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Partner, every day your bridge gets worse ...

... and now you're playing as if it's tomorrow, already!

♠   ♣ 

"I'm posting our Duplicate Scores on the fridge. It should be a good appetite suppressant!"
The Opening Lead Dilemma

He was told never to lead away from a King and so he never did.  One day he passed away and found himself in a bridge game. He was on lead against 4♠  holding: 

♠ Kx,  Kxx,  Kxxx, ♣ Kxxx.

Right then and there he knew where he was!

Chipping Sodbury Festival

If you are interested in attending a FREE BRIDGE TASTER SESSION please just complete the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Malcolm Hayward Cup 2023
  • John, Diane, Doug and Allison
  • Allison, Derek, Diane and Kate
  • Ian, Paul, Esme and Karen
  • Esme, Karen and Ian
  • Drew, Paul, Mark and Karen
  • Barry, Viv and Gilly
  • Ted, Hilary and Elaine
  • Dean
  • Mike, Michelle and David
  • David and Viv
  • John, Sue, Jane and Andrew

What a fab event.  With a stunning 8 table turnout, a wonderful spread plus some vino, the evening went exactly as planned.  Thanks from the whole club to Sue (who organised and delivered the food), Paul (who arranged the drinks) and Nigel (our director for the evening).  Here are a few pics to jog the memory.


In a very tight race, decided on the very last hand, congratulations from across the club go to the 2023 winners of the Malcolm Hayward Cup, pictured here from left to right Paul, Karen, Christine and Lesley.  Well done all.


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Face to Face Play Sessions - 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
Thurs June 1st
Thurs June 15th 
Thurs July 6th
Thurs July 20th
Thurs August 3rd
Thurs August 17th
Thurs Sept 7th

Please turn up by 6.45 p.m.  Play begins at 7.

Need a Partner?

As soon as you find yourself in need of a partner please call Paul on 01454 250176 or send him a What'sApp message on 07833 754352 and he will do his best to match you up with someone.

BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
Malcolm Hayward Fixed Teams Event.
BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
Tue 30th May 2023
BBO Duplicate.
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Scorer: Lesley
Thu 1st Jun 2023
Face to Face Duplicate.
Please arrive by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Tue 6th Jun 2023
BBO Duplicate
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Scorer: Mike
Thu 8th Jun 2023
BBO Duplicate.
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Host: Hylary
Scorer: Mike