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Vero Beach Bridge Center
Dec 2, 2020 19:18 EST
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0 - 99 NIGHT GAME with lesson before and after
0 - 99  NIGHT GAME  with lesson before and after

DISTRICT 9  hosts a 0-99  game which  begins on Zoom at 6:30 with a special Welcome Reception where you can ask questions and watch demonstrations of various BBO features.
The game begins at 7 p.m. where you will play 12 boards and have the opportunity to attend an after-the-game hand analysis session hosted by teachers.
These games are available Monday thru Friday. 
The fee for each game is $6 and Masterpoints are awarded.

Registration begins on BBO at 5 p.m.  Go to "Competitive," then ACBL Virtual CLubs. Look for "DISTRICT 9, 99ers Invitational Game."

Make a Donation
Your donations go to the support of bridge games, classes and activities
as well as the upkeep
of the building and grounds. 
Donate Here
Indian River Shores Games SUSPENDED

Duplicate Bridge at the Indian River Shores Community Center
is suspended until further notice.


One of the Best Florida Bridge Clubs

Located in Vero Beach Florida, the Vero Beach Bridge Center is a member-owned bridge club. We now host daily bridge games on Bridge Base Online, but before COVID-19 we hosted three Sectional bridge tournaments each year, bridge classes for all levels, celebrity speakers, and student games for new players which are all sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. In fact, the size of our club allows us to hold many restricted games for up and coming players; no need to swim with the sharks! 

We have one of the best duplicate bridge clubs in Florida, if not the nation. We ranked  #4 in North America for 2019 based on the number of tables played during the year!

Vero Beach Bridge Center


  BBO Experiencing Difficulties again today

BBO was upgrading servers early Monday morning and began having technical difficulties as a result.  If this occurs again and you cannot access the Vero Beach game listings in the usual way, go to Competitive, then All Tournaments. In the upper right is a line that says "Search" where you can type "Vero" and our games will appear.
This is a good reminder for you not to wait until the last minute to log in to BBO. The busiest time of day on BBO is around 1 p.m. when you may have difficulty logging into the site and registering.

Last updated : Dec 1, 2020 19:54 EST
  Notice of Annual Membership Meeting
Notice of Annual Membership Meeting

Please click above to view biographies of each candidate on the slate for new Board of Governors for 2021.
Thank you to Susan Mayo, chairwoman of the Nominating Committee, and members John Brunner and Boots VanNostrand.

Last updated : Dec 2, 2020 19:18 EST
  Introduction to Two-over-One with Barbara Seagram

Last updated : Nov 17, 2020 10:25 EST

BBO is no longer automatically posting the SAYC card for pairs who have not completed a specific card with their partner. If your partnership is using the SAYC system you will need to specify such and enter your partner's BBO user name on the card in order for it to load when you register to play with that partner. Having a proper card completed for your partnership is an ACBL requirement. It is imperative that you complete a card on BBO ASAP.  There is a video available below (Tutorials) on how to complete a card and in the September 2020 issue of the ACBL Bulletin, on page 20, are photos that will guide you.
Please create your convention card to avoid receiving two Average Minus scores.

♠      ♣ 

Last updated : Oct 26, 2020 16:25 EDT
  Masterpoint Information
Masterpoint Information

Any games that are run on BBO that are Support Your Club (SYC) games or in the various Virtual Clubs will award black points. Black points count towards all of the regular “races”. There are two types of SYC games. There are the traditional pair games and one daylong event that runs each day. Since both award black points, both count towards Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney races.

BBO also runs pair games and daylongs (now 6 different daylongs every day). All of these games award traditional online points which are “unpigmented” and do not count towards any races except the annual online points race.

Only those points won in sanctioned ACBL games can count as official ACBL points. You can win points in other tournaments on BBO, and although they will count as BBO points and will be considered in raising the number (or letter) on your profile, they will not be able to be added to your ACBL point totals.
Only those tournaments with "ACBL" in the title can be forwarded to the ACBL as official ACBL masterpoints.

Last updated : Oct 5, 2020 06:57 EDT
  Getting Started Tutorials


If you are "Blocked" from registering for VBBC's private tournaments on BBO, login to Bridge Base Online Home, then ACBL World. At the bottom of the page are 3 blue tabs. Select "Update ACBL Number". Verify your user name & add your ACBL # if blank.  This is the number one reason someone is "Blocked." Other possibilities are that the ACBL membership dues are not current or the user name differs from the one in which you originally registered. You will not be able to register for any Limited Games (0-99, 0-199, 0-299, 0-499, or 0-750) if your ACBL number is not in your BBO profile. Another situatioin that may not allow you to register is if you chose to be invisible. Please uncheck invisible on the BBO log-in page. If these items are not corrected, BBO will not be able to award masterpoints. They must have a user name, ACBL number with up-to-date dues, not be invisible, and all must be linked with the member's BBO user name.

If you would like to play but do not have a partner, you can go to our game in the listing of "Pending Games" and click "Partnerships", and add your name or invite any of the players listed. You can also register as a "substitute" for one of our games by going to the game once it has begun (Running Games) and click "substitute". We are in need of substitute players due to inadvertant disconnections and to avoid sit-outs when we have a half table. Be aware that if you lose connection during the final round you may not receive the masterpoint awards.

If you are unable to post your convention card you may need to clear the cache. Go to Web Browser, settings, clear browsing history, then close the window and come back in.

For Results from our VBBC virtual tournaments, go to the upper right of the VBBC Home Page. The BBO Results are available immediately after each VBBC game. ACBL increases the awards so ACBL Live will show the accurate amount you will receive but these results will not be available to view for an hour or so after the game has ended.

We hope you are enjoying playing online in VBBC's virtual club!

We have added select Virtual VBBC Tutorials to help you transition to this new online world. We now archive all our Tips and Info here.
Last updated : Nov 10, 2020 13:50 EST
  Many, many thanks, Barbara!
Many, many thanks, Barbara!

We are so very grateful to Barbara Seagram for the OPENING LEADS zoom seminar she presented for the VBBC!
Taking a bridge lesson on Zoom is much different from sitting at a card table with 3 other people but, as always, Barbara was enthusiastic, informative, precise, and entertaining!
The lesson was excellent  and we were very fortunate to benefit from Barbara's extraordinary teaching and generosity in donating the proceeds of the class to the VBBC.
We thank Barbara and YOU for your participation.

♠  ♥  ♦  ♣ 

Last updated : Oct 26, 2020 16:25 EDT

Maggie Eggleston, Arnie Summers, John Schwartz, Pieter VanBennekom, and Stan Yellin have joined Jamie and Martha in directing tournaments on BBO. Our tournaments consist of 18 boards and last approximately 1 1/2-2 hours in the Open contests and closer to two hours in the 0-750, 0-299, and 0-99 tournaments. We began with a fee of $5 per game but it was necessary for us to increase our entry fee to $7 (which is what we charged in the Club), effective June 1. The masterpoint awards are 100% black points. These VBBC virtual tournaments and  "Support Your Club" tournaments award more masterpoints than any of the other games on BBO, and they have recently increased the masterpoint awards. The Club will receive approximately 77% of the entry fee. Only VBBC members and those players who have played at the VBBC within the past 20 months will be eligible to play in a Virtual VBBC tournament. This is a great way to help your club while we are closed and still play with your regular partners! If you have not played on-line yet but are curious about it and interested, here are some helpful instructions:

  1. Our private games are held at
  2. If you are a member of BBO, Click the Login/Register red button.
  3. If joining for the first time, remember to include your ACBL #. This is what BBO uses to identify you so you are eligible to play in a VBBC-BBO game
  4. Add funds with the "BB$" button (If you are going to play on an iPad or iPhone, you will pay more for BBO Bridge Bucks)
  5. Go back to the original BBO homepage
  6. Close the BB$ box and click "HOME" 
  7. Choose "COMPETITIVE"
  9. Look for Vero Beach Bridge Center games (CLUB # VACB105346) and note that they are called "tournaments" rather than games.The tournaments are not visible until 2 hours before the game begins and you may not register for a game sooner than 2 hours before it begins. 
  10. Click on the VBBC tournament and register with your partner using partner's BBO user name. Either one of you can "invite", but both partners need to be logged on at the same time to register and be able to accept the invitation. Keep in mind that if you are registered to play, you can leave the BBO site, but you must be logged back on within 10 minutes of the tournament's start time. If you are "blocked" from registering for one of our games, please keep trying. Make sure you have sufficient BBO Bridge Bucks.
  11. Playing on BBO differs from playing in the Club with regard to the alert procedure. On BBO, you will "alert" or "announce" your own bids. You do this by clicking Alert and typing in the bid's meaning. This is so different that it's easy to forget.
  12.  Please watch this informative video by Silvana Morici of the Sagamore (NY)  Bridge Club, for further BBO instruction: CLICK HERE

P.S. If you need further assistance with playing on BBO, please call Martha or Jamie. Their phone numbers are in the April Gazette, which you can read on-line. They are also available at the VBBC each weekday, 8:30-1:00, if you'd like to reach them by phone there, 772-562-3008.

Last updated : Nov 9, 2020 09:42 EST
Latest Virtual VBBC Results

BBO Results. Available immediately after game.

ACBL Live Results. Improved presentation, but doesn't post until a few hours after game is over.

Partnership Assistance for Virtual VBBC Games-THANK YOU, ARNIE!

Contact Arnie by Email

VBBC Contact Information

1520 14th Avenue
Vero Beach FL 32960

(772) 562-3008


Unit 240, District 9, of theACBL

** 0-99 GAMES EACH WEEK! **

AND NOW ON SUNDAYS:  0-199 @ 1:15 p.m.
Tell your friends who have not tried playing on BBO yet and ask them to play!

Speaking of Results . . .

BBO has sophisticated algorithms available for picking up unethical behaviors (talking on the phone while playing, playing in the same room, unusual bidding, unusual results, etc.). The penalties are stiff if one is caught cheating. Don't risk your ability to continue playing bridge in ACBL sanctioned games or tournaments for a few good results. Permanent suspension (for LIFE) from all ACBL events is a real possibility. Virtual VBBC games have greater integrity of results because the members know each other and we use our own directors, who are more likely to note unusually good results on a board(s) or games.
From the ACBL:
As in any bridge game, cheating in online bridge is prohibited. Do not share any private information about your hand with your partner or anyone else. Discussion via phone, video, in person or any other means is not allowed.
When you play on BBO, every call and every play are recorded. If you cheat online, you will get caught! In addition to player reports by Bridge Base Online, there are automatic surveillance tools to alert the game operators of potential cheating. If a player is found to be cheating in an ACBL-sanctioned game, the club will bar that player from BBO. In addition, the player may be subject to discipline under the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. Both ACBL and BBO are doing everything possible to maintain the integrity of these online games so that honest players can be confident of a fair contest.


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Club Master:

Sectional Master:

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NABC Master:

Ruby Life Master:

Diamond  Life Master:


#11380 Vero Beach 0-750 10:15
#11385 Vero Beach 0-299 Pairs 1:15
#11391 Vero Beach OPEN Pairs 1:15
#88215 Vero Beach 0-750 10:15
#78624 Vero Beach 0-99 Pairs 10:15
#88228 Vero Beach OPEN Pairs 1:15
#88238 Vero Beach 0-499 Pairs 1:15
#78615 Vero Beach 0-750 10:15
#78633 Vero Beach OPEN Pairs 1:15
#78619 Vero Beach 0-299 Pairs 1:15
#78639 Moorings Pairs 1:30
#55568 Vero Beach 0-750 DOUBLE POINTS 1:15
#55571 Vero Beach 0-199 DOUBLE POINTS 1:15
#40451 Vero Beach 0-750 DOUBLE POINTS 10:15
#40454 Vero Beach 0-299 DOUBLE POINTS 1:15
#55564 Vero Beach OPEN Double Points 1:15
#40439 Vero Beach 0-750 DOUBLE POINTS 10:15
#32519 Vero Beach OPEN Double Points 1:15
#40443 Vero Beach 0-499 DOUBLE POINTS 1:15
#32014 Vero Beach 0-750 DOUBLE POINTS 10:15
Fri Dec 25, 2020
Merry Christmas
Fri Dec 25, 2020
Merry Christmas
Fri Dec 25, 2020
Merry Christmas