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CBAI Newsletter 2021-2022 

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Welcome to Vernon Bridge Club

As we progress through this “virtual” bridge season, the spectre of SLOW PLAY has risen its head. To ensure the enjoyment of the whole field, it is expected that everyone plays at a reasonable pace. It is unfortunate, but the slower players, who make up a very small minority it must be said, are able to dictate the pace of play of the whole tournament.

We currently allow 7 mins per board in CAVBC BBO competitions, which is allocated as 14 mins in 2 boards-per-round events, and 21 mins in 3 boards-per-round events. This is regarded as ample time to bid and play a board, yet we are seeing many boards going unfinished, as the clock runs out. This may be frustrating for the slower players and also for their opponents, who are forced to play at a slower than usual pace.

It is acknowledged that some boards may be trickier than others, particularly the bidding, but we would encourage members to try and play a little quicker overall.

One additional way of speeding up the pace of play is to utilise the BBO “Claim” facility, whereby you can either claim or concede those remaining tricks which are guaranteed. Playing out the final few tricks, card by card, when they are all winners anyway, is simply using up time that might be better utilised on your next board. Claiming, and accepting or rejecting a claim, is a normal feature of the BBO game. Click here for a video which shows how this facility works. 

It is not necessary to use the full seven minutes. If all the tables finish and there are minutes remaining, the system will reset the clock and move everyone on to the next round.

Our online TDs will be monitoring pace of play and may, by private BBO chat, request certain players to pick up their pace. Please don’t feel slighted if this happens to you - we are simply trying to improve the playing experience for everyone.

Thank you.




Join us On Mondays at Vernon Bridge Club

Located in the CRC, Vernon Avenue,  Clontarf, the Vernon Bridge Club is one of the largest bridge clubs in the North Dublin Region. We run a separate game for Novice and Intermediate B players and another for Intermediate A and Master players, with approximately 25 tables. 

As well as enjoying bridge, you will also be supporting the charitible work of the Clinic by helping towards the provision of equipment and services for those children, whose lives are changed by the remarkable work undertaken by the staff of the CRC. 

Come along, enjoy the game, support the work of the clinic and of course make new friends. So drop down any Monday evening at 7:15pm to the Vernon Bridge Club (except on bank holidays). 

From Monday 3rd September 2018 all players in the Vernon Bridge Club must be a member of a club affiliated with the CBAI and must supply their CBAI membership number so that their points can be recorded. Occasional visitors (those that play less than once a month) and guests are always welcome. Table money for non members 6 euro



BBO->Competitive->All Tournaments. Search for Clontarf. Registration from 2 hours before start time


19.00 Novice/B (Vernon)

19.30 Open (Vernon)


19.30 Open (Raheny)


19.00 Novice/B (Clontarf)

19.30 Open (Clontarf)


19.30 Novice/B (St. Anthony's)    

19:30 Open (Foxbay)


19.30 Open (St. Gabriel's)

 Sunday        15.00 DNR


#58223 Draw For Partner Clontarf VBC (Vernon).
Scorer: Patricia Quigley
Scorer: Patricia Quigley
Scorer: Patricia Quigley
Scorer: Patricia Quigley
Scorer: Patricia Quigley
Scorer: Patricia Quigley