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Vero Beach Bridge Center
Mar 28, 2023 08:53 EDT
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We have been advised by the State of Florida that we cannot enforce that players be vaccinated. This applies not only to us but to all Bridge Clubs, Country Clubs, and other organizations.

S. B. 2006, Section 18. 381.00316 COVID-19 vaccine documentation. (1) A business entity, as defined in s. 768.38 to include any business operating in this state, may not require patrons or customers to provide
any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination or post-infection recovery to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business operations in this state. 





March 30, 2023† † †1:00

This game will take place

concurrently with our†

regularly scheduled game.

Lunch will be served at 12:15


0-1000 Team Game

April 1, 2023 - 1:00 p.m.



April 8, 2023 - 1:00 p.m.


Sectional Tournament

April 14, 15, 16, 2023

2023 Membership Renewal
2023 Annual Membership Dues are past due. 
You may renew in person at the club or by mailing a check for $35 to: 1520 14th Ave., Vero Beach, FL 32960.
The guest fee of $12 is in effect for the non-member entry fee.
You may also renew by credit card, there is a $2 transaction fee.
by clicking the link below. 

Renew Now

One of the Best Florida Bridge Clubs

Located in Vero Beach Florida, the Vero Beach Bridge Center is a member-owned 501 (C) (3) bridge club. We now host daily bridge games on Bridge Base Online, but before COVID-19 we hosted three Sectional bridge tournaments each year, bridge classes for all levels, celebrity speakers, and student games for new players which are all sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. In fact, the size of our club allows us to hold many restricted games for up-coming-players; no need to swim with the sharks! 

We have one of the best duplicate bridge clubs in Florida, if not the nation. We ranked  #4 in North America for 2019 based on the number of tables played during the year!

Vero Beach Bridge Center

In a demonstration of Covidís continued presence on the Treasure Coast, several members of VBBC have let us know that they tested positive for Covid over the last few days. As we are not aware of any unvaccinated individuals playing at VBBC we donít think that this outbreak is related to the change in our vaccination policy which we were recently forced to make.

If you get Covid, the flu or even a common cold, donít risk infecting other members,

stay home rather than coming to VBBC.

If youíre healthy, we hope to see you at the tables.

Last updated : Mar 27, 2023 08:29 EDT
April Bridge Courses
April Bridge Courses
Last updated : Mar 27, 2023 08:28 EDT
Online Bridge


is a new group of clubs that are coming together

to offer a wide range of online games to members

of independent Florida bridge clubs

Starting April 3rd


Game Days - Every Day of the Week on BBO


Game Times mornings @ 10 am, afternoons starting at 1 pm


Games for different player levels (199er, 750er and Open)


Entry fee is $6 for regular games, $7.50 for special events


How to find the game on BBO- ie. go to Virtual Clubs, then click on ACBL- North America

then look for FLORIDA VERO BEACH listings.


VBBC receives a portion of all fees for any VBBC member who plays in these games

and increased share for Vero sponsored morning games


Last updated : Mar 20, 2023 10:14 EDT
Game Schedule



0-1000 GAME:


0-750 GAMES:


0-199 GAMES




Last updated : Mar 27, 2023 11:04 EDT
Tournament Time!
Tournament Time!
Last updated : Mar 11, 2023 13:02 EDT
Annual Membership Dues for 2023 are now being accepted!
Annual Membership Dues for 2023 are now being accepted!


 If you are a non-VBBC member, the game entry fee is $12 per person. 
If you would like to renew dues by mail, please send a check for $35 to:
VBBC, 1520 14th Ave., Vero Beach FL 32960



Last updated : Feb 10, 2023 09:39 EST
Play with the Aces Winners!
Play with the Aces Winners!

Congratulations to the Winners


Play with the Aces!

Jan Weber and Jean Rakoczy

Arnie Summers and Connie Price

Last updated : Mar 15, 2023 11:31 EDT
0-1000 Swiss Teams Game Winners
0-1000 Swiss Teams Game Winners

Congratulations to the March 0-1000 Swiss Teams winners:

Ellen Silverstein & Joe Davis
Kristen & Katie Sullivan


Next 0-1000 Team Game is on April 1, 2023.

Need help finding teammates? See Jan Weber or Boots Van Nostrand.

Last updated : Mar 5, 2023 16:18 EST
Winners of 8-is-Enough Swiss Teams

Congratulations to the March 25, 2023 8=Enough Winners!

Christine Matus, Pieter VanBennekom

Gene Donovan, Pat Forsdick

Next 8-is-Enough Swiss Teams game is April 8, 2023.

Need help finding teammates? See Jan Weber or Boots Van Nostrand.

Winners of 8-is-Enough Swiss Teams
Last updated : Mar 26, 2023 19:32 EDT
Meeting of Board of Governors
Meeting of Board of Governors

The next monthly Board meeting

will be held on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

after the game.

All are welcome.

Last updated : Mar 9, 2023 08:28 EST
New Books by Barbara Seagram available at the VBBC!
New Books by Barbara Seagram available at the VBBC!



Last updated : Sep 8, 2022 11:38 EDT
Defense Against No-Trump with Barbara Seagram
Defense Against No-Trump with Barbara Seagram

Barbara Seagram has a wonderful video library of bridge seminars on various topics. She is again offering VBBC members and guests her
video presentation
and 16 page handout on Defending Against the Opponents’ No-trump Contracts. Barbara reviews standard leads against NT,
 when to overtake, when to duck, second and third hand play, and  many more important concepts on defense.

Barbara’s Two-over-one video that many of you purchased and raved about was excellent and we know that you will benefit tremendously
with more competitive defense strategies covered in this video.
  You may register and pay the $15 fee here. We will then email the video and handouts to you and you can watch it and re-watch it at your convenience. 
Barbara is one of the premier bridge teachers and authors in the world. She and her husband, Alex, are VBBC members and we are very appreciative of their generosity in offering these videos.
We hope you will enjoy this new format in learning. We ask that you not “share” the videos as Barbara is generously donating a portion of the proceeds to the VBBC.

♠          ♦     ♣    


Last updated : Dec 15, 2021 09:26 EST
Introduction to Two-over-One with Barbara Seagram

Last updated : Jun 24, 2021 10:21 EDT

 Having a proper, completed convention card for your partnership is an ACBL requirement for all players. It is imperative that you complete a card and post it on BBO ASAP. 
 The September 2020 issue of the ACBL Bulletin, on page 20, has photos that will guide you. Below is a short video with instructions on completing the Convention Card.

Please create and post your convention card to avoid receiving two Average Minus scores.

♠      ♣ 

Last updated : Nov 23, 2022 12:25 EST
Latest Virtual VBBC Results

BBO Results.  Available immediately after game.

ACBL Live Results.  

Partnership Assistance - THANK YOU, PAT AND JEAN!

Contact Pat Forsdick for Open Game partnerships:



Contact Jean Rakoczy for 0-750 Game partnerships:


VBBC Contact Information

1520 14th Avenue
Vero Beach FL 32960

(772) 562-3008


Unit 240, District 9, of theACBL

Big Games!
Big Games!

Congratulations to these VBBC members who earned
 a new ACBL rank this past month!


Gold Life Master:  Christine Matus

Silver Life Master:  Adele Cunningham

Silver Life Master:  Joan Henderson

Bronze Life Master:  Eileen Covert

Regional Master:  Karla Spooner

Regional Master:  Cynthia Stegmaier

Regional Master:  Nikki Wickman

Sectional Master:  SuzanneBowles

Sectional Master:  Kate Schmidt

Sectional Master:  Robert Shields

Junior Master:  Sandra Baron



The VBBC will follow ACBL's Open Chart for all Open Games.
All Limited Games use the Basic Chart.
Click here to view each chart.