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Bridge Lessons by Rod


Noon start time before bridge – handouts provided (additional questions if time)

March 9        Bidding responses for newer players

April 6           Helpful hints for newer players

May 4            Rule of 15 and Rule of 11

June 1           Playing defense

July 6             Big NT hands

August 3       Takeout doubles

Sept. 7          More on doubles

Oct. 5           Inverted Minors

Nov. 2          Jacoby 2NT

Dec. 14         Safety plays by declarer

Feb 1           Forcing Bids

March 7        Jacoby 2NT + Safety Play

April 4           Rebids by declarer

May 2            Bidding Quiz (19 Good Questions)


Unit 421 Home Page
New Home page for Unit 421 in Cheyenne, Wyoming
New Home page for Unit 421 in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Welcome to the website for UNIT 421 ♠   ♣ 

We will be posting results from our games, displaying a calendar of upcoming special games, and providing Unit 421 News, including cancellation of games

Rod Southworth, Webmaster        southworth15@yahoo.com

Unit 421 Newsletter

Bridge etiquette (gleaned from ACBL)

1. Be nice, smile. 2. Keep your voice even and the gestures consistent when making bids or playing the hands. Don't snap your cards or make any unusual movements to get your point across. Be ethical. 3. When on lead against a contract, LEAD and then write down the contract on your scorecard. Same thing for dummy, lay your hand down and then write down the contract. 4. Don't discuss the hands until the round is over. 5. Avoid playing with the bidding box. Decide on your bid before touching the box. 6. Avoid taking a card out of your hand before it is your turn.  7. N/S is responsible for controlling the boards and Bridgemates, and E/W verifies the scores were correct. 8. Do not give unsolicited advice at the table. 9. Do not move to the new table until Director has called the move. 10. Call the Director to resolve any discrepancies - do not be one at the table!

Good behavior and hygiene at the bridge table

Goodwill Gestures at the table

Greet and welcome opponents 

Always say "Director, please"

Accept defeat and victory with grace

Say, "Thank you, partner"

Compliment opponents play

Discuss hands after the game

Mentor a new player

North/South move boards to next table

Leave a tidy table

Smile often and enjoy the game 

Don't move before the move called


The following information should help protect players from getting sick while playing bridge.  ♠   ♣ 

Remember to practice good hygiene. Washing your hands often and thoroughly or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer will go a long way, and if you’re sick, you should stay home to protect others.  You should cough or sneeze into a tissue and then discard it as soon as possible.  Avoid touching your face as germs are easily transmitted that way.  If you have not been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, you should wear a mask to protect others.



Bridge lessons will continue in March (see schedule on left side, scrolling down).   We are planning on a final GNT Qualifying team game on the last Thursday in February (the 29th).  A sign-up sheet is available.  We need one more team to have 6 teams, which is a good number to have!

The board has designated March 21st for our Annual meeting following our game (special game with extra points, but no extra fees).  A potluck dinner follows the meeting, with the unit providing roasted chicken for everyone.   If you are interested in becoming a board member, please notify Cheryl by the 20th of February.  Sign-up sheet will be available soon.

Note: whenever we hold a special game on Thursday (NAP, Grass Root, STaC, etc.), there is a chance that the Tuesday and Friday games will also hold those special games that week!  Click here for those games.

Newer players should check the Useful Links menu for free lessons online

Thursday Afternoon Bridge 

The cost for Thursday games will be $4 for each player, including the club championship games, NAP games, GNT games, and Eight is Enough Team games.  Some special games with extra points (STaC, Charity, and Grass Roots) will cost everyone $5 on Thursdays.

It is important to show up by 12:15, or have a partner there by then, so we can know how to set up the game.  Players who are late may not be allowed to play!  Please turn off ringing on your cell phones while playing!

Food will not be provided by the unit.  Water/coffee will be available, and sometimes, goodies baked by players are always welcome.  Everyone is expected to help putting away bridge supplies and card tables/chairs, etc. after each game.

Game results will be posted on ACBL Live shortly after the game is completed.  Knights of Columbus bar (Casey's Club) opens at 4pm – players are encouraged to socialize there.

Thursday game results are posted on this site, left side under Results.

Note: Tuesday and Friday games are run by the Wild West Club and may have different rules and procedures for play.

        Link to Latest D17 Bridge Buzz

        Link for non-members to become a guest member of ACBL for 120 days (free)

        Link to Unit 421 Ace of Clubs (select Race, Year, and D17 unit 421)

        Link to District 17 Website


Players using BBO to play online

The following members of our unit have played online at BBO.  You should contact them for help in playing online.

Bonnie H., Mary G., Sally S., Jean N, Duane W., Ron H., Marlene B., Gordy V., Dick A., Darlene S., Don M, and Norma M.

Fri 23rd February 2024
Friday Game
Senior Center 12:30
Director: Duane Wall
Tue 27th February 2024
Evening Game
Senior Center 6:30
Director: Duane Wall
Thu 29th February 2024
Thursday Game
Knights of Columbus 12:30
Director: Varies
Thursday Game
Director: Cheryl Landers
Thursday Game
Director: Cheryl Landers
Thursday Game
Director: Cheryl Landers