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21st Nov 2021 06:26 GMT
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As of Mon 22 Nov 2021 we are playing at the Traralgon Masonic Function Room at 9 Oswald Street Traralgon.  Play has resumed for those with evidence of having your double COVID vaccination.  No bookings are required.  Sessions are usually at the following times: Monday 7.30 PM (but not on 2nd second Monday of most months); Tuesday and Thursday at 1.00 PM. Please be at the clubrooms at least 15 minutes before these times.  Please contact Don Tylee on 0478 076 082 if you have any questions.

Please turn ALL Mobile phones off during the few hours of play. If you are expecting an URGENT call then let the Director know before play commences.

Contact Details

Mail - The Secretary, P.O. Box 1849, Traralgon 3844

E-mail - will be checked on Bridge days.

Web site -


Bridge Sayings
Bridge Sayings

Good Bridge etiquette means you greet opponents, praise both partner and opponents (well played), do not criticize, do not make gratuitis comments (if you had bid this or led that), nor gloat (we got 100%) and finally speak politely to your partner, opponents and especially the Director.


Latrobe City Council

Our council has helped us to relocate and update our premises. They have done some of the larger works on it and are most helpful when we need assistance. They can be contacted on


How to find us
How to find us
Welcome to Traralgon Bridge Club
Bridge Club Saved by the Dogs
  • Flooded Bridge Room
  • Playing at the Greyhounds

Traralgon Bridge Club fell victim to the recent Traralgon Creek flood, with the clubrooms being inundated with approximately one metre of water.  With no warning, the club was unable to salvage any furniture or equipment that was below the waterline and is unable to occupy the building for the foreseeable future.

That is when Latrobe City and the Traralgon Greyhound Club stepped in to help.  Club President, Don Tylee, said that both organisations have been magnificent in helping the club to clean up and find a new temporary home. 

“The clubrooms are owned by the Council on their land and they have always been a fantastic and supportive landlord”, Don said.  “We know that they were dealing with a lot of priorities but they were quick to help us to secure the building and then get the contaminated goods out of the club ready for a major repair job. We have really appreciated their communication and help.”

Don said that then the Traralgon Greyhound Club stepped up and were very quick to respond to their request to provide a venue for the club whilst their own track works are being undertaken.  “We were blown away by their generosity and willingness to help us get back to bridge as soon as possible”. 

The club has lost all of its chairs, and most of its tables, cards and electronic scoring units. The stove, fridge and dishwasher will also need to be replaced.  A recovery sub-committee has been formed to liaise with Council and lead the club to get back on its feet, and many members have stepped up to salvage goods and restart play.

Don said that the condition of the clubrooms when they first had access was heartbreaking but with help from members and Council they plan to get back to bridge in the clubrooms as soon as they can.  “We know that it is a big job but the help that we have received has lifted our spirits and are looking at coming back bigger and better.”  23 June 2021

Teams Champions March 2021
Teams Champions March 2021

The Reynolds Team were the victors in the Teams Championship with an excellent performance over the two weeks.  Mark and Deb Reynolds combined with Kevin and Marion Taylor to defeat the Graham Team, comprising Rob Graham, Ken Tierney, Egbert Tzoe and Fred Kaminski by 4.39 victory points in the five-match game.  Both teams won four of their five matches in very convincing style.

Thursday Bridge Champions
Thursday Bridge Champions

The second week of Traralgon Bridge Club’s Thursday Pairs Championship provided a very close finish with Anna Field and Ken Tierney just beating Glenis Lohr and Egbert Tzoe by 0.14 percent.  Anna and Ken played an excellent game in the second week to catch Glenis and Egbert who were the early leaders after round one.

Players will now turn their minds to the Monday Teams Championships to be played soon.  Club President, Anne Den Houting said that one of the best things about bridge is that it can be played in a variety of formats which suit different styles and skill levels.  “Teams are formed by two pairs and the competition is more like match play”, she said.  “This often suits players who are good at defence and can be even more tactical in its nature”. 

If you are interested in learning to play bridge, please contact Helen on 0438 164 528.  Free lessons are available and there is no obligation to join the club.

22 March 2021

First Winners for 2021
First Winners for 2021

Marion and Kevin Taylor have taken out the first championship for the year at the Traralgon Bridge Club, winning the Monday night Pairs Competition over two weeks recently.  They managed to hold off an excellent second week performance by Mark and Deb Reynolds to win by 3.5 percentage points.  Ken Tierney and Rob Graham finished in third place, just ahead of Barbara Brabets and Anne Moloney.  The results were: Marion and Kevin Taylor 58.84 percent; Mark and Deb Reynolds 55.42 percent; Ken Tierney and Rob Graham 51.41 percent; Barbara Brabets and Anne Moloney 51.27%. 

9th March 2021

February 2021 Report
February 2021 Report

We are now successfully running two sessions per week - following the new COVID protocols and using table screens - with our biggest turnout in 2021 so far being 8 tables.  We are allowed to have up to 48 people in the club room (11 -  12 tables) on the condition that we are setup to use a QR code to check-in players.  Whilst we can supplement this with sign in sheets it is preferred that we use QR technology as much as possible.

To check-in using QR you MAY need to download a QR reader app on your smartphone - or some newer phones have QR reader built in. I use the Service Victoria app but you can use any other reader.  Then, when you come to the club you will see sheets on the COVID monitor table and inside the bridge venue.  Just open your app, position your phone above the scanning area on the sheet.  It then should automatically scan and on the first time will ask for your name and phone number.  After that if you save your details it will just remember them for next time.  You will know that it is successful when you get a big green tick.  If there are current COVID exposure sites in Victoria, we do need to ask if you have been to any of them - there are lists of these sites that you can view as you come into the club.

We only have 8 screened tables so any member who needs to use a screened table for health reasons should speak to the director who will organise this.  We want all members to feel safe when they come to bridge.  Correctly fitted and worn masks are mandatory at all times inside the club room - your mask must cover your mouth and nose at all times.  Please respect other members and the current COVID laws.  Please also speak to director if you are unable to use sanitiser or have a mask exemption.  One thing I have noticed about the screens being on the tables is that it is a bit more difficult to hear and there is a bit more noise bouncing around the room.  But it is much more fun than on-line bridge and so nice to see friends again. 

This year's AGM will be held on Monday 29th March at 6:30pm and will be followed by the 2nd week of the Monday night teams championship.  Please put this in your diary.
A big thanks to Phillip Goode who has agreed to Direct our Thursday pairs championship - stay tuned for dates.

Thanks once again for your cooperation and good humour as we negotiate our way through our return to bridge.  We have had a number of compliments and enquiries from other clubs who are keen to follow our example.  

We couldn't do this without you.   



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