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Play commences at the following times. Monday - 7:30, Tuesday - 10:30, Thursday at 1.00 and Sunday 1:00. Please be at the clubrooms 15 minutes before these times. You may phone the clubroom on 0422 938449 if you will be delayed for some reason.

Please turn ALL Mobile phones off during the few hours of play. If you are expecting an URGENT call then let the Director know before play commences.

Contact Details

Mail - The Secretary, P.O. Box 1849, Traralgon 3844

E-mail - will be checked on Bridge days.

Web site -

Our phone number (during playing times) is 0422 938449.

Bridge Sayings
Bridge Sayings

Good Bridge etiquette means you greet opponents, praise both partner and opponents (well played), do not criticize (good try), do not make gratuitis comments (if you had bid this or led that), not gloat (we got 100%) and finally speak politely to your partner, opponents and especially the Director.


Latrobe City Council

Our council has helped us to locate and update our premesis. They have done some of the larger works on it and are most helpful when we need assistance. They can be contacted on


How to find us
How to find us

Enter Showgrounds via Howitt St.

Welcome to Traralgon Bridge Club
May 2020 Newsletter

Traralgon Bridge Club

Newsletter May 2020

Greetings Members – We are thinking of you!

Hello Traralgon Bridge Club members. It has been a while since we have been together so the committee thought it would be a good idea to bring you up to speed about what is happening around the club.

This will not be the a very pretty or hi-tech newsletter. We need a bit more time to work out how to do that. So please enjoy this very plain, but hopefully information-packed offering.

Your Committee Met Recently…

Yes, we became very technologically savvy with a zoom meeting. Moira Hecker has volunteered to be our new Secretary and the committee gratefully (and very quickly) seconded her into that position.

A big congratulations and thank you to Moira for stepping up.

It would be great to have more committee members (and a good time to ease gently into the role) so please let us know if you are interested in joining our little group.

And a Few of Us Have Been Playing On Line

ERBA had an arrangement with Pete Hollands who has been organising some tournaments for us on Bridge Base Online. These have provided a great outlet for those of us who need our regular bridge fix, and it is a good way to catch up with our friends in other clubs around Gippsland.

These will be discontinued at the end of May so that we can take advantage of Northern Bridge Club or VBA’s BBO on line green point events. These new events will be played for green points and BBO will be the host platform. They will cost around $5 per event (you pay in $US on BBO) so it is kept to a reasonable fee.

If you are interested in joining the Northern Bridge Club events, please contact Bill Jacobs at Northern Bridge Club who is happy to welcome you at his paid and Masterpointed games, or the VBA which is running a variety of paid Masterpointed sessions and free games featuring different scoring formats.

Here is a link to the Northern Bridge Club webpage

And the link to the VBA BBO tournaments page

If any member would like to try playing on BBO, please contact Helen or Moira who will be happy to practice with you so that you get the hang of it.

And Helen Has Been Teaching Bridge

We have a couple of very keen beginners who couldn’t bear to stop their lessons when we went into isolation, so Helen has been using zoom and BBO to teach them. It can be quite challenging but they are still with us. Thanks to Don, Moira and Marion who have stepped in when we have needed a 4th at the table.

Along the way we have ‘adopted’ one extra player from Warragul, and three from Melbourne who regularly join the group for lessons.

We Are Playing Online Because It Will be a Long Time Before We Back to Bridge at the Club

The committee received an update from the Australian Bridge Federation last week regarding the current state of play. Whilst some sport and recreation restrictions have been lifted there is still no safe way to play bridge at clubs in Australia at present.

The ABF is seeking professional medical advise and will be issuing guidelines to clubs when play is allowed to resume. This will not be until we progress to step three of the Federal Government’s framework.

It is therefore unlikely that club and congress bridge will resume in the near future. Advice from the ABF is as follows:

You should be aware that the government permission to have 50 or 100 persons on your premises is only the beginning of a complex preparation process for a potential re-opening, which should not be rushed under any circumstances.

Clubs which prematurely attempt to re-open may face legal action if the disease were passed on at your premises and insurance cover may be jeopardized. The ABF is presently seeking expert advice on these matters to pass on to the clubs.

The committee asks for your patience and reinforces that no members should be using the clubrooms for any purpose at the moment. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again, but not at any risk to your health or our lease and legal liabilities.

In the meantime, please enjoy the easing of restrictions which allow us to:

• play bridge on line

• have friends and family over for visits

• go for a walk

• go for a holiday

• think about bridge

• dream about bridge

• practise bridge bidding quizzes

• re-read all those old VBA and ABF newsletters


The Committee will continue to meet regularly and we will develop a nicely designed newsletter to keep in touch with you. If you wish to contact us please don’t hesitate to ring one of us or email the club at

Please keep safe

President Anne and Committee

Just so we will recognise each other when we meet again please enjoy the following photos.
Just so we will recognise each other when we meet again please enjoy the following photos.
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