Release 2.19p
Leads ...

. . . provide significant clues about where key cards lie!

♠   ♣ 

There are only 3 reasons not to lead partner's suit . . .

1.  you don't hold any cards in their suit

2.  you have a fabulous suit of your own

3.  you don't want to partner them next week!

♠   ♣ 

The Opening Lead Dilemma

He was told never to lead away from a King and so he never did.  One day he passed away and found himself in a bridge game. He was on lead against 4♠  holding: 

♠ Kx,  Kxx,  Kxxx, ♣ Kxxx.

Right then and there he knew where he was!

Raffle Donations for Garden Party Bridge Event

This year our chosen charity is Brandon Trust.  This charity exists to enable children, young people and adults with learning difficulties and autism, to live life in the way they choose by providing high quality, individualised support.  To find out more about this amazing organisation click here.  Not only will all profits from the event be donated to Brandon, but there will also be a raffle on the day.  

If you would like to donate a prize for the raffle please get it to the club venue between 2.00 and 4.00 on Wednesday 13th July or contact any member of the committee to arrange to get it collected from your house.

Perhaps, you may not be coming to the event but would like to buy a raffle ticket or even more (£1 each).  In that case just complete the form below and tickets will be entered on your behalf.  You will be contacted shortly after the event if you have won something.

Good luck!

Tudor Plate Competition Update

The final week has seen a change in the top positions. Congratulations to Karen Pawsey and Lesley Donnithorne who have won the inaugural running of the Tudor Pairs Handicap League and will receive the Tudor Plate. In 2nd place Hillary & Dean and 3rd goes to Peter & John.

The final top 6 are;

Tudor Bridge Handicap Pairs League
League Position
  Pair Total
1 Karen Pawsey & Lesley Donnithorne 122
2 Hillary Lewis & Dean French 117
3 Peter Cogger & John Holt 116
4 Gill Welch & Margaret Robson 110
5 Elizabeth Roddan & Ted Cornelius 109
6 Karen Monaghan & Christine May 100

To see the full analysis click here.


Need a Partner?

As soon as you find yourself in need of a partner please call Paul or send him a What'sApp message on 07833 754352 or phone him on 01454 250176 and he will do his best to match you up with someone.

Next Face to Face Play Sessions
Thurs 7th July
Wed 13th July
Thurs 21st July
Wed 27th July
Thurs 4th Aug
Wed 10th Aug
Thurs 18th Aug
Wed 24th Aug

Please note, on evening sessions play begins at 7 p.m. please turn up by 6.45.  Afternoon sessions begin at 2 p.m., please arrive by 1.45 p.m.


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BBO Duplicate.
Sociable, Duplicate Bridge
BBO Duplicate.
BBO Duplicate.
Sociable, Duplicate Bridge
BBO Duplicate.
Tue 5th Jul 2022
BBO Duplicate.
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Host: JK
Scorer: Christine
Wed 6th Jul 2022
Please Register by 13.50. Play begins at 14.30
Thu 7th Jul 2022
Malcolm Hayward Fixed Teams
St Lawrence Presbytery
19.00, please arrive by 18.45
Host: Nigel
Tue 12th Jul 2022
BBO Duplicate.
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Host: JK
Scorer: Lesley
Wed 13th Jul 2022
Sociable, Duplicate Bridge
St Lawrence Presbytery
Play starts at 14.00, please arrive by 13.45
Thu 14th Jul 2022
BBO Duplicate.
Please Register by 18.45. Play Starts at 19.00
Scorer: Christine