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16th Jun 2022 11:30 EDT
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Welcome to Toronto East Bridge Club


We are super excited to welcome you back to Toronto East Bridge Club for in-person play! We have the same schedule with increased master point limits and a different location, check it out!  

  • Monday Evening: 7:00 pm (0-500 mps) section and a supervised play (0-20 mps) section
  • Wednesday Afternoon: 12:30 pm (0-500 mps) 

Cost: $10
We will not be serving refreshments at this point in time.

COVID Protocols in effect: Masks are mandatory 

New Location: 
St. Nicholas Birch Cliff Anglican Church
1512 Kingston Road, Scarborough 

Getting there and parking:
Car: Coming from the west, turn left on Manderley Dr,  northside just off  Kingston Road, east of Warden.
Coming from the East, turn right on Manderley Dr. northside, just off Kingston Road, west of Birchmount Road.

The Church parking lot is just across the street on Manderley Drive. There is plenty of street parking as well. 
Off the Subway: 
Victoria Park Station: It takes 13 minutes using the 12A or 12B Bus
Warden Park Station: It takes 7 minutes using the 69A Bus

Can't make it out you can still catch us online. 

Bridge Online

Come join us at

Friday            9:30 am  (0-100) 

Cost: $5.00 USD/BBO$  per game

Our games are hosted on Bridge Base Online (BBO). You must register up to two hours before game time.

New to BBO?

In order to participate, you will need to setup an account on Bridge Base Online. Please send us your new user name along with your phone number.

Finding the game on BBO

Within two hours before game time you and your partner must log in to Bridge Base Online, select Virtual Clubs and then ACBL-North Americal, select the gam that begins with VACB276121. If you don't have a partner sign in to the partnerhip and you will be setup with a partner, guaranteed!

We are here to help

If you have questions? Or need support? Email us or call 416-276-6415

Face to Face Club Protocols

After two years of online play the following are some protocols you might want to review as you head back to the club for in person play. 

1. When you take your cards from the board be sure to count them before you look at them.
2. When dummy is laid down the trump suit is placed on the right. In notrump, usually spades are placed on the right.
3. Play your cards and your bids close to your edge of the table. If you are playing the dummy hand the card played should be at the edge of the table behind the dummy.
No leaning or elbows. Do not SNAP yourcards.
4. The only cards you touch are your own. Only North should touch the boards unless North has asked someone else to move them.
5. Once the dummy is placed on the table it should not be rearranged unless Declarerasks. Resist the urge to tidy up.
6. You are only allowed to ‘re-fan’ your cards once.
7. Play and bid in turn and ‘in tempo’.
8. Dummy must not touch a card until asked. Nor can Dummy give any indication of a card that should be played.
9. Dummy may tell Declarer from which side of the table the play should start. Eg. “You’re in your hand.” “You’re on the board.”
10. Leave the cards on the table until everyone agrees on the outcome then shuffle and put them away before you record the score.
11. Save discussion about the hand just played until the end of the round. Be mindful of the opposition. They may not want to hear how brilliant your lead nor how insightful the
finesse was.
12. Avoid any signals from which your partner could gain ‘unauthorized information’. Ie. No groaning, heavy breathing or sighing at the table.
13. Do not snap your cards. This can be very uncomfortable for anyone wearing hearing devices.
14. When bidding: 1. Decide on your bid. 2. Place the bidding card on the table. 3. Donot hesitate or change your bid. 4. If you have made an error in the bidding process, call the director at the end of the biddingso that reparations may be made to the opponents.
15. When in doubt call the director. The director is present to make sure that the game is fair for everyone. It is not a punishment to have the director called to the table.


Join us on FACEBOOK
Join us on FACEBOOK


Contact Us

Need a partner? Or would like to get on the spare list? 

Please email


27th June 2022
St. Nicholas Birch Cliff Anglican Church, 1512 Kingston Road, Scarborough 7:00 pm
Director: Glenna Richardson & Laurie Miller
29th June 2022
St. Nicholas Birch Cliff Anglican Church, 1512 Kingston Road, Scarborough 12:30 pm
Director: Glenna Richardson & Laurie Miller
1st July 2022
0-100 9:30 am
Director: Glenna Richardson & Laurie Miller
Director: Glenna Richardson & Laurie Miller
Wed. Aft. 0 - 500
Director: G. M. Richardson
Mon. Eve 0 - 500
Director: G. M. Richardson