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Hurd Baruch, Nominated by Cindy Shoemaker
Hurd Baruch, Nominated by Cindy Shoemaker
Unit 356, Tucson, AZ, ACBL National Goodwill Committee and National Charity Committee

I have known Hurd for many years. He is a gentle soul with a big heart who cares deeply for Tucson bridge, the community and for those in need.

Hurd is the Corporate Secretary for Tucson Charity Bridge, Tucson, AZ. He is a trusted advisor, mentor and director. He often adds to the money the club donates to local charities as part of its mission to serving the Tucson community.

Hurd has been a wonderful addition to the Unit 356 Board of Directors. His legal expertise has proved most helpful in reviewing contracts and assisting in corporate matters. Hurd has contributed greatly to the development of new Board policies and procedures. He will be missed as his term ends in 2021.

2021 Year in Review


Our Mission Statement

 Our goal is to benefit our community while playing  
  this challenging game of Duplicate Bridge 

$491,129.00 Donated to Charities
Regularly Scheduled TCBC, NW and Spokane Games on BBO

Contact Information and Pictures for our  NWTBC, TCBC and Spokane BBO Tournament Directors

  • Please wear your most comfortable mask!  
  • Our table fees are $7, exact change is appreciated.
  • If you have not submitted a copy of your Vaccine Card via e-mail, please bring it with you or a copy of it on your phone.
  • Please wear a name badge.  If you don't have one, we will have paper ones on the table.
  • Please bring your own drink in a covered container.  After you take a sip, please cover both your nose and mouth again quickly -- NO food at the table.  We will have chocolate treats outside when you leave.
  • Please bring a completed Convention Card and your ACBL# to key into the Bridgemates.
  • We are all going to have to concentrate hard not to revoke, bid out of turn, play out of turn and to keep pace -- all things that BBO doesn't allow to hinder the game.
  • Please DON'T come if you have any cold or flu like symptoms, or if you have recently been exposed to COVID.

Updated 1/16/22

Limited Open

10:05 - 299er

11:10 - Spokane
12:50 - 599er 1:00 - NWT F2F
9:00 - 749er 11:10 - Spokane
12:30 - 1399er F2F @ Streams  

9:00 - 749er

12:50 - 1399er

11:10 - Spokane
  1:00 -  NWT F2F

9:00 - 749er

12:50 - 1399er

9:10 - NWT

11:10 - Spokane


9:00 - 299er P&L NWT F2F

9:00 - 749er

12:40 - 299er
12:50 - 999er

1:00 -  NWT F2F
10:10 - 1399er

11:10 - Spokane

1:00 -  NWT F2F TEAMS

9:00 - 749er

11:10 - Spokane

1/22 Hermitage Cat Shelter
1/22 Hermitage Cat Shelter

Nominated by Bob and Elizabeth Griffin


Bob & Beth work as volunteers for many hours a week at Hermitage, a charity that has been dedicated to the shelter, protection, and care of homeless cats, especially those that are often not considered adoptable by other organizations. Hermitage is a cage-free facility where the cats are able to roam throughout their designated areas (including catios) and interact freely with staff, visitors and volunteers. 

*Includes $1,000.00 from an anonymous donor

12/7 - Ruth Houkom Awarded Ben's Bell
12/7 - Ruth Houkom Awarded Ben's Bell

 Tis the season for bells, and it couldn't be a more fitting coincidence that Ruth Houkom was awarded a Ben's Bell on Tuesday, December 7. For those of you who may not be familiar with the organization, it is a non-profit body whose mission is to spread kindness and honor people who lead in doing so. Website - Ben's Bells Project (

Ruth was nominated for her dedication to the charities of Tucson by conceiving of TCBC and her long term commitment to its success. Along with many  volunteers, this club has spread substantial donations to many Tucson charities. We can be proud of our club and thankful for Ruth's leadership. 

Ben's Bells announces their recipients in several ways: the schedule is included here:

-94.9 MixFM “Greg & Mere in the Morning” radio show at 8:20am on Friday, 1/7/2022

-The Arizona Daily Star on Tuesday, 1/11/2022

- on Friday,1/7/2022


and @bensbells on Sunday, 1/9/2022

Free Mini Zoom Lessons
Free Mini Zoom Lessons

Join Bob Hertzog every Monday morning at 9:15 for his FREE 30-minute bridge lesson.  You may preview it or any of Bob's previous lessons by clicking HERE.  To join the zoom meeting, click HERE and provide the meeting code 833 1262 4235 and the password 770586