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Weather Cancellation Information

During winter months, club games may be cancelled due to weather. When storms occur, please verify club games will be held by checking each club's page on this site or by contacting the director or manager of that game.

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Eastern Maine Sectional
Maine 2019 Tournaments

Eastern Maine Sectional

October 16 & 17, 2021 Cancelled

Reeds Brook Middle School

28 Main Road South

Hampden, Maine

Saturday events

Two-session stratified open pairs game

  • single session entries accepted

Two single-session 299’er pairs games

  • strats TBD at game time

Sunday event

Swiss teams, stratified by team average

Open & Swiss strats:

A: 1500+

B: 500-1500

C: 0-500

10:30 AM start both days, second Saturday session starts at approximately 2:30 PM.

$10 per player per session for ACBL members

$14 per player per session for non-ACBL member

Lunches will be available for purchase on both days.

Food donations are greatly appreciated.

For help forming a team or finding a partner, contact:

Jack Mahoney:  207-841-2104

For more tournament information, contact:

Bill Halteman:  207-866-3075

Frances Loring:  207-942-0545