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E. Lane Beale

Lois Berryman

Jerry Fahn

Jerry Fitz-Patrick

Jim Frohman

Louis  A. Giordano

Bruce Grunwald

Mary G. (Jerry) Petty

Buck Rogers

Irving Weinstein

Margaret (Peggy) Wilson


George Barber

Ann Marquardt Boehm

Sara Elder

William Levey

Joanne Limric

Elizabeth (Betsy) Paul

Akiko Yamashita


Toni Herndon

Paul Howland

Maria Mitchum

Bernie Moritz

Janice Montgomery

Yuko Richter

Robert Van Duyne





Offered in Mathews, Gloucester, Toano, Denbigh and Hampton.  See the Education Opportunities Tab on the top left menu.

Unit 110 Website

If you have questions or problems about this webpage, email


Virtual Club Games at

This weekend all games 200% half red/black.   Extra Games:  PBC Saturday Feb 13 at 6:45,  Colonial Sunday Feb 14 at 7:10

Day Club Director Time


Monday Overruff Dianne Morton 11:15 AM  
Monday Evening PBC Gil Dalton 6:45 PM  
Tuesday Overruff Dianne Morton 1:15 PM  
Wednesday Colonial Cathy Hildebrand 1:15 PM  
Wednesday Evening Williamsburg Evening Cathy Hildebrand 6:45 PM  
Thursday PBC Ron Alldaffer 1:15 PM  
Friday Colonial Cathy Hildebrand 12:15 PM  
Saturday Overruff Dianne Morton 10:10 AM

Lickety-Split, 5 minutes per board (the goal)
Every Saturday

Saturday PBC Ron Alldaffer 1:15 PM  
Sunday Overruff Dianne Morton 1:15 PM  


Consider playing Bridge at Bridge Base Online in one of the Unit 110 "Virtual Club" games above. Here is a link to a BBO tutorials:   COMPREHENSIVE Tutorial (38min) for new players

Unit members who have BBO userids are listed in the BBO Directory found on the top left hand side of this page underneath the Unit telephone directory.  If would like your ID listed please email it to Jeanne Herrmann,


Unit 110 Clubs & Schedule

Until furthur notice all games in Williamsburg AND the PBC are cancelled due to the corona virus.
Please check the individual Club websites for latest news.

For additional details, locations and dates, click on the bridge club link.

Starting 1 Jan 2019 PBC Bridge Club's Tuesday & Friday games will start at 11:00.

Monday           11:30   PBC Bridge Club  (10:45 pre-game lesson)

11:30   Overruff Bridge Club

  6:45   PBC Bridge Club

Tuesday          11:00   PBC Bridge Club

  1:00   Overruff Bridge Club

  6:15   PBC Bridge Club (Intermediate lesson/followed by

                                    supervised play at 7:00)

Wednesday        9:30   PBC Bridge Club  Bridge Class - Card Play

10:45   PBC Bridge Club   Bridge Class - Bidding and Prepared Hands

                        12:30   PBC Bridge Club   Fun Duplicate Bridge pre-game lesson

                         1:00   PBC Bridge Club  NLM game 0-500 fun duplicate game

                        12:30   Ford's Colony Duplicate Bridge Club  (invitation only)

                          1:00   Mathews Duplicate Bridge Club  (twice a month)

                          6:45   Williamsburg Wednesday Duplicate Bridge Club

Thursday         9:00    Overruff Bridge Club  (invitation only)

                        10:45   PBC Bridge Club   pre-game lesson

                        11:30   PBC Bridge Club   Open game  

                        11:30   Hampton Roads Bridge Club  Open and 99er (mini-lesson at 10:30)

Friday             11:00   PBC Bridge Club 

                        11:30   Colonial Duplicate Bridge Club

Saturday         12:30   PBC Bridge Club   

Sunday         Closed   PBC Bridge Club   (most Sundays) 

Saturday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Logan West
Sunday Gold Rush
Director: Williamsburg. Va
Sunday Swiss
Director: Williamsburg, VA
Saturday Morning Session
Director: Williamsburg. Va
Saturday Gold Rush
Director: Williamsburg. Va