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Bulletin - the Future of Bridge

Site under construction - 30 July 2022

This is your opportunity to have your say about the future of Bridge

Click on this link

u3a Beginners Self-Start

These Self Start lessons are for those u3a members who are on the 'Beginner's Waitlist'

Here is a short video to introduce you to the game of Bridge


The self-start MiniBridge lessons, as a pre-cursor to our online lessons, can be found here;


We suggest that you start in the red box 

But have a bit of fun on the way by trying out the MiniBridge Millionaire

As well as the Quizzes

when you feel confident with the above, there are some excellent Tutorials on card play

The most important thing about playing Bridge is that you have fun....


We are grateful to both Leigh Harding and No Fear Bridge for providing this free online MiniBridge course as well as to the EBU (English Bridge Union) for the introductory video.