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that does not mean what it states,

or gives your partner information

for example, a one diamond bid,

which promises FIVE...




Zero Tolerance

♠ Truro Duplicate Bridge Club adheres to a

Zero Tolerance Policy

where one must treat their partner and opponents

in a friendly and polite manner.


 Call for a director if someone's behaviour

at your table

makes you feel uncomfortable.

Temporary Home for Our Club

An offer from Ken Eisner to move into a TEMPORARY LOCATION at



was accepted by the executive.

Off street parking is available for evening play, but limited for afternoons. We are not permitted to park at the rear of the building during business hours.

Please be patient, as we continue our search for a permanent home.


Beginning JULY 16th, Tuesday bridge will recommence.

Directors have volunteered and there are no additional costs,

as our rent is paid by the month, not by the number of times we play. 

Thus, we can add games to help our bottom line..


Last updated : Jul 8, 2019 23:01 HAA
Table Fees

Please note: as of Monday July 1st, 2019 table fees will be

$5 for regular pair, inter-club and club championship games;

$6 for STaC and NAP games and

$4 for Wednesday afternoon games.


This is a $1.00 increase from our current costs and will remain until we find a new permanent home. 

Please keep your eyes open, for a potential new home.  Ideally, it will be a space that is ours and not require the set up and take down for play.



Last updated : Jun 22, 2019 12:10 HAA

In support of research into ALZHEIMERS, Bridge Clubs from around North America will play three sessions 


A big thank you to all those making the effort to play and support the Alzheimers.


was raised by the club.

Last updated : Jun 22, 2019 12:10 HAA
Need a Partner?

Contact ♣  Beverley Snow 902-890-1343 ♠ 

Last updated : Feb 12, 2019 11:10 AST

Bidding Commentary:

There are many ways to bid the East hand, but it's not unreasonable to leap to slam facing a 2 level overcall.  Most two level overcalls show opening bid values; this is about as light as they come - just East's luck!

Opening Lead:  ♠ J

Play commentary:  West adds his 11 HCP to dummy's 17 HCP, a good habit to form and comes up with 28, meaning North-South have 12 HCP.  Normally an opening bidder will have 12, but given the opening lead, South figures to have only 11.  In other words, South has the ♣ K and the  Q.  Finesses in those suits are doomed.  West must think of something else.

Make your plan!

Using the bidding as a guide, West crosses to his hand twice in hearts to ruff spades, stripping that suit.  He continues with the King-Ace of diamonds and continues with the  J distaining a finesse that cannot work.  When South produces the expected  Q, West discards a club. 

South has the lead and is not a happy camper.  A club return is sure death as it goes smack into the AQ.  A spadereturn, a ruff and a sluff is no good either.  Assuming a spade return, West discards a second club and ruffs in dummy.  West remains with one club and dummy has the ace.  6 hearts bid and made.


Add your HCP to dummy's HCP to determine how many HCP the opponents have.  If there has been bidding, perhaps you can work out how many HCP either defender has.  Assume an opening bidder has 12 HCP although 11 is a possibility particularly if opener has a six card suit, two five card suits or has opened in third seat.  Don't take finesses that can't possibly work!

Hand courtesy of Kantar Lessons  by Edwin Kantar.




Last updated : Nov 3, 2017 14:36 HAA
Mon July 22, 2019
Monday, Pairs $5
664 Prince St (Across from FYI) 7:00 PM
Director: Brandon
Tue July 23, 2019
Tuesday Pairs... $5
1:00 p.m.
Director: Ken
Wed July 24, 2019
Wednesday Afternoon, Open Pairs, $4
664 Prince St (Aveda west door) 1:00 PM
Director: Lydia & Lorne
Thursday, Pairs $5
7:00 pm
Director: Ken Maclean
Wednesday Afternoon, Open Pairs, $4
1:00 PM
Director: L Cock
Tuesday Pairs... $5
1:00 p.m.
Director: Bob Dorland