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Swiss Pairs

Swiss Pairs event

Pantiles Cup

   2013   Andrew Cairns and Nick Boss
   2012   Ruth and David Appleton
   2011   Jack Goody and John Amor
   2010   Diane Rogers and Eddie Lucioni
   2009   Andrew Cairns and Nick Boss
   2008   Andrew Cairns and Nick Boss
   2007   John Amor and Richard Currie
   2006   John Amor and Richard Currie
   2005   Stephen Pierce and Jean Paxton
   2004   Chris Bainham and John Murrell

Kingsley Cup (runners-up)

   2013   Valerie Reeves and David Body
   2012   Diane Rogers and Eddie Lucioni
   2011   David Benjamin and David Gostyn
   2010   Andrew Cairns and Nick Boss
   2009   Mike Kingsland and Brian Lippard
   2008   Martin Causley and Val Cafferkey
   2007   Diane Rogers and Eddie Lucioni,  Ian Galletti and Richard Bird
   2006   Ian and Catherine Draper
   2005   Eddie Lucioni and Diane Rogers
   2004   Mike Griffiths and Marlene Clare

The 2009 winners being presented with their cup by the chairman.

Earlier Saturday pairs events

Pantiles Cup winners
followed by
Kingsley Cup (runners-up or consolation event winners)

   2003   Mike and Elizabeth De Winter
                Jeremy Willans and Neil Benn
   2002   Marie Horlock and Jack Hibbert
                Diane Rogers and Eddie Lucioni
   2001   Ian and Catherine Draper
                Peter and Margaret Sibree, Angela Tompson and David Beal
   2000   Rod and Sue Oakford
                Ron and Mary Cowpland
   1999   Ian and Catherine Draper
                Richard Currie and John Hemington
   1998   Ian and Catherine Draper
                Chas Snape and Mrs J Irvine
   1997   Matthew and Elizabeth Hoskins
                Jean Paxton and Sue Oakford
   1996   Steve Auchterlonie and David Browne
                Mike De Winter and Mary Williams
   1995   Paul 'Croz' Croswell and Gav MacKay
                 Jean Smallwood and Janet McDaniel
   1994   Matthew Brown and Nick Eaton
                 Kathleen Lee and Ray White
   1993   Matthew Brown and Nick Eaton
                 Bob Jones and Mrs B Embleton
   1992   Matthew Elizabeth Hoskins
                 Ian and Catherine Draper
   1991   Elizabeth Hoskins and D Ganpatsingh
                 Jean Paxton and Sue Oakford
   1990   Rod and Sue Oakford
                 Neil Rosen and Miss B Nesom
   1989   Anne Mills and Eddie Lucioni
                 Ted and Moya Nesom
   1988   John Durden and Elizabeth Phillips
                Malcolm Mitchell and Madeleine White
   1987   Harry Millward and Matthew Hoskins
                 Erica Blackburn and K Goode
   1986   Harry Millward and Matthew Hoskins
                 Bob Jones and Mrs J Tyndale-Biscoe
   1985   Geoff Russell and D E Brown
                 Jeremy Willans and Gwen Chaplin
   1984   G Scott Page and John Murrell
                 Harold Birch and Tom Bradley
   1983   Harold Birch and Tom Bradley
                 Len and Elizabeth Handley
   1982   Peggy Palmer and P C H Crozier
                Baroness Olga Knoop and Peter Quinton
   1981   Ray White and Brian Lippard
                 Valerie Gunson and Bob Manser
   1980   Ray Darby and Tony Thorpe
                 Lena Whiteley and Chris Lewis
   1979   Len and Elizabeth Handley
   1978   Pat Reardon and Bill Charlwood
   1977   John Sarjeant and John Cullingworth