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"For Heaven's sake Gerald! We all lead the wrong suit sometimes."
"Our bridge teacher says you should always lead the first card face down!"
Ever heard of the Elvis Presley lead?

It's when your left hand opponent leads from Ace, Queen round to your King.  The King is not dead!

♠   ♣ 

There are only 3 reasons not to lead partner's suit . . .

1.  you don't hold any cards in their suit

2.  you have a fabulous suit of your own

3.  you don't want to partner them next week!

♠   ♣ 

Children In Need 2022
Allison and Lesley
Douglas, Paul, Keith and Ted
Representatives of the top 2 teams
Ted, Sue, Paul and Neil
Barry, Lesley, Gilly and Nigel
Drew, John, Mark and John
Sue, Drew, Neil and Mark
Viv, Lesley, Michelle and Scott
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On Thursday 17th November 2022, members got together to play face to face, enjoy our game and raise some money for Children In Need.  A great turnout of 7 tables which Karen, the Director for the evening, very effectively randomised into 7 teams.  The top 3 places were tightly fought over, but in the end Ted, Paul, Lesley and Nigel achieved 3rd place, Loretta, Mike, Douglas and Keith 2nd place and our worthy winners on the evening were Karen, Paul, John C and John H.  Well done all.

A special thank you to all those who turned out because rather than donating table money this year the club made up the table money (as members are playing free of charge at the moment).  Over and above the table money there were donations too, so Tudor are sending nearly £160 off to the charity.   

Christmas Party Prep - Can you help us please . . . .

. . . .  to get our equipment from our usual venue to the Town Hall, at 4.30 on Thursday 8th December?  Please contact Karen if you can.  Thank you.

Change to Paying Options

From January 2023 Tudor will cease to accept cheques and cash.  Please use Bank Transfers or the 'Sum Up' machine to pay table money or to top up your Tudor Bridge Account.  Any member of the committee will be happy to discuss these arrangements with you.


Over the decades Tudor has established some fabulous Christmas traditions.  This year we will be observing all of them - and adding a few new ones too!

As in previous years, this will be an individual competition, so no partner needed.  We only use this format once a year - and it's great fun.  The Director for the evening will confirm the system we will all play (time is too short to play anything sophisticated, so we will all play the same simple system).

As usual, there will be drinks (wine and soft drinks) and there will be homemade mince pies too - AND PRIZES FOR EVERYONE! 

As in previous years, the prizes are pre-allocated - and this year there are enough prizes for everyone to win something.  We have adhered to the tradition of years past by ensuring the top performers and the strongest in the field (the one holding everyone else up!) have the special prizes.

All this and the chance to win the David Clark cup and Nick Gurney plate too and have your name added to the roll of honour.

Hope to see you there.  Thursday 8th December, in the Town Hall, at 6.45.

Need a Partner?

As soon as you find yourself in need of a partner please call Paul on 01454 250176 or send him a What'sApp message on 07833 754352 and he will do his best to match you up with someone.

Next Face to Face Play Sessions
Thurs Dec 1st
Thurs Dec 8th *
Thurs Dec 15th
Thurs Jan 5th
Thurs Jan 19th
Thurs Feb 2nd
Thurs Feb 16th

*  Venue will be Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury

Please turn up by 6.45 p.m.  Play begins at 7.


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BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
Tue 29th Nov 2022
BBO Duplicate.
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Host: JK
Scorer: Lesley
Thu 1st Dec 2022
Face to Face Duplicate. FREE UNTIL END OF 2022
St Lawrence Presbytery
Please arrive by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Tue 6th Dec 2022
BBO Duplicate.
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Host: JK
Scorer: Mike
Thu 8th Dec 2022
Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
18.45 arrival please. Play starts at 7