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1/21 CFB in Memory of Bob Helitzer
1/21 CFB in Memory of Bob Helitzer


Bob had an awesome ability to make the perfect plan to win tricks at the bridge table.  He taught Eileen to play after retirement and they enjoyed many games at Streams.  It broke his heart to see so many homeless and hungry people in Tucson so Eileen chose Community Food Bank as his charity and many of our generous members have added to our Club Donation.

*$1,000 from TCBC -- Additional Memorials:  Kathy Parker, Hurd Baruch, Diana Galis, Kohur GowriSankaran, Paul & DiAnn Plunkett, Ruth Houkom, Hans & Donna Moser, Joe & Sandy Cohen, Marty & Arlene Zuckerman, Ann Waggoner, Mary Delfs, Charlotte Weller, Pat Felker, Steve Miller, Bob & Beth Griffin, Howard & Joyce Morrow, Doug & Sherry Cain, Mesue Brouilette

Our Mission Statement

 Our goal is to benefit our community while playing  
  this challenging game of Duplicate Bridge 

$402,274.00 Donated to Charities
Regularly Scheduled TCBC, NW and Spokane Games on BBO

Contact Information and Pictures for our  NWTBC, TCBC and Spokane BBO Tournament Directors

Limited Open
10:05 - 299er 11:10
1:10 - 499er 1:40
1:20 - 1099er 7:20
10:05 - 399er 11:10
1:10 - 499er  
1:20 - 1199er 7:20
10:05 - 749er  11:10
1:10 - 499er 1:40
10:05 - 199er 11:10
1:10 - 499er 1:40 
1:20 - 1199er 7:20
1:10 - 299er 11:10
1:20 - 749er 1:40
10:05 - 499er 11:10
10:10 - 1199er 1:40 
1:20 - 749er 11:10
12/20, 1/21 Community Food Bank
12/20, 1/21 Community Food Bank

Nominated by Linda Ackerman

$4,500.00* for 12/20
$4,060.00** for 1/21

Community Food Bank distributes fresh produce and non-perishable food to a vast network of community partners throughout the state and across the country. They collaborate with local agencies, health institutions and government to revitalize neighborhoods and build a stronger food economy.

* $3000 from TCBC, $535 from NW and $446 from the Friday 759er Game - Rounded up by Linda to get us to $4000, $500 Anonymous!!!
**$3,000 from TCBC. $590 from NW and  $470 from Friday & Christmas

Using VOICE on BBO

Here is the link with the instructions to use Voice on BBO!

Having Trouble Finding Our Games on BBO?

Log into BBO
Type TUCSON into the search line
Choose your game. Blocked? Chat VACB264689
We will unblock you!

Gary Mitchell Mini Lesson - Saturdays - 9:15 to 9:45 am

We are happy to have Gary Mitchell share his bridge talents with us. Join Gary in a FREE Zoom mini-lesson every Saturday at 9:15 am.  His lessons will focus on DEFENSE.  To join, go to and enter the meeting code: 848 2462 5135 and passcode 341817. 
For those who want a review, here is a link to Gary's prior video lessons. 

Ks Keys to Better Bridge - Free Classes

Kay Afdahl, Platinum Life Master, Presents short (20 min) topics to improve your game.  Wednesdays at 12:30 pm prior to our 499er game

January 20 lesson topic is "Defending their Pre-Empts"

Go to and key in meeting code  835 0486 1506 and Passcode 800300

Free Mini Zoom Lessons
Free Mini Zoom Lessons

Join Bob Hertzog every Monday morning at 9:15 for his FREE 30-minute bridge lesson.  You may preview it or any of Bob's previous lessons by clicking HERE.  To join the zoom meeting, click HERE and provide the meeting code 839 4491 6379 and the password 956886

Hand Evaluation Lesson

A 2-hour ZOOM PowerPoint video presentation by Gary R. Mitchell will be followed by a live, interactive, Question-and-Answer period of 1-hour.  Click HERE for details and signup form.

9/20 Board Of Directors
9/20 Board Of Directors

Education: Mike Smith/Jack Shoemaker

Board Members:  Greg Dent - Operations, Ruth Houkom - President, Hurd Baruch - Secretary/Treasurer, Phil Lattavo - Charity, Kathy Parker-Membership

Tournament Directors:  Kathy Klammer, Bob Griffin, Ruth Houkom, Jack Shoemaker, Mike Smith, Len Hall

Webmaster:  Dick Bryant