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  TTCBA 2012 Christmas Fiesta
TTCBA 2012 Christmas Fiesta

Lisa De Meillac, (left) and Pat Collier (right) won this years 1st Place Hamper at the TTCBA Christmas Fiesta held at the Guardian Life Building in WestMoorings, December 9, 2012.  The first six places were awarded hampers. Click Here for COMPLETE RESULTS

Trophies won in 2012 were presented after the game to TOURNAMENT WINNERS


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  • 2012 Barbados Ladies Team
  • 2012 Barbados Open Team
  • 2012 Trinidad Ladies Team
  • 2012 Trinidad Open Team

TRINIDAD LADIES: From left to right: Denise Josa, Alana Xavier, PC Pat Howard, Deborah Flectcher, Jackie Thompson.  Absent: Lisa De Meillac

BARBADOS LADIES: From left to right: Sherry asgill, Norma Springer, NPC Michael Gill, Adelle Springer, Eleanor Dottin Nan Collins, Austin Atherley

TRINIDAD OPEN: From left to right: Mohan Seepersad, Bobby Persad, Swami Galt, PC Trevor Hart, David Clark

BARBADOS OPEN: From left to right: Yvonne Seale, Roglyn Hinds, PC Michael Gill, Leslie Atherley, Morris Blenman, Colin Depradine

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  TT Players in Lille
  • Trinidad Tobago Open Team At Lille Opening Ceremony
  • Trinidad Tobago Open Team arrive in Lille
  • Trinidad Tobago Players at Venue
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2nd World Mind Sport Games

The Trinidad and Tobago Open Team arrived in Lille to participate in the 2nd World Mind Sport Games. The Team is : Alvin FITZPATRICK, John GILLETTE, Shamshad MOHAMED, Kalamazad MOHAMMED, Bobby PERSAD, Mohan SEEPERSAD and Balkaran RAMLOGAN (NPC). Ralph Jaikaransigh and Jackie Thompson are supporters on tour.

Click Here for Current Standing

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14 World Youth Team Bridge Championships, China 2012

Trinidadians Kalifa Howard and Jackie Thompson were in China for the 14th World Youth Team Championships. More details on the CACBF website.

Team Members Kalifa Howard and Walter Brown are featured in the WBF World Peace Logo to show the diversity of Bridge participation.

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  TTCBA Fiesta 2011 Winners
  • TTCBA Fiesta2011 1st Place
  • TTCBA Fiesta 2011 2nd Place
  • TTCBA Fiesta 2011 3rd Place
  • TTCBA Fiesta 2011 4th Place
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  Director Ralph Jaikaransingh at 2011 Fiesta
Director Ralph Jaikaransingh at 2011 Fiesta

Turn out for the TTCBA 2011Fiesta was at a record low with only 5 Tables. Our Director, Ralph has been working hard to maintain the weekly Monday games as well as trying to introduce Biweekly Saturday Pair and Team Games. The response has been poor and with the additional problem of finding a new Game venue the Association will need all its members to contribute toward stimulating/reactivating Contract Bridge Activities in Trinidad & Tobago in the New Year. 

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  Trinidad & Barbados Players: Cuba CACBF 2011
  • Cuba 2011 Ladies Team at Closing Ceremony
  • Cuba BBL Delegation
  • Cuba TT Delegation
  • Cuba Venice Cup Team
  • Cuba Mix
  • Cuba Organizers
  • Cuba Celebrating
  • Cuba Vintage Car
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  TTCBA News Conference to Send Off LADIES TEAM
  • Venice Cup 2011 Trinidad Tobago Ladies Team
  • Venice Cup Press Conference
  • Venice Cup Press Conference 3
  • Venice Cup Press Conference 5
  • Venice Cup Press Conference
The Trinidad & Tobago Ladies Team which won the CACBF Championships in Cuba this year depart for the World Championships in Veldhoven, Netherlands on Wenesday October 12. Here they are at a Press Conference held on saturday October 8.
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  An Exoctic Grand Slam Hand from THAILAND Women's Festival
An Exoctic Grand Slam Hand from THAILAND Women's Festival

Jackie Thompson is North and the bidding went as shown.  2 Opener is meant to be Natural and Weak. Playing Ogust 3 means Bad Suit Good Hand. Would you bid 7 with South's Hand?

Now look at all the Hands and try to figure out what happened.  

When her very aggressive Turkish Partner bid 7 Jackie was very surprised and passed and it was at this point that she realized that her Opening Bid was 2 and not 2.

Making 7 was simple. K of Spades was led and J of Diamonds was discarded on North's A of Spades. A club to the Ace, A Club Ruff, Pull the 3 rounds of Trumps and Dummy was GOOD.

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  TTCBA 2010 Fiesta
  • TTCBA 2010 Fiesta 1st Place
  • TTCBA 2010 Fiesta 2nd Place
  • TTCBA 2010 Fiesta 3rd Place

Nineteen Pairs competed for Hampers in the final TTCBA game for 2010.  In first place were Ramish Budhiraja & Mahendra Mathur; 2nd Place went to Jackie Thompson & Joseph Howard;  Pat Howard & Lisa De Meillac were 3rd. Complete Results 

Trophies were awarded for the major tournaments held during the year. Click here to see the 2010 Trophy Winners.

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