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Welcome to Toronto East Bridge Club
Play with us online

Wishing you and yours the best for the holiday season. We will not be hosting any games from December 22 until January 1. We will resume our regular game schedule January 5. 

Come join us!

Come join us at


Wednesday   9:30 am (0-500)


Friday            9:30 am  (0-100) 

Cost: $5.00 USD/BBO$  per game

Our games are hosted on Bridge Base Online (BBO). You must register up to two hours before game time.

New to BBO?

In order to participate, you will need to setup an account on Bridge Base Online. Please send us your new user name along with your phone number.

Finding the game on BBO

Within two hours before game time you and your partner must log in to Bridge Base Online, select Virtual Clubs and then ACBL-North Americal, select the gam that begins with VACB276121. If you don't have a partner sign in to the partnerhip and you will be setup with a partner, guaranteed!

We are here to help

If you have questions? Or need support? Email us or call 416-276-6415

What to Expect Online

Play Online - Do's and Don'ts

  1. Make sure that you have registered at least 10 – 15 minutes before the game starts. You can sign up 2 hours before the game. 
  2. Five minutes before the game check that your partner is online. If your partner is not online, call your partner.
  3. Play in a timely fashion. Most hands are allotted 7 minutes for play. Slow play is not going to improve the cards you were dealt and it may cost you a penalty.
  4. Alert your conventional bids. This is a big change from face-to-face play where your partner alerts your bid. 
  5. You may congratulate your partner after the opponents have done so. You can congratulate the opponents anytime. 
  6. Be careful what you post in the chat. The directors can see everything.
  7. It is perfectly acceptable to talk to your partner between rounds if there is time.
  8. There is nothing you can do about a mis-click (except maybe grovel profusely later, after the hand). There have been some excellent articles in recent ACBL Bridge Bulletins. 
  9. If there is a power failure or some other problem and you leave the game, the director will substitute a player for you. As soon as you are ready you can re-enter the game.
  10. You must have a convention card posted. It is easy to find in your BBO account under the heading Convention Card. You may have several depending on how many partners. you play with and the different conventions you use with each partner.
Join us on FACEBOOK
Join us on FACEBOOK


Contact Us

Need a partner? Or would like to get on the spare list? 

Please email


28th January 2022
0-100 9:30 am
Director: Glenna Richardson & Laurie Miller
2nd February 2022
0-500 9:30 am
Director: Glenna Richardson
4th February 2022
0-100 9:30 am
Director: Glenna Richardson & Laurie Miller
Director: Glenna Richardson
Director: Glenna Richardson & Laurie Miller
Director: Glenna Richardson