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Welcome to ACBL Unit 191 Bright Leaf
Upcoming Events

2022 Schedule

July 7-10 Durham Sectional For flyer, Click Here.
August 4-7 Durham FLM Sectional  
August 15-21 STaC  
Sep 29-Oct 2 Raleigh Sectional (Unit 119)  
October 17-23 Royal STaC  
November 10-13 Durham Sectional  
December 5-11 STaC  


Unit 191 Bridge Clubs and Links

Triangle Bridge Academy

   WebsiteClick Here

   For Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Results- Click Here
   For Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Results- Click Here

Governors Club Bridge Club

   Results- Click Here

Fearrington Bridge Club

   Results- Click Here

Roxboro Bridge Club

   Results- Click Here 

Unit 191 Member Kudos and Accomplishments

Congratulations to Unit 191 members who have attained a new ACBL rank:

Regina Bann- Regional Master
Randall Brubaker- Regional Master
Jeffry Kimmel- NABC Master
Charles Meyers- NABC Master
Karen Popovich- Advanced NABC Master
Eileen Bok- Life Master
Leslie Blair- Bronze Life Master
Renee Getz- Bronze Life Master
Joyce Herr- Bronze Life Master
Charles Marshall- Silver Life Master
Clay Hamner- Gold Life Master
Suzie Goldberg- Sapphire Life Master

For previous "Kudos" listing, click on the Unit 191 Awards menu button on left.

ACBL Unit 191

ACBL Unit 191 is dedicated to providing quality duplicate contract bridge activities for ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) members in Orange, Durham, Chatham and Person counties of North Carolina. ACBL-sanctioned clubs conduct games throughout the week for all levels of players. All our games operate under the rules and regulations and the Zero Tolerance policy of ACBL.  To view that policy, Click Here.

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The Unit 191 Online Member Directory is available in the "Members Only" tab in the left side menu box.  For corrections and additions to the database, contact Phylliss, (919) 612-7711.

Bright Leaf Alert

The Bright Leaf Alert is the monthly newsletter for Unit 191.  For questions, and to submit articles, contact Janet Strope at

.♠  July Bright Leaf Alert  ♣ 

Click Here for Alert Archive

Unit 191 Mentoring Program

The 2021-2022 Mentoring Program for this summer. 

For information about the Mentoring Program, please contact Ed Fuller at

Here is the Mentor-Mentee Game Schedule for 2022 and Summer:

Date Type Location
July 11, 2022 Virtual BBO (VACB252858) at 7 P.M.
August 19, 2022 Virtual BBO (VACB252858) at 7 P.M.

Congratulations to Nancy Sparks and Larry Stanczyk for winning the June 17, 2022 Mentor-Mentee Game.