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Welcome to Thursday Bridge Club

♠   Welcome to Thursday Bridge Club   ♣

Venue:  The Jubilee Room, Trumpington Village Hall, Cambridge, CB2 9HZ

We are affiliated with the EBU and the Cambs and Hunts Contract Bridge Association

Thursday sessions are F2F and Friday sessions are on RealBridge.
Both sessions start at 19:15 hr.


HOSTING for Thursday Sessions only

We would like to organise the hosting on the following basis:

1) As we do not want to split up regular partnerships, we would like to request only those players who are without a partner to volunteer to host. 

2) For players who DO have regular partners, in the event your partner is away or unable to play for any reason, it would be great if you could volunteer to host on such days. 

We really need volunteers to make this work so if you think you can help to host, please email Penny Binks at to let her know what date/s you can help to volunteer.  

Penny is looking to organise the rota commencing 2nd May through 25th July 2024.
After this, we'll review the host system and continue with it if successful. 

 THURSDAY EVENINGS: Face-to-face session at 7:15 pm at The Jubilee Room,
Trumpington Village Hall.  
Please click HERE for more info.

 ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠ 

FRIDAY EVENINGS:  Online Duplicate Bridge Sessions at 7:15 pm on RealBridge (£2)

Players should log on and register to play by 7:05 pm, and play will start at 7:15 pm.

Visitors are welcome

If you are interested in playing Face to Face or online, please contact Sylvia Blackwood by clicking  here ,

and she will get back to you as soon as possible.  See the calendar for dates and details.

RealBridge Link

You can find the link to our Friday night RealBridge game on the calendar page of this website, click HERE  to be taken to the calendar: - Thursday Bridge Club, Cambridgeshire (




Important Information regarding accessing our Friday game

We are changing how you access our Friday game on RealBridge, rather than send out an email every week we will now be putting the link on the calendar page of the website: - Thursday Bridge Club, Cambridgeshire (  all you will need to do is go to the calendar page on the website and click on the link and then log on to RealBridge as normal. The calendar page will also have details of the start time etc, but we ask that you log on about 10 minutes before the start to assist the director in setting up the session.

Please remember to include your EBU number in the ID Number field.

You can check your account balance by login into the members area on the website, if you have a zero balance or your account is in debit we will send you a reminder to let you know.

At the end of each month we intend to send an email with a link to your account so you can see your balance.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop us an email HERE.


If you wish to top up your account, instructions are on this link: - Thursday Bridge Club, Cambridgeshire (

RealBridge Online Help

Click on the links below:

RealBridge Player Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Director: David Parish
Scorer: Sylvia Blackwood
Host: Penny Binks
Online Pairs (RealBidge)
Director: Fulbourn Friday Bridge Club
Scorer: Fulbourn Friday Bridge Club
Pairs (Summer Party, Members only)
Director: David Parish
Scorer: Sylvia Blackwood
Host: No Host
Online Pairs (RealBidge)
Director: Tanawan Watts
Scorer: Tanawan Watts
19th July 2024
Online Pairs (RealBidge)
Director: Ian Hesslewood
Scorer: David Parish
 RealBridge Login
25th July 2024
Director: David Parish
Scorer: Sylvia Blackwood
Host: Anna MacConnell
26th July 2024
Online Pairs (RealBidge)
Director: Fulbourn Friday Bridge Club
Scorer: Fulbourn Friday Bridge Club
1st August 2024
Director: Tanawan Watts
Scorer: Jenny Jacobsberg