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The minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 29 Sep 20 are here.

Issue 5 - 29 Sep 2020 

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Sky Blue Book

The EBU has published the Sky Blue Book which includes regulations and interpretations for online events.  trowBRIDGEclub has decided to run its online events in accordance with these regulations.

Over the next few week’s our tip of the week will point to some of the key differences between online and face to face bridge.

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Welcome to trowBRIDGEclub

Every Monday at 7.15pm and Thursday at 2.15pm  BridgeBase Online (BBO) session

18 Boards,  Nine 2 Board rounds.  16 minutes per round.  Table Money 3BB$ 

To play in this event you and a partner need to be registered on BBO and have some BB$ in your account  - PayPal offers a good exchange rate but you can pay by credit/debit card.

Registration starts at 5.16pm on Mondays and 12.16pm on Thursdays. Both you and your partner need to be online on BBO to register.  Go to Competitive/All Tournaments and search for "Trowbridge", select the trowBRIDGEclub pairs event from the list and enter your partners name.  They will get an Invitation Pop up to accept and once they do, the pair of you are registered.

If you register early please make sure you and your partner are online and in the Competitive area of BBO 10-15 minutes before the event starts.  If you and your partner are not online and in the Competitive area at the start of the event you will not be allowed to play.  (This is not under the Directors control!) 

Your Directors will be Stan Christie, Phil Meats and Gerry McAinsh. 

When the event starts BBO will automatically log you into the event and you will remain logged into it until the event finishes so if you lose connection for any reason just log back into BBO  and you will rejoin the event. If you are absent for a while, the directors substitute a robot who will finish the play of the board and you will rejoin at the start of the next board.

Please introduce yourselves and advise the opposition what your basic conventions are at the start of each round.

The rounds are timed and when the time is up, if you have not finished playing, play will cease and the two pairs at that table will be given an adjusted score, normally by the system, but the Directors can review the adjusted scores and change them later. Please claim as soon as you can and leave any “chat” about boards until you have played both the boards in the round. 

If you need a partner, try our partner finding service.

See below for a few helpful links on getting started with BBO but if you would like further help please contact Stan Christie, Phil Meats or Gerry McAinsh.


HOW TO PLAY ON BBO (Bridge Base Online)

If you haven't played on BBO here are sone short videos showing you how to do so.

First get your own username, see how here: Getting a BBO Username

Then become familiar with the site, see here: Familiarise yourself with BBO.

Next learn how to join a game with a partner you know: Join a game with someone you know.

You can also set up your own table for exclusive use by you and three friends: create your own table on BBO.  Note that after a recent BBO upgrade if you want to play a Casual game all players must log on to BBO and then select the Casual button, More info here.

Compare your results with how others did with the same cards: Compare your results with others.

Buying BB$ so you can hire robots and enter EBU tournaments: How To Buy BB$

On BBO you should self-alert all bids your partner would alert or announce face-to-face. Here's how:: Self-Alerting on BBO

How to enter one of the four daily EBU tournaments: Entering an EBU Tourney on BBO.

The Acol Players Club (if that's what you play): How to watch or play in Acol Players Club

Set up a table to practice bidding with your partner: Practice your bidding

Set up a teaching table on BBO: Set up a BBO teaching table

Test yourself with challenges on BBO: Take a challenge on BBO

Develop your card play with BridgeMaster: How to Find BridgeMaster - a declarer play tutor

Setting up your own Teams of Four match: Play a Match Between Two Teams of Four

EBU Masterpoints

September 2020
Well done to the following Master Point promotion:

Roman Mohr

trowBRIDGEclub is trialing a new self-service “Find a Partner” feature on the website.  

Players who need a partner for a game identify themselves on the website and can
then contact each other to arrange the partnership.

Click here for instructions.

WCBA Green Pointed Swiss Teams
BBO Online Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gerry, Stan and Phil M
Scorer: Gerry, Phil M, Stan
BBO Online Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gerry, Stan and Phil M
Scorer: Gerry, Phil M, Stan
BBO Online Duplicate Pairs
Director: Gerry, Stan and Phil M
Scorer: Gerry, Phil M, Stan
Mon 19th Oct 2020
BBO Online Duplicate Pairs
7.00 for 7.15pm
Director: Gerry, Stan and Phil M
Tue 20th Oct 2020
Wiltshire Pairs No.27
(Wiltshire CBA)
Director: Richard Banbury
Scorer: Richard Banbury
Thu 22nd Oct 2020
BBO Online Duplicate Pairs
2.00 for 2.15pm
Director: Gerry, Stan and Phil M
Sat 24th Oct 2020
Wiltshire Saturday pairs No. 9
(Wiltshire CBA)
Director: Richard Banbury
Scorer: Richard Banbury