Trumps Bridge in Nerja
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We play duplicate bridge every Monday and Thursday at 3pm. Visitors are welcome.
Notice of Trumps Bridge Club approved changes

Dear Members,

Thank you for all the recent support you have given to Trumps Bridge Club.

Following a successful AGM and EGM on Monday 6 July 2020, the following changes have been approved by the membership.

With immediate effect:-

A 10e annual administration fee is now payable by all members. Mark Overton, the Membership Secretary is responsible for the collection of this – a new membership form is to be completed at the time of payment and your membership card will be issued. New members will be provisionally accepted prior to approval by two members of the Committee. It was agreed, that even though we are now in July, a 10e payment will be payable for this year. From then on, this will fall due each year on January 1st.

The table money is increased to 3.50e for members 4.50e for guests. This payment will include your water from the cooler. Hot drinks will continue to incur a cost of 1e

A 15min break will occur each afternoon

Free games will be limited to one pair per session eg if top N/S score 58% and top E/W 62%, E/W will be awarded the free games

From 1 September 2020

Starting time for Bridge will be 2.45pm (to accommodate 15 min break). Players are requested to arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to commencement of play to allow sufficient time for the Director to determine the movement

Liz Cogley, President

Trumps Bridge Club

Club Restrictions due to COVID 19

Dear Members

Covid-19 has wrought havoc on many communities. At Trumps we are always concerned that our community, our premises, our members are protected. Masks are being worn, hands sanitized, boards and chairs etc wiped with anti-bacterial agents, all to control the virus.

We are now introducing an additional level of protection

Whilst we are aware that airports are tracing passengers and temperature checks are being taken, this does not prevent anyone from having the virus as it may not manifest itself for a period of time after testing. So, with immediate effect, if you have not been in Andalucia for 14 days prior to requesting entry to the Club, you will be barred from playing. This is to ensure that you do not have the virus.

This decision, not taken lightly, has been endorsed by the resident membership and approved by the Committee to ensure our environment is protected throughout this pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding

El Zoco Garden
El Zoco Garden

Well done and a huge thank you to John Reeves. He has worked so hard at El Zoco on the garden. He has grown all these plants either from seeds or cuttings. These are pictures which I hope you will all enjoy.

We look forward to the restrictions being relaxed soon and will keep in touch.

Take care Stay Safe

Best Wishes from the committee Trumps Bridge Club

Selection of pictures from June 1, 2019 onwards


 Click here to view:  Selection of pictures from June 1, 2019 onwards

Trumps Bridge Club at El Zoco

At Trumps Bridge Club we offer a friendly courteous and social atmosphere.
Players at the Club practise recognised Bridge Etiquette to ensure duplicate Bridge is played in an enjoyable environment.
The Club is registered with the Junta de Andalusia and is for its members. Being a member brings many benefits including subsidised social functions, annual events, and a free game should you win. Each year the Club holds an Annual Event, also individuals' competitions, pairs competitions and games against other local Bridge Clubs.
We play Duplicate Bridge on Mondays and Thursdays at 3pm in the Club Room at El Zoco.
Our lovely, well-equipped premise is situated in Calle Neptuno, near to SuperSol Capistrano and at the back of the Sports Centre.
There is ample parking and wheelchair access to the building.
If you need a partner, please email 24 hours  in advance

Play Bridge at Trumps Mondays & Thursdays
Play Bridge at Trumps Mondays & Thursdays
13th August 2020
Thursday Pairs
17th August 2020
Monday Pairs
20th August 2020
Thursday Pairs
Monday Pairs
Director: Paul Evans
Scorer: Paul Evans
Thursday Pairs
Director: Paul Evans
Scorer: M.Overton
Monday Pairs
Director: Mark Overton
Scorer: Paul Evans

Currently there are no bridge teachers in the area. The following are some useful websites to help beginners and improvers.

Funbridge on Mobile
Funbridge on Mobile

Play Bridge where you want to through the application Funbridge on iPhone iPad and iPod Touch! The clear and intuitive interface allows you to find all the ambiance of a bridge table at your fingertips., The application is free and available in the App Store or from iTunes.

For more information

Many professional bridge players and teachers frequent various online forums. Post your bridge question to: Bridge Base Forums - lots of activity and interesting topics.