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Welcome to Bridge @ Thornhill Community Center
Club Championship Week-with a surprise!

It is coming soon:

(Club Championship Week): Sept. 21-Sept. 27!

Our virtual Club Games will offer "Double the Master Points and 1/4 of those MPs will be GOLD". AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to YOU! The Club will absorb the added cost as usual!

Stay Tuned!

Two New Evening Games!

Hi Everyone:

Thornhill Bridge Club is  pleased to announce adding Two One New Evening Virtual Game which will start as follows:

1) Tuesday Evening Virtual Game @7:00pm: June 30th.

2) Thursday Evening Virtual Game @7:00pm: July 2nd.

These games should be a fast 18 boards to be completed in less than 2 hrs.

We hope you can support these games as well.

Today's Game!

We have 5 Afternoon Games per week (Thursday-Monday every week). Also, a Tuesday Evening Game.

Register EARLY Please. Make sure you are logged inonline 5-10 minutes before the start of the game, otherwise you can't join the game when it starts.

We need your support to run Virtual Games! Remember 6 tables are Recommended.

Thornhill Players-Please Support your Club! Thanks.

Next Game is Saturday, Sept. 19th

 "vacb272575#24729 which starts at 1:00pm. The game will be listed on BBO at 11:00am (2 hrs before game time).

Make sure you logout and login again about 5-10 minutes before game start time (1pm) if you have registered early. It is your job you are logged on when the game starts!

Players allowed into the game are Thornhill BC players who played in 2019 and beyond (acbl players are automatically registered and non-acbl players I have to add manually one by one).

Any Thornhill player can invite a player from any other club to play with him/her as a guest conditionally that for every 5 tables (20 players) only one guest is allowed. The guest bbo name has to be added on a first come basis.

Make sure your e-mail provided to ACBL/BBO is correct-TheCommonGame send an excellent detailed e-mail covering the results and much more (in addition to acbl live e-mail).

To see your results check your history folder or BBO: or acbl live: or see Bridgewebs:

Results on Bridgewebs are shown in two different ways. #2 Like Old Days. Green Box is shown right after the game ends. White Box 1-3 HRS.

Have fun.


More Info!

To all Thornhill Players:

** We are starting some virtual games (Mondays and Thursdays @1pm)-First game is on Thursday, May 28. Hope to see many of you.

** Please be patient as we work through our first week. We will play 21 boards, 7 min per board and award 300% Silver MP's at club ratings. The rounds change automatically.

If you are blocked, text 416-428-9034 for help.

** To see your results check your history folder or acbl live:

** Open Chart applies. Your convention card will default to SAYC if it is not set to something else.

** We self alert: To Alert-Click on alert in the bidding box, then type your explanation in box provided and then make your call. This ensures that opps receive the information they need about your agreements and your partner will not see it.

** For now, get your own partner. There is also a PARTNERSHIP DESK where you can sign up after 11:00 am on game day.  The PARTNERSHIP is one of the headings that can be found further to the right of the REGISTER button when you are registering for the game.

** Make sure you register in the game (vacb272575#xxxx for Thursdays-Mondays Aftnoons) any time 2hrs before the game start. It is important to make sure you log out and log in 10 minutes before the start of the game if you registered early. 

** Play Quickly. Claim hands when you can. BE KIND, Zero Tolerance is in effect. Undo bids or plays are not allowed. Have fun!


Very useful Links for now

Useful Links (Virtual Club Games are Coming Soon):

1)  Need Help with BBO Games?

2) How to log in to Bridge Base Online and play ACBL’s “Support Your Club”

Attention to MON ACBL Players!

Hi all,

I already sent an e-mal to all "acbl" players who played in Thornhill BC in 2019 outlining some BBO "virtual games" tips-Mondays and Thursdays Games.

For non acbl registerd players:

*** I encourgae you to have an acbl number-it is easier.

*** If you still not interested to become a member or re-new yours, please e-mail me ( to register you on BBO at least 24hrs before the game you are planning to participate in (first game is scheduled for Thursday, May 28 @1pm).

*** Also, if you are interested to receive the file I sent to our acbl players, please e-mail me.


How everyone is doing?

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is staying home and SAVE. I miss everyone for sure!

I didn't hear any bad thing about anyone getting infected with COVID-19 virus-thank GOD.

It has been two months now since we stopped playing in person at THORNHILL C.C. and got some interest about starting a virtual online club for Thornhill?

I want to see how many players are interested (from our Thornhill Group) to play online if I create a "Virtual Club"? If there is enough interest-THE COST WILL BE US $2 to play a game. this is barely will cover BBO, ACBL and the Director's Fee.

Keep in mind that at least 6 tables is the minimum number!. I might have also to raise the fee a little if the Director's fee is not enough. Please spread the word.

Please email me if you are interested:


No Games Till Monday??????

I am sorry: 


Because of Covid-19, there will be no Bridge Games at Thornhill B.C. as of Saturday, March 14th till Sunday, April 5th???????

Games will Resume, Monday, April 6th when Thornhill Community Centre is Open again???????

Stay Safe Everyone!


Monday Night Games-NO MORE

SADLY Monday Night Games have come to end last night (Dec. 9, 2019) due to POOR ATTENDANCE.

The only evening game available at Thornhill B.C. is: TUESDAY EVENING GAMES.

Hope to see everyone's support to this last evening game.



Tuesday Morning Class with Harold  Baba: 

Tuesdays, 9:30 - 11:30am

Cost : $15   Pay- as- you - Play

Notes will be provided.

Just a reminder that the class is now in Rm3 in the Senior's Center on the main Floor.
Class Resumes March 10th.


Please register with Medhat Fawzy:


Our Game Schedule

Below is mainly where Duplicate Bridge Sessions will take place. If in doubt, please call the main desk ahead:

(905) 944-3800 ext. 6866

Monday 1pm (North Hall)
Tuesday 1pm (South Hall) & 7pm (South Hall)
Wednesday 1pm (South Hall)
Thursday 1pm (South Hall)
Friday 1pm (Centre Hall)

1pm (Seniors Activity Rooms 1 and 2)

Sunday 1pm (Seniors Activity Rooms 1 and 2)


Respect Other Players

Respect for Others

Our club have many players from all around and they are players with various type of medical conditions that may not be apparent to other players, such as problems with scents and problems with high pitch sounds.  

We would like all the players have an enjoyable time at our games, so please respect other players and avoid things such as card snapping and wearing strong perfume.

We appreciate your support.  Thank you


Saturday Afternoon Virtual Game - Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Scorer: Medhat Fawzy
Friday Afternoon Virtual Game-Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Thursday Aft. Virtual Game-2
Scorer: Medhat Fawzy
Thursday Afternoon Virtual Game-Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Tuesday Eve. Virtual Game-Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Tuesday Evening - 2
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Scorer: Medhat Fawzy
20th Sep 2020
Sunday Afternoon Virtual Game - Open Pairs
BBO 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
21st Sep 2020
Monday Afternoon Virtual Game - Open Pairs
BBO 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
22nd Sep 2020
Tuesday Eve. Virtual Game-Open Pairs
BBO 7:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
22nd Sep 2020
Tuesday Evening - 2
BBO 7:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
23rd Sep 2020
Wednesday Afternoon - No Game
TCC 1:00pm
Director: Robert F./Medhat Fawzy
24th Sep 2020
Thursday Afternoon Virtual Game-Open Pairs
BBO 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy