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Welcome to the Unit 484 Website! 

Unit 484 is affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) which fosters the game of bridge throughout North America.  We are a member of District 20 (D-20 ), one of 23 North American districts under the auspices of ACBL.  Unit 484 is a non-profit organization in Jackson County located in Southern Oregon.  The bridge clubs in our unit run ACBL sanctioned games available for players of all levels in competitive yet friendly and nurturing environments.

Bridge games within Unit 484 are located in the Rogue Valley—home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Britt Festival.  

We have several clubs offering games, excellent bridge instructors, games for players of varying levels and a bridge community of vibrant, interesting players whose goals are to have fun,make friends, improve their bridge, and to bid and make all their slams!


Note:  Latest from Bob Fox:

Hi Everyone,

This week (Sept. 20-26) will be another Silver Linings Week - all MP's are doubled and they're all SILVER.   Table fees will be $8 all this week to cover the increased fees by BBO & ACBL.  This includes Phoenix Rising, Jackson County, and all other clubs in our CO-OP.

FYI:   Did you know that -

1. we need a minimum of 5 pairs to create and start any game - if there are 5 pairs registered and one pair decides at the last second to unregister, the entire game is destroyed and the remainder of the players are left disappointed & inconvenienced.  This has happened a few times in the past month.  If a game does not have enough players to be viable, I will cancel the game and give all players a heads-up about 5 minutes before the game's scheduled start.  So, if you've registered for a game, please hang in there until the 4 or 5 minute mark when either the game will have enough players or I will cancel it - THANK YOU !

2. Registering for a game in the last minute or two before game start is a major headache for the director (and perhaps for the other players as well) - that late registration could possibly change the entire movement of the game and not leave enough time for the director to make the necessary changes to the game's set-up codes.  Hate playing a game with revenge rounds? - well, chances are that someone registered at the last second and the game started before the director could jump in and change it to the proper movement.  Please try to register for games early & if that's not possible, please at least register 4 or 5 minutes before the game's scheduled start - THANK YOU !

Your online Bridge Clubs appreciate all your continued support - We cannot do it without YOU !

Hi Everyone,

Our Saturday games have been sluggish & we've come up with some changes that should put some zip back in the game.

Firstly, due to poor attendance, we haven't had a 299er game happen for a month or more - as a result, there will be no more 299er Games on Saturday, only Open Games.  All 299er players are encouraged to play in the Open. 

Secondly, Phoenix Rising has pooled its' Saturday Open Game with the Sequoia Game (Eureka) and we will be alternating hosting the Saturday games.  As a result, there will only be 1 game offered each Saturday so players will no longer be split between 2 games - this is precisely what Leah did with her Wednesday game and it's been very successful.  ALL Saturday games (regardless of whether it's a Phoenix Rising or Sequoia game) will begin at 1pm Pacific time (no change for our players).  Players are encouraged to participate in all Saturday games regardless of who is hosting and emails to that effect are going out to all player databases. 

Third - we have some additional participating clubs that are new to the CO-OP - as soon as they are fully integrated we should see increased participation in all of our games over the next month or so.

As many of you know, I have had serious problems with my email capability over the past 3 months and this is the first multi-recipient email that I've been able to send out in a long time.  I'm planning on sending out a Newsletter to everyone soon if things go smoothly with this one.

Please consider playing in our Saturday games and encourage others to join us.

Thanks for all your participation.  We can't continue to offer our online games without your enthusiastic support.


Latest from Doug McKenzie and the board:  8/24

Hello Everyone,

Last week's game was the first with the vaccination and mask requirement and it went well.  We had 41/2 tables, played 18 boards with a short break built in.  From a show of hands Tuesday, and judging from the email responses we have received, it appears we can count on a minimum of 20 players each week.  With no additional State or Federal COVID protocols in place, the Board supports continuing Tuesday play.  We certainly acknowledge the severity of the situation locally and once again encourage everyone to make the best decision for themself regarding face-to-face play.
We plan to continue with our normal procedures regarding bidding boxes, no food or drink served, hand sanitizer at the tables, and:
1. Vaccinations and masks (covering nose and mouth) required.
2. 18 boards will be played.
3. A short break will be built in.
4. Combined games will be stratified. 
As a Board we recognize that these are trying times and there is a delicate balance between addressing the challenges of COVID and supporting our Bridge community. We will continue to monitor the official guidance and update you promptly should things change. Thank you all for your interest and support for the game!
Be Safe.

Hello Everyone,

I'm sure you are wondering about the status of play this coming Tuesday.  As of now the game will be played at the regular time,1:00PM.  The Board has been on a constant watch for the latest updates from the County, State, and CDC. We have made the decision to offer the game following the latest safety guidelines outlined by the Governor.
With that said:
1. The game will be held at the Masonic Center, Tuesday, August 17, 1:00PM.
2. Mask coverings for mouth and nose will be required to be worn by everyone at all times once you enter the facility. (typically 2 1/2 - 3 hours)
3. All our normal routines and practices; bidding boxes, hand sanitizer etc. apply.
4. The Board is keeping a close eye out for the latest updates on guidelines.  Should there be a change in rules affecting our decision to play, we will notify you as soon as possible.
The Board did not make this decision lightly. We are doing what we can to balance the health and safety of our members while working to revive and maintain an active face-to-face Bridge opportunity in the valley.
Within the parameters of the new COVID-19 rules and restrictions, we are offering the Tuesday game with the recognition that each of us will make the best personal decision for our own safety, security, and comfort.
Thank you for supporting our Bridge community.

Face to face bridge Tuesdays at Masonic Lodge!
Update from Doug McKenzie and the board:
First, my email was apparently hacked and some of you received an email in my name asking for a donation to the veterans.  I did not send this out so please disregard.  I have made the necessary password change and hopefully it will work.
Now for the update.  Once again, thank to you all who have joined the 484 Club for face-to-face in person play.  It has been a pleasure to see the faces of old friends, and to welcome a few new players.  The Board has received comments of thanks and appreciation as well as feedback on how to improve the play.
The majority of feedback for improving the experience at the facility relates to starting on time, the noise, the table spacing, and pace of play.
Starting on time - Now that we have our routines down as the game facilitator, games will start at 1:00PM. Please arrive early enough to be signed in, seated, and ready to go.
Noise - One major distraction was the storing of tables and chairs before all play had ended. We want to respect all players so we are asking helpers to wait until all play has ended before we start the cleanup.  The volunteer help is greatly appreciated.  During play it is up to all of us to keep the conversational tone low.
Table spacing - Last week was much better as we set up fewer tables. We will continue with this room arrangement.
Pace of play - As we get better with the clock and our prompts for moving play along, this issue should improve.     
In regard to the technology problems.  Our start up with ACBL and Bridgemates has not gone as smoothly as we expected. The Board has worked diligently with both organizations to resolve the issues and they have assured us the "bugs" have been fixed.  We will keep our fingers crossed and thank you all for your patience as we worked through the issues. 
The entry fee is $5.00. Although we have officially ended our food donation program Bob Pantel will continue to deliver to Access if you wish to bring food items.
Games begin promptly at 1:00PM
Bidding boxes are still available for $5.00.
Thank you and Play On!

Your Unit 484 Board  
Find results for Tuesday afternoon games here:




Online Club Games on BBO!

M-Th-Sa-Su at 1 PM

W-F at 12:30 PM

All times Pacific


Players will receive emailed link to results from ACBL Live for clubs

Results for Monday Thursday Saturday games here:

Results for Tuesday Wednesday, Friday & Sunday games here:



Club News

Hello Again,

I apologize if my previous email was confusing regarding the issue of masks. To be clear, we are not requiring masks Tuesday. We are following the CDC and Oregon Health Authority guidelines in "strongly recommending" people wear a mask indoors, even if vaccinated. 
Thank You and Play On.

Hello Everyone,

I'm sure many of you are wondering about the Tuesday face-to-face in-person Bridge game. 
With the escalating COVID cases in our county and the state, the Board has been keeping a watchful eye on guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority.  At this time the official guidance is a strong recommendation for everyone, including those fully vaccinated, to wear masks indoors.
The consensus of the Board is to continue with the game this Tuesday following the recommendation that everyone wears a mask. We will continue with our regular safety precautions: only vaccinated individuals may play, players use their own bidding box, tables will be distanced, sanitizer at every table, and no food or drink will be provided.
We will continue to monitor the State and Federal guidance and send another update should the need arise.
This is not a decision made lightly or without a strong sense of responsibility for the safety, comfort and well being of all our members.  At the same time we are making our best effort to revive the live, in-person Bridge opportunity in the valley.  Please make the best decision for yourself and know that we will offer the game at the Masonic Center Tuesday on the normal schedule, 1:00PM. 
Thank You,
Unit 484 Board
Doug McKenzie
Cheryl Cullen
Sheryll Moffat
Michael Pavlik
Jerry Kenefick
Bob Pantel
Bob Valine  

News from Doug McKenzie and the Board re:  face-to-face play

Hello Everyone,

The Unit 484 Board met on June 8th to continue preparations for the return to "in person" play. On behalf of the Board, I would like to update you on our progress.
We have secured the Masonic Lodge on N. Phoenix Rd. for Tuesday afternoon games and we are working with officials from ACBL regarding sanctioning requirements with the goal of opening some time in July.
We have made great progress toward the actual game operations including: establishing a Safety Officer and safety protocols which will include proof of vaccination, identifying game Directors, making a complete inventory of the Club/Unit equipment, the purchase of equipment and supplies not previously owned by the Unit, moving all necessary equipment and supplies to the Lodge, and upgrading old and tired equipment.
Along with the actual play of the game, we are also developing plans for a return of bridge classes. In keeping with the wishes of Unit benefactor Carol Kato, the education component is a top priority.
We are very excited about the return to "in person" play and the good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is much brighter. I will be sending out other updates as we finalize the complete details and procedures for game day. I would once again like to thank the Board and all who participated in our survey. We are making every attempt to offer the game of Bridge in a way that meets the needs of as many of our members as possible.
Until later, play on!



Hello Everyone,  

We would like to thank our members who voted in the Unit 484 board election for 2021.  52 members registered their votes—100% voting to accept the submitted slate.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and participation in our Unit Membership Meeting held electronically in November.

The Board of Unit 484 met December 10 in a zoom meeting.  All members of the outgoing and incoming Board were present.  The new Board members—Cheryl Cullen, Jerry Kenefick, Sheryll Moffat and Bob Pantel were welcomed, and officer election was held.  The following elective officers were unanimously voted in:

President:    Doug McKenzie
Vice President:  Cheryl Cullen
Secretary:   Sheryll Moffat
Treasurer:  Mike Pavlik

Other Assigned Offices were filled on a volunteer basis by the 2021 Board Members:

           Cheryl Cullen
           Jerry Kenefick
           Doug McKenzie
           Sheryll Moffat
           Mike Pavlik
           Bob Pantel
           Bob Valine

There is no further financial report beyond the one sent out at the annual membership meeting.

The 2020 Board would like to publicly thank and acknowledge our members.  Our bridge community has had to operate in a vastly different way since mid-March.  Everyone has stepped forward, exceeding the expectation, meeting the need, and going beyond.  There is still much unknown and there will be much to do.  We intend that one day (hopefully sooner than later) we will all be playing bridge face-to-face.  Doubtless, it will look different, but we have shown that we can, and do adjust, and go forward.  May 2021 bring us together person-to-person.

Happy holidays to our bridge community.


Unit 484 Bridge Board 

Doug McKenzie                         continuing board member
Kathleen Moore                         outgoing board member
Michael Pavlik                           continuing board member

Bob Valine                                 continuing board member                                   
Gee Gee Walker                         outgoing board member

Cheryl Cullen                             new board member

Jerry Kenefick                            new board member

Sheryll Moffat                            new board member

Bob Pantel                                 new board member


Hello Everyone,
   As we approach the holiday season and the end of the year, we certainly are all aware of the many challenges we faced in 2020.  Some of these continue and seem to have no immediate resolution.  However, we can choose to be thankful for much-- our health, family and friends and ways to stay in touch with them, some beautiful fall days in our Valley-- alive with color,  and of course, our virtual bridge games with  friends.  May we all have a  most thankful Thanksgiving.
     November 23 we will send each member the proposed slate of Board Members for 2021.  We request that you respond in the Reply area of the same email with your vote.  When the email is sent there will be further instructions.   We are asking for your participation. The email  will serve as our official annual Board Meeting and your responses will be  your  vote.
    Following is the present status of your donations to the Continuing Bridge Fund.  Still, we do not know when face-to-face bridge will return, or what it will look like when it does.    Thanks to everyone who has contributed.  You are making return to the table a future reality.  If you wish to donate please make the check payable to:
UNIT 484
BALANCE 10-2-20 6,074.88
BALANCE 11-10-20 6,316.39
                   Unit 484 Donations Fund
 mail to:      Michale Pavlik
                    40 Beekman Square 
                  Jacksonville, OR 97530
   The attachment below of our 2021 Membership Directory can be printed and kept for your referral. David McKee, our webmaster, can update this   version of the directory.
    May the upcoming season bring each one of us unexpected joys and reasons to be happy.
   Unit 484 Board:     

Doug McKenzie      
Kathleen Moore     
Michael Pavlik        
Bob Valine                      
Gee Gee Walker              


September 11, 2020                                                              

Hello Bridge Community,

    Less than a week ago our focus was on the pandemic-- concern over the number of cases in our county, which were unpredictably spiking with too few days of improvement.  Now, our focus has dramatically shifted to the fires which have devastated homes and businesses in our immediate area. It is a difficult time for us all and a tragic time for too many.  We are reminded to treasure the good moments when and while we have them and to cherish those people that make our lives complete.

   The Unit finances have not changed greatly since last month.  Two statements follow. Although the funds are separate, both are under the supervision of the Unit Board.  It is important to understand a distinction between the Unit and Clubs in our case.  The McKechnies own the Jackson County Bridge Clubs, Bob Fox owns the Phoenix Rising Clubs.  The amount reflected in the following financial Donation Statement is from the donations of members and the initial Unit donation.  The Unit 484 statement shows monies made on sectionals, on the four Unit games held on Saturdays throughout the year, and an annual  “kickback” from ACBL.  Nothing that is paid (usually $6.00 a game) on BBO goes to our Unit; and, therefore, is not seen in either of the financial statements. A small portion of the $6.00  fee per game goes to BBO and ACBL. The rest is received by the director of the game—Leah or Bob.

Donation Statement

UNIT 484: CLUB CONTINUATION FUND                                                      

BALANCE FROM LAST ACCOUNTING                      $ 5,943.33   


DONATIONS                      75.00                                                                 

INTEREST                           0.25                                                                           


           SEPTEMBER STORAGE                 -79.35                                                     

BALANCE 9-11-20                                              $ 5,939.23


Unit 484 Statement
from Treasurer Michael Pavlik

The BALANCE  in the UNIT 484 bank account is $9,305.39.


   ACBL has issued statements—subject to change, of course—that sanctions for tournaments during the upcoming year are cancelled.  Our unit remains committed to supporting and even supplying, if necessary, face-to-face bridge when it becomes safe to do so.  Our financial situation, whatever It is at the time, will be used to ensure that we all have the opportunity to gather together and play under one roof once again.

  Unit 484 Bridge Board 


All Bridge Players:

Thanks for supporting Phoenix Rising Bridge during the Age of Online Bridge.  In this newsletter we'll talk about some of the issues of concern to players and highlight the special games that are coming up.

Registration - Believe it or not, players are still having problems with registration.  To make it easier and more efficient, I recommend that a pair choose which one will invite and which will accept.  The one who does the inviting has the awesome responsibility of registering for the correct game - remember that Phoenix Rising has both an Open game and a Limited game at 1pm Pacific every Monday/Thursday/Saturday - please take the time to make sure you pick the game that's right for you and your partner.  We're getting instances where one player invites to the Limited and the other player invites to the Open and the pair winds up registered for both games.  Unless you're both capable of binary fission (like an amoeba), please refrain from doing this.  Registering 30-45 minutes before game start will solve a lot of problems.

Start of Game - Why don't all the games start right on time?  There are a few reasons for this.  1. If players registered at the last moment, the director may have to delay the start time to have sufficient time to change the movement for the game (another reason why players should register early).  Directors don't change the game movement by pushing a single button - they have to go into the computer code for the game and make multiple changes there - that's why most virtual Directors are also rocket scientists.   2. If all registered players are not online at start time, the start will be delayed until they are - sometimes that means having the director call them by phone to "wake them up" and get them back online or help them deal with internet connection problems - it can take a few minutes - please make sure you are online, logged in, and ready to go at the start time.  3. If a player has no BBO $ in their account, the game will be delayed (while they take up a collection).  Since the BBO $ is not removed from a player's account until the game actually starts, it is possible to register without funds - I don't know why they allow that to happen, but it does (and should be changed) - please be sure you have sufficient BBO $ in your account at all times.   Also - Please DO NOT message the Director with your impatience when a game does not start right at the scheduled time - the Director is working hard to get the game started and does not need the distraction of messages from impatient players.

Robots - Players who play with robots can earn masterpoints.  Robot pairs cannot.  I discourage the use of robots & feel they should only be used in an emergency or to fill vacant seats.  Please DO NOT plan to use robots every time you play in one of our games - I will probably limit robot use to once a week if I feel the privilege is being abused.  Make an effort to find a human partner.

Guests - ACBL is more lenient now toward our inviting guests to come play in our games.  If you'd like to play with a partner from anywhere else, feel free to do so - just notify the Director of that game of the guest's username ahead of time.  We can also have guest pairs from anywhere as long as we don't overdo it, so feel free to invite pairs of friends.

Strats - Strats are arranged solely by BBO under the parameters set by ACBL - please DO NOT ask me why this or why that.  If you are not an ACBL member you will ALWAYS be in strat "A".  Effective September 1st there are some changes to the strats - the Avg of the pair's mp's will be used instead of the player with the higher amount - ACBL has pledged to make "better and more accurate" strats on BBO.  Also, "C" players have gotten a "buff" - there will be an increase in the # of "C" pairs that will get mp awards for each game.

Score Adjustments - Boards that do not finish in regulation time receive either Avg scores or (if enough tricks are finished & the program can correctly determine) an actual finished score - it is automatic.  Also automatic, is a message to the Director at the end of EVERY round showing all the unfinished boards - the Director will ignore those messages unless a player specifically requests a review of the board - the request should mention the board # and reason for request of an adjustment - make that request as soon as possible (do not wait until the end of the game).  If the board in question is in the last round, you have 15 minutes to request a review before the game mysteriously disappears into the void & the Director is left unable to assist you with a review of any kind.

Masterpoints - In general, there are now many more masterpoints available to players in all of our virtual club games.  Limited game table counts are now added to Open game table counts if the 2 games run concurrently (which is all the time for Phoenix Rising).  That means a 12 table Open game and a 6 table Limited game will count as an 18 table Open game for masterpoint awards.  This is a huge "buff" for Open players, especially when combined with a 50% "bonus" that ACBL is now giving to virtual club games - in the example just given, 1st place in both directions of that 12 table game will receive 2.7 masterpoints with the bonuses carrying down to the "B" and "C" strats as well.  Limited game players do not benefit from these new awards, but may benefit from the new system that will make awards to more "C"pairs in all games.  There definitely is an incentive to move up to the Open games if you are a "Limited" player who is in the 100-300 mp range and is hungry for more masterpoints.  



Note from GeeGee and the board on future plans for Unit and Clubs:

Good Afternoon Fellow Bridge Players,

   This past week the Unit Board met with Bob Fox, and Leah and Mark McKechnie.  We are delighted that Garrison’s Furniture has agreed to take over the lease, relieving our club owners of that financial burden and preserving the generous donations of our members for ongoing needs related to the upcoming move, relocation and ultimate reopening of bridge in the Valley.  Listed below are the major actions taken by the Board, information shared by the club owners, and additional decisions made.  The Board minutes are attached.

·Yesterday, Saturday, some Board members met Mark & Leah McKechnie and Bob Fox at the Phoenix site to begin to organize and pack the bridge supplies.  Garrisons will begin their renovation during the remainder of June.

·June 28th is the final day of occupancy for our clubs at the present site.  During the coming weeks arrangements will be made to rent storage space for the Unit’s and clubs’ supplies.

·The rental arrangement for the month of June is:  $500/$500/$500 paid by The Unit (from member donations), Garrisons, and building owner respectively.

·The Board is reimbursing Bob Fox and the McKechnies a total of $750.00 for the rent paid on the first of March by them to cover the final two weeks of March when the clubs were closed.   This money is paid by member donations.

·The money remaining from member donations which has been held by the McKechnies will be turned over to the Unit.  These funds and any additional collected will be used for storage rental, moving expenses for storage, and future needs to safely ensure the continuation of live bridge in the Rogue Valley.

·Mark McKechnie indicated that he is in negotiation with the building owner directly across Hwy. 99 in unoccupied, unfinished space which he will oversee to accommodate future needs of a bridge club.  He estimates that the build out will take approximately 2 months.  Mark plans to begin the process within a reasonable timeframe so that he won’t take occupancy far in advance of a safe time to reopen the clubs.

·At present ACBL has given recommendations for protocols to be used for the safety of players once the clubs do reopen, but they are making no recommendations regarding when clubs should open—leaving that to local guidelines and owners’ discretion.  The Unit is cautiously hopeful that by the beginning of 2021 our clubs may be able to open, but we are aware that it could be early spring.  In any case, our recommendation (and it will only be a recommendation as we are not the club owners) will rest wholly on the safety and well-being of our players.

This is the financial update for this week submitted by Mark McKechnie. It does not include the $750.00 for half of March rent which should be added to the $4,040 for a total expenditure of $4790.  Therefore,  $5447.00 of donated monies which will be held by the Unit.



Total To Date


$ 10,237




March Internet


$ 90

March Liability Insurance


$ 30

April Rent


$ 1,500

April Internet


$ 90

April Liability Insurance


$ 30

May Rent


$ 1,500

May Liability Insurance


$ 30

May Internet


$ 90

June Rent


$ 500

June Internet


June Liability Insurance


$ 30

July-Dec Insurance


$ 150


Total to Date


$ 4,040


   Please note that all future donations made to the support of bridge henceforth should be as follows:  

Checks made out to                    Unit 484 Bridge. 

Checks mailed to                         Michael Pavlik, 2375 Greenmeadows Way, Ashland, Oregon  97520. 

Future financial updates will be supplied by Michael.

We wish you all a safe and happy week.




 Here is our latest update on the standings of your generosity and the status of the fund :

          Total To Date              5/23/2020              $9,997

March Internet                                         $90
March Liability Insurance                          $30
April Rent                                                  $1,500
April Internet                                            $90
April Liability Insurance                            $30
May Rent                                                   $1,500
May Liability Insurance                             $30
May Internet                                            $90
         ExpenseTotal to Date              5/2/2020              $3,360

Recent Board activities:

              After consulting with  ACBL regarding cancellation of upcoming tournaments and events, the Unit Board has cancelled the August Unit game and the  September 18 – 20  Sectional.  It is our sincere hope that we will be able to hold our December Christmas party in our new facility, wherever that is.

              The Board approved the following "Motion is approved to accept any monies donated by Unit484 members to be held in a separate internal account for dedicated use by the board to assist in the expense required to continue a bridge club in the Rogue Valley as soon as possible after the closure of the existing facility on 10/31/2020.”

     Stay healthy and safe... and virtually connected.



Sad news to report

  In normal times we would be together to hear  sad news of the loss of one of our members. Such is not the case now, so we want to do as close as we can--virtual outreach.  

   Our dear member and friend, Eva, passed away recently.   There was a lovely tribute to her in the obituary which ran yesterday in the Mail Tribune.

   There is a paragraph about her love for bridge in the article.  It mentions her accomplishments as well as her competitive nature.  We will miss Eva and truly regret not being together to be able to communicate our feelings among friends--her and ours.


Hello Everyone,
   We have now passed the first threshold and are in Phase I of working our way back from a very long 2 months.  We are thankful to live in an area that has been relatively light in actual cases of coronavirus.  Hopefully we all are safe and well and will continue to be so.
   Our virtual bridge continues to offer us 'the only game in town.' Starting May 23, there will be a new game-- Bob Fox will run a 2:00 pm Saturday Open game.  So, we now have an additional option for play on the weekend (if you can tell the difference between weekdays and weekends.)  Consider supporting this game and tell your friends--maybe someone you know is still working and would like an opportunity to play in our club games. There is an attached schedule of our current games with day, time, category, and the club game name with a page of Directors' Guidelines from Bob, Leah and Mark.
   Here is our latest donations and financial update as sent by Mark McKechnie:
Total to Date 5/2/2020 $ 3,360 lay in o 
Total To Date 5/16/2020 $ 9,697
March Internet $ 90
March Liability Insurance $ 30
April Rent $ 1,500
April Internet $ 90
April Liability Insurance $ 30
May Rent $ 1,500
May Liability Insurance $ 30
May Internet $ 90 

Total to Date 5/2/2020 $ 3,360        
     Attached is a copy of the minutes of the Unit 484 Board meeting held last Saturday, May 9.
     May we all be in a good mental  place--so very important to our well-being.  Until we can meet together, we'll see one another online.

Unit 484 Bridge Board 


John Cowles                                         
Joanne Fisher-Flammang 
Doug McKenzie               
Kathleen Moore               
Michael Pavlik                 
Bob Valine                                                          
Gee Gee Walker                  



To ACBL Unit 484 Members  

From Unit 484 Board 

5_10 Weekly Update from the Unit 484 Board:

Hello Everyone,

  Here is the update from this week which Mark McKechnie sent to the Board.  Your support for our owners and for each other continues to be evident in both your generous donations as well as your participation in the virtual games.


Total To Date        5/2/2020      $ 9,537                                    


March Internet                 $ 90 

March Liability Insurance                   $ 30 

April Rent             $ 1,500       

April Internet                   $ 90 

April Liability Insurance           $ 30   

May Rent               $ 1,500       

May Liability Insurance            $ 30   

May Internet                    $ 90                          

Total to Date         5/2/2020      $ 3,360        

   Our virtual club games are a big success.  It is as good as it could possibly be without being able to attend games in person... and once again, many thanks to our club owners for their expertise and efforts to make this happen for us.    

    So far we have not heard any official word from ACBL regarding the reopening of clubs, tournaments, etc.  Actually, it is very premature, considering that the vast majority of our players are the most susceptible group to coronavirus.  Additionally, the nature of what we do--handle cards, return them to a board, pass them on etc. does not lend itself to anything other than the spread of what we are trying to avoid.  Therefore, it seems that virtual bridge may be our present and at least near future option.  If you haven't tried online bridge with your friends, it gets more comfortable each time you play.

  We have many virtual options:   Monday-- Open game, and starting this Monday, today—a 99er game; Tuesday evening-- Open game; Wednesday-- Open game, Thursday-- 499er game; and Friday-- Open game.  Bob Fox has asked us to inquire if you are interested in a Saturday Open game.  If you are, please contact him.

    We all wish you well.  We are happy that some things in the Valley are beginning to open. That will give us a little more breathing room.

Unit 484 Bridge Board 


John Cowles                                         
Joanne Fisher-Flammang 
Doug McKenzie               
Kathleen Moore               
Michael Pavlik                 
Bob Valine                                              
Gee Gee Walker                                  


Hello Everyone,
   We hope you continue well and safe.  We have heard of no one in our bridge community who, themselves or their family, has contracted coronavirus.  We are all thankful for that.
    The Unit Board met Saturday.  All of us want to support Mark, Leah and Bob in their present efforts to keep us in bridge as well as their future efforts once we are able to reopen.  Any "future" context of course, has uncertainty and unknowns, especially now with the coronavirus.  However, we do want you to know that no matter what their decisions may be,  we will make certain that there is bridge for our community.  Toward the end of the summer, we will have a better sense of when we it will be safe  to return to the bridge table.  It is the intention of your Unit Board to have plan in place to ensure there will be bridge in the Rogue Valley.
   This week has brought us additional Virtual club games with the addition of the Monday open and Thursday 499er games.  Not only do we as a Board wish to express our thanks to Leah & Mark and Bob for this opportunity to be with our friends at the bridge table, but many of you have let us know that on-line  play, though it certainly doesn't replace gathering with our bridge friends,  offers a special connectivity that we are all grateful to have.  We are all aware of the time and learning investment of these three individuals and admire the selfless way they have made themselves open to problems.  Here are a few updates regarding the games:
  • The Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday games will all begin at 2:00 pm
  • The Tuesday evening game will begin at 6:00 pm
  • It is necessary for Bob Fox to have your BBO user name if you are playing in the Monday or Thursday game
  • Leah & Mark  must have your BBO user name for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday games
  • BBO has changed the access path to the club games:  Go to Competitive (as before) then Select ACBL Virtual Clubs
  • The Jackson County Wednesday and Friday games are available for sign-up starting at 12:00 noon until 2:00 
  • The Phoenix Rising Monday and Thursday games are available for sign-up starting at 12:00 noon until 2:00 
  • The Jackson County  Tuesday evening game is available for sign-up starting at 4:00 until 6:00 
  • You should sign up at least 1 hour ahead to avoid last minute problems.  After signing up you may leave the site and return just before game time to play.
  • If you are playing in the Open games it does not matter if you are an ACBL member; however, to play in the 499er game (limited) you need to be an ACBL member (so ACBL can verify your masterpoint limitation.)  Bob Fox has found a way around this which he sent out in an email.  This did cause problems on Thursday.
   Our members' generosity continues to uplift us all.  We know we are caring for and about our whole bridge community.  Here is the latest financial update:
Total To Date 5/2/2020  $ 9,497  
March Internet   $ 90  
March Liability Insurance   $ 30  
April Rent   $ 1,500  
April Internet   $ 90  
April Liability Insurance   $ 30  
May Rent   $ 1,500  
May Liability Insurance   $ 30  
May Internet   $ 90  
Total to Date 5/2/2020  $ 3,360  
    Many of you have contacted us with your thoughts, ideas and help.  And, we hear from you that you are helping each other along as well.  We'll keep close--virtually now, but directly in spirit and care.

Unit 484 Board: 

John Cowles                                        
Joanne Fisher-Flammang 
Doug McKenzie                
Kathleen Moore               
Michael Pavlik                  
Bob Valine                                                        
Gee Gee Walker               


       Since our clubs closed 2 ½ weeks ago all of our lives have changed in ways we never imagined.  Our Board hopes that you and your families are all safe and well.  We know that you have been impacted by the current conditions brought about by the coronavirus.   As we all sit in our living rooms and watch the news of devastating conditions throughout the world, we feel an overwhelming helplessness in our ability to make a difference.  Where do we begin? 


       Leah & Mark and Bob are suffering not only the social, thus emotional impact of the current situation, but also the direct financial setback of no income from the clubs.  Rent and overhead (all those background expenses which we don’t see but are realities) must be met. 


       The Board has put together some suggestions of how each of us can step forward and help our club owners who provide a means to our social as well as mental stimulation.  Already our newer players—the 99ers—have organized and made sizeable donations.  The Board hopes that all of us, those who have been here for many years as well those who have recently come to the bridge community, will follow the lead of these enthusiastic newcomers. 


        The Unit will donate $1000.00 to the clubs.   We are aware that this is not “our” money, it is all of ours and we, as a Board, only oversee these funds.  This money, as well as any that you and we individually donate as mentioned below, will be earmarked for rent.  No one knows how long this will continue.  At this point 6 – 8 weeks.   If there should be extra funds once the clubs reopen, the Board of Unit 484 will decide how those monies will be distributed to the clubs.  


   Some suggestions:  

·Calculate what you spend monthly on bridge fees and donate ½ or the full amount as this goes on.

·Play bridge on BBO (Bridge Base Online) in the ACBL supported ‘Support Your Club’ games.  These games-- run three times daily-- charge $5.00 for 18 boards (require 2 hours to play), award master points, and give back $4.00 to the club in which you play. 

·Make a one-time donation to the club owners. 

·Play bridge on BBO in the ‘casual’ mode (no master point awards) and donate $5 - $10.00 each time. 


BBO is a well-organized website that is easy to join.  If you and your partner need help in setting up individual accounts or some help in navigating the site, several of us are willing to “walk you through” over the phone.  We have included phone numbers below.  We have also included email addresses of all members of our Board if you wish to contact any of us to discuss this or other related matters.   


To donate, please send checks to Leah McKechnie.  Her address is given below.  Leah will keep the accounting for this effort and provide information back to the board which we will report to you.  Only she, Mark and Bob will know the exact amount of individual contributions.  She will provide us with a total and a separate list of contributors—which will be acknowledged through our website and on a thank-you list posted at the club for when we return.  Leah will also provide the accounting for funds, for which the Board feels a fiduciary responsibility as the initiators of the request.  


May each of you and your families be healthy and safe until we can physically be a presence in one another’s lives.  With many unknown factors there are a few we do know—we are a vital community important to one another on different levels.  We care about each other beyond the bridge table.   Stay well and stay in touch. 


Unit 484 Board: 

John Cowles                                         541-897-0456
Joanne Fisher-Flammang
Doug McKenzie                
Kathleen Moore              
Michael Pavlik                
Bob Valine                                            541-482-1775               
Gee Gee Walker                                 541-292-3474



Please make checks out to :  Jackson County Bridge Club

Mail to: Leah McKechnie  4406 San Juan Dr.  Medford, OR 97504

Monies received will be used for rent for the facility.

thank you


Be cool! Bridge is fun.

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Every club has that player, the really wonderful, witty, intelligent person that everybody enjoys conversing with unless the topic is bridge. The player who immediately becomes unbearable when the boards hit the table. The player who snarls at partner and intimidates the opponents with harsh words and bad behavior. The player who eventually has the director called to his table.

Although no club is required to adopt the Zero Tolerance Policy as written by ACBL, no club director should feel handicapped if such a policy is not in effect. Everything you need to administer effective disciplinary action resides in the Laws of Duplicate Bridge. And ACBL does mandate that clubs apply each and every Law within.

The Laws

Law 74

A. Proper Attitude

1. A player should maintain a courteous attitude at all times.
2. A player should carefully avoid any remark or action that might cause annoyance or

embarrassment to another player or might interfere with the enjoyment of the game.

Law 81, paraphrased in Duplicate Decisions

The Director should never tolerate improper behavior in his game. He should not allow his authority to run the game to be challenged, or he will lose control of his game. Since he has absolute authority during the game, such challenges may be dealt with politely but very firmly. Laws 90 and 91 outline the Director’s powers to penalize or suspend a player during the course of the game.

Law 90

A. The Director, in addition to implementing the rectifications in these Laws, may also assess procedural penalties for any offense that unduly delays or obstructs the game, inconveniences other contestants, violates correct procedure or requires the award of an adjusted score at another table.

Law 91

A. In performing his duty to maintain order and discipline, the Director is empowered to assess disciplinary penalties in points or to suspend a contestant for the current session or any part thereof. The Director’s decision under this clause is final and may not be overruled by an appeals committee.

ACBL Handbook Excerpt (Chapter IV)

The club manager can handle many behavior problems by discussing them with the offenders, by issuing a warning or declaring a period of probation.

In extreme cases or cases of repeat offenses, the manager can bar an ACBL member from the club game for a stipulated period of time or permanently. (See handbook for process.)

The Policy

The Zero Tolerance Policy was board-approved and adopted by ACBL in 1998 for NABC tournaments. In 2014 ACBL made an effort to “reboot” our attention to this policy. The Z-T policy is regularly adopted and publicized for regionals, sectionals and many clubs. Some clubs choose to write their own policies in this area. The original policy states:

The ultimate purpose of the Z-T policy is to create a much more pleasant atmosphere in our NABCs. We are attempting to eradicate unacceptable behavior in order to make the game of bridge more enjoyable for all. Below are some examples of commendable behavior, which, while not required, will significantly contribute to the improved atmosphere:

  • Being a good “host” or “guest” at the table.

  • Greeting others in a friendly manner.

  • Praising the bidding and/or play of the opponents.

  • Having two clearly completed convention cards readily available to the opponents. (This one is aregulation, not just a nicety.)

  • The following are examples of behavior that will not be tolerated:

    • Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats or violence. • Negative comments concerning opponents’ or partner’s play or bidding.
    • Constant and gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table.
    • Loud and disruptive arguing with a director’s ruling.

    If a player at the table behaves in an unacceptable manner, the director should be called immediately. Annoying behavior, embarrassing remarks or any other conduct which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game are specifically prohibited by Law 74A. Law 91A gives the director the authority to assess disciplinary penalties.

Director: Bob Fox
Director: Leah McKechnie
Director: Leah McKechnie
September 20, 2021
Phoenix Rising BB
12:00 noon
Director: Bob Fox
September 20, 2021
Phoenix Rising BC
12:00 noon
Director: Bob Fox
September 21, 2021
Jackson County BC 6:00 PM
Director: Mark McKechnie
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