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The Club mobile phone number is 07561 129015. This number is only manned between 6.40pm and 10.30pm on Club Nights.

Second Thursday Teams

Second Thursday each month is a Teams of Four Event

Next event is on 

11 July 

Enter your team of four players. Pre-booking with Diana is essential
Each event will be separate so you can, if you wish, play with a different partner and different team-mates each month.

Venue: Trowbridge Rugby Club

Time:  6.45 for 7pm
Cost:  Normal table fees per player - £3 Members and £4 Visitors

Welcome to trowBRIDGEclub

 trowBRIDGEclub offers good quality bridge in pleasant surroundings. 
 For further details click here or on the 'About Us' link in the menu bar on the left.

Thursday 27 June 2019 -Event Cancelled

It is with regret that the committee has decided to cancel duplicate bridge on Thursday 27th June.

This is due to the Rugby Club being the venue for The John of Gaunt School Prom on that night. Those of you who attempted to play bridge in the upstairs room last year will remember the considerable noise and disruption endured!

June Puzzle (with answer)
(4NT bid) A real stretch given that you show 18-19.

(5C bid) Acceptance showing four clubs in case partner also has four clubs.

(5NT) Minimum slam try; no kidding.

(6NT) I'm not letting you off the hook.

Opening lead: Q♦. In spite of your opening 1 bid, West leads your suit. East plays the 7.  Plan the play.

With eight top tricks outside of hearts, the suit you must develop, you need to play hearts to your best advantage for FOUR TRICKS.  The best play with this combination is to lead low from dummy and insert the 9.   You score four heart tricks anytime the suit breaks 3-3 or East has Jx, Qx, or QJxx; not a bad parlay.



After partner makes an invitational raise to 4NT, a new suit by the opener is natural, it is not some sort of response to a non-existent Blackwood bid.

At notrump (or suit), count your sure tricks outside of the suit you must develop so you will know how many tricks you need in your main suit.

With K10xxx facing A9 doubleton the best play for four tricks is to lead low to the nine; with K10xx facing A9 doubleton the best play for three tricks is to lead low to the nine.

Etiquette tip of the week

Law 7A requires that the board being played remains in the centre of the table, correctly orientated, throughout. This is to reduce the risk of cards being returned to the wrong slot, which spoils the play of the hand at subsequent tables. If you have to move the board please be extremely careful to return it in the correct orientation, before replacing the hands.

EBU Masterpoints

May 2019
Well done to the following Master Point promotions:

1* Premier National Master
Graham Hodges

Mike Toft

Advanced Master
Graeme Dalrymple

County Master
Heather Spalding

Club Master
Brian Carpenter

Wiltshire Bridge School

Would you like to learn to play Bridge; do you already play and would like to improve your Bridge?

Bridge Classes for Beginners in 2018-19 will be run in Chippenham 

For further details please contact Graham Baskerville 
(01249 750706)

Duplicate Pairs
Director: Frances Ind
Scorer: Mike Toft
trowBRIDGEclub Teams
Director: Diana king
Scorer: Stan Christie
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gerry McAinsh
Scorer: Gill Spurway
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Phil Green
Scorer: Ian Schofield
Tue 18th Jun 2019
Duplicate Pairs
6:50 for 7pm
Thu 20th Jun 2019
Duplicate Pairs
6:50 for 7pm
Mon 24th Jun 2019
Duplicate Pairs
6:50 for 7pm
Tue 25th Jun 2019
Duplicate Pairs
6:50 for 7pm