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The 2022 Sectional We look forward to hosting the 2022 Valley of the Flowers Sectional at the DeWees Senior Center on September 23th, 24st and 25th, 2022. ♠   ♣ 

Welcome to our web site.  Unit 528 is in Lompoc, California, and includes communities in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valleys of Central California. 

Welcome to ACBL Unit 528 Lompoc-Vandenberg

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The Unit includes two bridge clubs; the Alpha Bridge Club (club 124982) and the Bridge in the Valley Club (club 271759) in Solvang/Buellton. All games start at 12:30 pm. Players usually pay $5 to play, but some special (extra points!) games are $6.

The Alpha Bridge Club schedules a weekly Monday afternoon game. If you need help, have questions, or need a partner, contact Don Beck at 805-291-2439. The Alpha Club is at 704 East Ocean Avenue.

Bridge in the Valley is a Tuesday afternoon game held at the Alpha Club, 704 East Ocean Avenue in Lompoc.  Please contact Mickey Scavone at 626-290-6356 if you plan to attend, need a partner, or have any questions. 

Monday and Tuesday games are played at the Alpha Women's Clubhouse at 704  East Ocean Avenue in Lompoc. See partnership contacts under the Information tab at the top left menu.  See map under Information, How to Find Us.

*** All Unit 528 games use the ACBL General Convention Chart ***


Unit 528 Board of Directors
Unit 528 Officers for 2020-2021:
Officers: President Frank Swanson (exp:2021); Vice President Don Beck (exp. 2022); Secretary Mike Peterson (exp:2022); and Treasurer Irma Gadway (exp:2022)
Board Members at Large: Skook Porter (exp:2021), Nick Sehgal (exp:2022), and Mike Scavone (exp:2021)
ChairPersons: Education - Mike Scavone; Electronic - Don Beck; Forum Reporter - Malcolm Anderson; Hospitality - Nick Sehgal; IN Coordinator - Skook Porter; Tournament - Don Beck; NAP/GNT/STAC - Don Beck; Membership - Mike Peterson; Roster - Mike Peterson; Webmaster - Mike Peterson; Publicity - Skook Porter; Hospitality - Nick Sehgal
See Information tab on left-top menu for Unit Board Minutes

The Lompoc Community Bridge Club Board has a manager, Don Beck. The LCBC Board of Directors has been dissolved.

Thanks to those individuals who have faithfully served: Joyce Gehlhaar, Don Beck, Pearl Howerton, Irma Gadway, Skook Porter, Nick Sehgal, Barbara Holt and Darlene Frasier. I sincerely apologise if I missed a significant contributor to the LCBC.

Unit Championship
Director: Mike Peterson
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Mike Peterson
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Unit Wide Championship
Director: Donald Beck
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Mike Peterson