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Vero Beach Bridge Center
Jun 16, 2021 12:07 EDT
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0 - 99 NIGHT GAME with lesson before and after
0 - 99  NIGHT GAME  with lesson before and after

DISTRICT 9  hosts a 0-99  game which  begins on Zoom at 6:30 with a special Welcome Reception where you can ask questions and watch demonstrations of various BBO features.
The game begins at 7 p.m. where you will play 12 boards and have the opportunity to attend an after-the-game hand analysis session hosted by teachers.
These games are available Monday thru Friday. The fee for each game is $6 and Masterpoints are awarded.

Registration begins on BBO at 5 p.m.  Go to "Competitive," then ACBL Virtual CLubs. Look for "DISTRICT 9, 99ers Invitational Game."

One of the Best Florida Bridge Clubs

Located in Vero Beach Florida, the Vero Beach Bridge Center is a member-owned bridge club. We now host daily bridge games on Bridge Base Online, but before COVID-19 we hosted three Sectional bridge tournaments each year, bridge classes for all levels, celebrity speakers, and student games for new players which are all sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. In fact, the size of our club allows us to hold many restricted games for up and coming players; no need to swim with the sharks! 

We have one of the best duplicate bridge clubs in Florida, if not the nation. We ranked  #4 in North America for 2019 based on the number of tables played during the year!

Vero Beach Bridge Center


  Support the ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION Saturday & Sunday
Support the ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION Saturday & Sunday

Join us in supporting the Alzheimer's Association.

The Longest Day is an annual fundraising event held to support the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by the Alzheimer’s Association. This is the eighth year of our partnership with the organization, and our community (ACBL) has raised more than $6 million! (Funds raised in Canada are donated to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.)

The event spans the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, and symbolizes the challenging journey of those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

Bridge is uniquely suited for The Longest Day because studies have shown that playing strategic games, like bridge, help keep your brain healthy. 
As a player, simply playing bridge, on BBO or in a face-to-face game, during the event will raise funds as sanction fees go directly to the Alzheimer’s Association or Alzheimer Society of Canada. In return, you’ll earn elevated masterpoints in The Longest Day games. 

All VBBC games on BBO Saturday & Sunday (June 19 & 20) will be games in support of the Alzheimer's Association.

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  LIVE at the VBBC! Conventions Refresher Class!
LIVE at the VBBC!  Conventions Refresher Class!

Join us in person each Wednesday!

June 23: Jacoby & Texas Transfers

June 30:  Weak 2 Bids & Responses


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Barbara Seagram has a wonderful video library of bridge seminars on various topics. She is again offering VBBC members and guests her
video presentation
and 16 page handout on Defending Against the Opponents’ No-trump Contracts. Barbara reviews standard leads against NT,
 when to overtake, when to duck, second and third hand play, and  many more important concepts on defense.

Barbara’s Two-over-one video that many of you purchased and raved about was excellent and we know that you will benefit tremendously
with more competitive defense strategies covered in this video.
  You may register and pay the $15 fee here. We will then email the video and handouts to you and you can watch it and re-watch it at your convenience. 
Barbara is one of the premier bridge teachers and authors in the world. She and her husband, Alex, are VBBC members and we are very appreciative of their generosity in offering these videos.
We hope you will enjoy this new format in learning. We ask that you not “share” the videos as Barbara is generously donating a portion of the proceeds to the VBBC.

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  Introduction to Two-over-One with Barbara Seagram

Last updated : Nov 17, 2020 10:25 EST

BBO is no longer automatically posting the SAYC card for pairs who have not completed a specific card with their partner. If your partnership is using the SAYC system you will need to specify such and enter your partner's BBO user name on the card in order for it to load when you register to play with that partner. Having a proper card completed for your partnership is an ACBL requirement. It is imperative that you complete a card on BBO ASAP.  There is a video available below (Tutorials) on how to complete a card and in the September 2020 issue of the ACBL Bulletin, on page 20, are photos that will guide you.
Please create your convention card to avoid receiving two Average Minus scores.

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  Many, many thanks, Barbara!
Many, many thanks, Barbara!

We are so very grateful to Barbara Seagram for the OPENING LEADS zoom seminar she presented for the VBBC!
Taking a bridge lesson on Zoom is much different from sitting at a card table with 3 other people but, as always, Barbara was enthusiastic, informative, precise, and entertaining!
The lesson was excellent  and we were very fortunate to benefit from Barbara's extraordinary teaching and generosity in donating the proceeds of the class to the VBBC.
We thank Barbara and YOU for your participation.

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Latest Virtual VBBC Results

BBO Results.  Available immediately after game.

ACBL Live Results.  Improved presentation, but doesn't post until a few hours after the game. ACBL masterpoint awards are accurate here.

Partnership Assistance for Virtual VBBC Games-THANK YOU, ARNIE!

Contact Arnie by Email:

VBBC Contact Information

1520 14th Avenue
Vero Beach FL 32960

(772) 562-3008


Unit 240, District 9, of theACBL



Sectional Master:                 MAC MACBAIN

Junior Master:                      JOHN FORELLE

Life Master:                          LARRY YATSKO


The ACBL has made a few changes to some Alert procedures. Click this link, then go to page 35, to view the latest changes. These new procedures were effective as of January 1, 2021.

#97982 Vero Beach 0-750 Pairs 10:15
#53819 Riomar C.C. Pairs 1:30
#97983 Vero Beach OPEN Pairs 1:15
#90374 Vero Beach 0-750 Pairs 10:15
#90381 Vero Beach OPEN Pairs 1:15
#83612 Vero Beach 0-299 Pairs 1:15
#75058 Vero Beach 0-750 Pairs 10:15
#61845 Vero Beach 0-99 Pairs 10:15
#90385 Vero Beach 0-499 Pairs 1:15
#75061 Vero Beach OPEN Pairs 1:15
#64091 Vero Beach OPEN Pairs 1:15
#75064 Vero Beach 0-299 Pairs 1:15
#61857 Vero Beach 0-750 Pairs 1:15
#61851 Vero Beach NAP Qual. 0- 499 NLM 1:15
#53863 Vero Beach 0-750 Pairs 10:15
#53868 Vero Beach OPEN NAP Qual. 1:15
#68515 Vero Beach NAP Qual. 0- 499 NLM 1:15
#45902 Vero Beach 0-750 Pairs 10:15