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Ode to Sally


Ode to Sally

It’s often been my custom to put my thoughts in rhyme

And I thought on this occasion I might try it one more time.

I’ve learned a lot about the club, writing about the time

When Sally was our Founder, back in nineteen-ninety-nine.

She took lessons down at Quick Tricks and was quite enthusiastic

To share with friends and neighbours this game she found fantastic.

Ros McKenzie gave the lessons at the old school in Lemon Tree

Sally, Pat, Mary, Carole, Evon, Margaret, Jill, Trevor, Sandra and Irene

are all in the history.                      

They used to deal the cards by hand, and likewise do the scoring

With a lottery ticket as the prize the game was never boring!

It’s a far cry from the scene today, where technology reigns supreme 

And makes life so much easier for those managing the scene.

We joined up with the ABF and received a special number

That identified us as a club, and then one for each member.

Our first congress in 2010, for a small club was amazing,

They still come from far away for bridge and all-day grazing.

So Sally, it’s thanks to you, we’ve reached our twentieth anniversary

From small beginnings in ninety-nine, we number almost fifty.

Sometime this year we’ll get around to having a celebration

And we all hope you’ll be joining us on that very special occasion.

Trish Gratwick

14th May 2019

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