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Dymant Trophy
Friday Afternoon Pairs for the Dymant Trophy
   2009   Lene Gook and Moira Maslin
   2008   Brian Lippard and Barry Juxon
   2007   Paul and Fiona Littlewood
   2006   Michael Prior and Catherine Draper
   2005   Colin Manley and Angela Treen
   2004   Marion Hunt & Mirna Goacher, 'Croz' Croswell & Gavin Mackay
The 2009 winners being presented with their trophy by the chairman.

Earlier winners

   2003   Jean Smallwood and Margaret Heilbron 
   2002   David and Jo Lightfoot
   2001   Christine Kempton and Phil Jones
   2000   Jean Smallwood and Margaret Heilbron
   1999   Doris Leonard and J Burns
   1998   Marie Horlock and John Amor
   1997   Victoria Skellett and Mrs S Larkin
   1996   Diane Rogers and Eddie Lucioni
   1995   Adri Anstead and Bertha Davies
   1994   Paul 'Croz' Croswell and Matthew Brown
   1993   Zizi Covrigaru and E F Schon
   1992   Marie Horlock and John Durden
   1991   Matthew Hoskins and Catherine Holmes
   1990   Anne Mills and Rod Oakford
   1989   Sue Oakford and Terry Goldsmith
   1988   Vera Lewis and Marie Horlock
   1987   Ray and Madeleine White
   1986   Janet McDaniel and Malcolm Mitchell
   1985   Jeremy Willans and Gerald Soper
   1984   Anne Mills and Rod Oakford
   1983   Angela Tompson and John Nevill
   1982   Ken and Nora Haselden
   1981   Audrey Oswald-Smith and Yolande Urquhart