from the book at the tables and played more on the screen. 

Next week we will continue our discussion of 1M auctions. Remember, there are just eight auctions that are affected by changing to 2/1 GF from standard. It is also important to remember that if either partner is a passed hand, 2/1 bids and 1NT revert to their normal meanings. Finally if responder's RHO bids or doubles over the opening bid, 2/1 bids and 1NT revert to their normal meanings. So here are the six 2/1 GF auctions and the two 1NT forcing auctions.

1♠ -(pass)-2                                                                  1♠ - (pass) - 1NT 

1♠ -(pass)-2                                                                  1 - (pass) - 1NT

1♠ -(pass)-2♣  

1  -(pass)-2  

1  -(pass)-2♣  

1  -(pass)-2♣  


Last updated : Jan 18, 2020 09:17 EST
  2019 Spring Cleaning

I have taken down a lot of the older played hands, but have left up the bridge movies from class. More will be posted here from future classes. If you enjoy any of my movies here, many more by other authors can be found on Go to practice. Movies. Larry Cohen has two very good ones there, there are a couple of hundred others. Our last class of the season will be held on April 13.




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