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News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Looking for a 0-499 Game?

Stephen's Bridge Club is offering a 0-499 (Stratified) Game

Where:  Saint John's Anglican Church,

              19 Don Ridge Drive.

When:  Thursday evening

Time:    7:00 p.m.

Lots of free parking, Partners Arranged, ACBL Sanctioned, Pre-Dealt Boards – On Line Results

Fragrance Free & Zero Tolerance are in effect at all times

Pleasant Relaxed Atmosphere

For more information check out:  www.


Last updated : 10th Nov 2019 21:28 EST
There Is a New Game In Town

The Toronto East Bridge Club is pleased to offer in addition to our regular 0-299 sanction bridge game on Mondays, an ACBL sanctioned Beginner Game for players with 0 – 5 masterpoints.

  • Monday’s (starting on September 23, 2019)
  • 7 pm -10 pm (come before 6:45 pm and get a free lesson)
  • Cost: $10 per session
  • 16 Lockwood Rd. (free parking in the church parking lot)

The Beginner Game is designed for new players with a basic bidding knowledge to come out and get familiar with duplicate bridge. During this game you will be able to use your cheat sheets and notes! You can ask the supervisor questions during the bidding and play! You can change your bid, change your mind, change your played card!  Learn the value of keeping score and comparing your results with others in the group. 

You can even earn masterpoints if you sign up with the American Contact Bridge League (ACBL). Don’t know how to sign up? We are more than happy to help get you started!

Last updated : 10th Nov 2019 21:28 EST
Other Bridge Club News: Relocation Announcements

Stephen's Bridge Club

Games will be held at Saint John's Anglican Church, 19 Don Ridge Drive effective September 3, 2019.

For more detailed information go to

 Wayne's Bridge World

Tuesday evening games will still be held at Temple Sinai 210 Wilson Ave. For more detailed information go to

Last updated : 1st Sep 2019 15:46 EDT
Helpful Bridge Etiquette Guidelines

Some Bridge Etiquette Guidelines

Before you look at your cards, don't forget to always count your cards.

 When play commences:

  • Do not detach a card from your hand until it is your turn to play and you have decided to play that card.
  • Do not pull up a card, push it back into your hand, and then pull up another card.
  • Do not detach a card and then replace it to play another card.
  • Do not detach your card before it is your turn to play and never rearrange your hand when you are out of a suit.

All of these manoeuvres provide additional valuable information to the declarer.

When you are on opening lead:

Detach a card from your hand and lay it face down on the table. This prevents irregularities...such as leading when it is not your turn to do so and allows questions about the auction and any alerts to be answered. All players, except dummy, may now request a review of the auction and an explanation of any alerted calls.

You, as the opening leader, should ask before you make your faced lead. Other players may also ask for a review of the auction at their first opportunity to play.

The North player is responsible for the proper observance of all procedures and for maintaining proper conditions of play at the table.

For example, North is responsible for turning the boards and South, East, and West should not touch the boards without North's permission. Nobody should reach under the top board to get their hand from the next board.

If you make an odd bid (example: open with 2 spades) the opponent whose turn it is next to bid, may ask your partner what your bid meant. Your partner must answer, you may not. If your partner doesn’t know or isn’t sure, he/she should not speculate as doing so will give you information about your partner’s thinking. He/she should simply say that he/she doesn’t know what it means.

Do not touch the bidding box until you’ve decided what bid to make.

Moving your hand back and forth between possible bids gives your partner information to which he/she is not entitled. For example, after you have placed your hand on the cards including the pass card, you may not then make a bid in a suit or no trump, as this passes unauthorized information to your partner. Decide what bid you want to make, take it out of the bidding box, look at it to make sure you’ve pulled out the one you intended and then place it on table.

Never pick up your bid cards before the auction has ended. If you pick up your bid cards before your partner’s last bid, it appears that you are telling your partner to pass.

To prevent a possible revoke, when a defender fails to follow suit, defender’s partner may immediately inquire, “No spades?” for example. Similarly, attempting to avoid an irregularity, Dummy may inquire when declarer fails to follow suit.

Dummy may only remove and play a card when directed to do so by Declarer.

Dummy must not reach towards a card in anticipation of which card will be called for by Declarer. Likewise, when Declarer calls for a card, Dummy must never make a remark, gesture, facial expression or hesitation questioning that call.

When the final card has been played and scoring is taking place do not fold up your cards until ALL players have agreed on total tricks taken.

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Last updated : 9th May 2019 16:41 EDT