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Online RealBridge 7.00pm Tuesdays
RealBridge - please pay here for all sessions
RealBridge - please pay here for all sessions

Please make sure you pay securely online using your debit or credit card before the event - it is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes 

You need to enter your post code after the CVC number

click here to pay £2.50 for one player

click here to pay £5.00 for two

Visitors are welcome

Please pay the table fee and then join the session 

Click HERE to go directly to  the Trafford Bridge Club  RealBridge session:

Tuesday 7.00 pm

You should join about 10-30 minutes ahead of the start time and try to arrange a partner beforehand, enter your first name and surname in the space for Name and your EBU number  in the space for ID Number then click LOGIN.

This will take you the Lobby where you will see a number of tables.  Click on a seat at any table (Sit N or Sit S or Sit E or Sit W). If your partner is logged in then sit opposite them.

Click HERE to test your camera & microphone at any time before you actually join the session to play.

* please email  or if you don't have an EBU number

Click here for information about this new facility with built-in video and sound, bringing the true face-to-face experience online.


Visitors are welcome
Annual Subscriptions 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2020

Annual subscriptions will not be payable until the club reopens . The amount payable will be in proportion to the club’s days of operation during the year to 31st March 2021.

Any subscriptions that have already been paid in full will have an appropriate credit carried forward to 2021/2022

Club contact email address

Trafford Tuesday
Trafford Tuesday
Merseyside & Cheshire Cup - Teams of 4 between clubs - on RealBridge on Saturday 23rd January 2021

Click HERE for details    

Tables and chairs for sale
Tables and chairs for sale

Help the club and a local charity - Trafford Young Carers 

The club will be moving the new tables and chairs from the teaching suite to the main bridge room this autumn - hopefully ready for the re-opening of the club next year

A number of old bridge tables and chairs are now surplus and it has been decided to offer these to members with all proceeds being given to the Trafford Young Carers charity, so please make a reasonable offer and help both your club and the charity.

Please contact Beryl Hooley on either 07960 845333 or - all reasonable offers will be considered