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BOD Announcement

This December, the two-year term of two of our five Board Directors will be up: Hurd Baruch and Philip Lattavo. Both have agreed to run for re-election. Under the By-Laws, any Regular Member may run for the Board by submitting his name to the Secretary (Hurd) in the month of October. In November, if there is no contest for election, because there are not more candidates than directorships to be filled, the Board may determine that the formality of an election is unnecessary and declare the candidates elected.

One of the three directors whose term expires in December 2022, Greg Dent, has resigned, and the Board has, pursuant to the By-Laws, appointed Stephanie Marsden to serve out the remainder of his term. We appreciate the service of Dr. Dent on the Board, and expect that he will continue to be of service to the Club as a game director.

Our Mission Statement

 Our goal is to benefit our community while playing  
  this challenging game of Duplicate Bridge 

$471,599.00 Donated to Charities
Regularly Scheduled TCBC, NW and Spokane Games on BBO

Contact Information and Pictures for our  NWTBC, TCBC and Spokane BBO Tournament Directors

ACBL continues to pay 1.25x BBO points for regular games

Updated 10/17/21

Limited Open
10:05 - 299er 10:10 - Spokane
12:50 - 599er 1:00 - NWT F2F
12:50 - 1299er 10:10 - Spokane
1:00 - 749 - NWT F2F 1:00 - NWT F2F
12:50 - 749er  10:10 - Spokane
  1:00 -  NWT F2F

12:50 - 1299er

10:10 - Spokane

9:00 - 299er P&L - NWT F2F 10:10 - Spokane

1:10 - 299er
12:50 - 749er

1:00 -  NWT F2F
10:10 - 1299er

10:10 - Spokane

1:00 -  NWT F2F TEAMS


10:10 - Spokane

10/21 NAMI
10/21 NAMI

Ruth Houkom, DiAnn & Paul Plunkett, Christina Bickelmann, ED


Nominated by Paul and DiAnn Plunkett

One in five American adults and youth are affected, so someone you know and care about suffers from a mental illness. With your help, NAMI Southern Arizona, serving the Tucson community since 1983, provides no-cost mental health advocacy, education and support to people in our community with mental illness and their loved ones. Mental illness is like any other illness, with proper care, it can be treated and managed, and recovery is possible.  They have a very small budget but huge need in the community so they would LOVE to have volunteers from our group!

*$3,000 from TCBC, $200 from Plunketts, $465 from the Friday game

Mike Smith Award
Mike Smith Award

Mike Smith's first Play & Learn Game was 7/20/12.  Several of you might remember that day.  It was always obvious that Mike LOVES to teach and he does it with such kindness and patience.  He has built a culture in his club that supports a loving, fun atmosphere.  He and Jack enjoy directing Mike's BBO Game every Friday -- and then Mike does those wonderful summaries of how boards should be bid and played.

In light of his generosity to all he serves, our BOD presented him with an award and THANK YOU balloon.

Free Mini Zoom Lessons
Free Mini Zoom Lessons

Join Bob Hertzog every Monday morning at 9:15 for his FREE 30-minute bridge lesson.  You may preview it or any of Bob's previous lessons by clicking HERE.  To join the zoom meeting, click HERE and provide the meeting code 833 1262 4235 and the password 770586