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Welcome to Bridge @ Thornhill Community Center
Q4 2022 special announcement/Games

Q4-2022 "F2F Clubs Games" are as follows:

Pairs Games:

          - Monday Afternoon @1:00pm Open Pairs.

          - Wednesday Afternoon @1:00pm Open Pairs.

            - On-Hold: Tuesday Afternoon @1:00pm Open Pairs.

          - Other Detailed Open F2F Games at RHBC can be found at:


Q4-2022 "Virtual Clubs Games" are as follows:

A) Pairs Games:

          - Tuesday Evening @7:00pm Open Pairs.

         - Other Detailed Open and Limited Online Games at RHBC can be found at:

B) Swiss Teams Games:

         - On-Hold: Monday Morning @10:00am-existing game.

         - On-Hold: Thursday Afternoon @4:00pm-existing game.

All the best


Cell: 416-428 9034


Your Weekly Games
Day of the Week 7755 Bayview Ave., Thornhill, Ont. L3T 4P1 Online at BBO
Monday 1:00-4:00pm (South Hall)

10:00am (Swiss)

On Hold

Tuesday 1:00-4:00pm (South Hall)-On Hold

7:00pm (Pairs)

Wednesday 1:00-4:00pm (South Hall) 7:00pm (Pairs) @RHBC
Thursday None

4:00pm (Swiss)

On Hold

Other Richmond Hill Club Games are found here:

Important notes:

To Get Detailed Results and Hand Records Click Below:

Alternatively, results could be shown by clicking the boxed dates on the right.


Cell: 416-428 9034


GUIDELINES For Monday, September 27-2021 Opening

New re-Opening Policies (please see also the e-mail I sent out):

  • All participants (Game Directors, Assistants and Players) must provide a photo id and proof of dual vaccinations as they enter the building.
  • Temperature checks are not necessary in the moment.
  • Players must self-certify that they are not experiencing any symptoms associated with Covid-19 or have come into recent contact with anyone who is tested positive with Covid-19. If you take care of yourself, everyone around you will be protected as well.
  • You can only enter the building from the Main Door entrance beside the Library.
  • Masks are required to be worn at all times.
  • Wearing Gloves are optional.
  • All bidding boxes are disinfected in the evening by the cleaning crew. You may use a bidding box provided by the club or you bring your own box. It will no longer be necessary to take the bidding box with you from table to table, unless you choose to do so.
  • North will wipe the Bridgemate unit with a disinfecting wipe at the beginning of the game.
  • Players may enter their own ACBL/Thornhill numbers and E/W can approve the scores.
  • Cleaning supplies will be placed in a central location in the club and may be used to clean playing areas during the game.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available throughout the club as well as at each playing table. Please use these prior to playing and throughout the game.
  • Boards and cards will be rotated and used only once a week.
  • Coffee, tea, water are NOT available at this stage at the Club. Players may bring their own food and drink to the club, but there is absolutely NO eating at the playing tables inside the Hall. Note: the Kitchen is CLOSED.
  • The Game start is the usual 1:00pm start time daily Monday-Wednesday only for now (Thursdays and Fridays will be added on later on as needed) . No Evening or Weekend Games are planned at this stage. Some Virtual Club Games start times will be modified to coexist with F2F Games played at the Club.
  • The Hall Capacities are LIMITED and it will be first come first participate and late arrival players will be turned away when we reach each Hall Capacity!
  • Players have to bring EXACT paper bill ($5) with you-NO change is given.
  • This is your Club and volunteers are needed, please let me know if you can help?
  • I would appreciate it if you let me know in advance if you are planning to come on Monday, September 27 and/or Tuesday, September 28 and/or Wednesday, September 29?
  • In the first two weeks, each game will be classified as "Upgraded Club Championship" Games with very big Master Points awards! Please join ACBL to take advantage of their generosity!
  •  In addition, a total of 8 "Club Championship" Games for every session, till the end of this year 2021, will be used with more Master Points than a regular game.We are looking forward to welcoming you back to our wonderful club and resume some face to face bridge!
  • Clubs are already opened across the United States and now it is Canada's Turn!
  • Based on my recent experience in the US (where Face Masks are optional), we are here more careful and consider the safety of the players is beyond any compromises, Face Masks are to be worn all the times like when you go for Grocery Shopping!
  • Of course, any helpful suggestions are welcome. Please forward this email to others not my master list, thanks.  

  • Medhat

Bridge is coming back! Monday, September 27

Hello, hello.....

Stay tuned for DETAILS. Thornhill Seniors and Thornhill Bridge Club are gearing up to open SAFELY on Monday, September 27:)


Cell: 416-428 9034



Games are now put on hold!

Attention Please!

Saturday and Sunday Afternoon Games @ 1:00pm Games are now put on hold starting immediately!

Loyal players are encouraged to join our Saturday Noon Time Swiss Teams as Pairs and/or as a Team.

Many thanks to players who come week after week in support of our Thornhill Virtual Games.

May be in the winter if there is a demand again, these Games will resume.


C. (416) 428 9034

New Virtual Games: 3 Swiss Teams and 2 Limited Games!

Weekly "NEW" Swiss Teams and Limited Games:

I am pleased to announce the following NEW Virtual GAMES (in addition to the current 6 Games we have)-starting in March 2021:

Weekly Swiss Teams (New):

1) Monday, March 1st @10:30am-Swiss Teams.

2) Thursday, March 4th @4:00pm-Swiss Teams.

3) Saturday, March 6th @12:00pm-Swiss Teams.

Note: We will play 20-25 boards in the Swiss Teams Games (6m/board) and an even number of teams is required to avoid set outs.

Weekly Limited Pairs With Rewards** (New)Cancelled

1) Tuesday, March 2nd @9:45am-MP Limit.0-1000.

2) Sunday, March 7th @12:30pm-MP Limit.0-1000.

Note: In Limited Games, we will play 18-21 boards.

Weekly Open Pairs With Rewards** (Current):

1) Thursdays-Mondays (afternoon games) @1:00pm. Every afternoon EXCEPT Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

2) Tuesday (Evening), @7:00pm

** Each Game with 6+ tables; 6 players will be credited 1/2 of their entry fee. With 12+ tables, 6 players will be credited full entry fee.

Enjoy the Games, Medhat

Cell: (416) 428-9034


Today's Game!

We have 5 Afternoon Games per week (Thursday-Monday every week). Also, a Tuesday Evening Game.

Register EARLY Please. Make sure you are logged inonline 5-10 minutes before the start of the game, otherwise you can't join the game when it starts.

We need your support to run Virtual Games! Remember 6 tables are Recommended.

Thornhill Players-Please Support your Club! Thanks.

Next Game is ------- Aft., ------

 "vacb272575#xxxxx which starts at 1:00pm. The game will be listed on BBO at 11:00am (2 hrs before game time).

Make sure you logout and login again about 5-10 minutes before game start time (1pm) if you have registered early. It is your job you are logged on when the game starts!

Players allowed into the game are Thornhill BC players who played in 2019 and beyond (acbl players are automatically registered and non-acbl players I have to add manually one by one).

Any Thornhill player can invite a player from any other club to play with him/her as a guest conditionally that for every 5 tables (20 players) only one guest is allowed. The guest bbo name has to be added on a first come basis.

Make sure your e-mail provided to ACBL/BBO is correct-TheCommonGame send an excellent detailed e-mail covering the results and much more (in addition to acbl live e-mail).

To see your results check your history folder or BBO: or acbl live: or see Bridgewebs:

Results on Bridgewebs are shown in two different ways. #2 Like Old Days. Green Box is shown right after the game ends. White Box 1-3 HRS.

Have fun.

Medhat (Cell: 416-428 9034)

Two New Evening Games!

Hi Everyone:

Thornhill Bridge Club is  pleased to announce adding Two One New Evening Virtual Game which will start as follows:

1) Tuesday Evening Virtual Game @7:00pm: June 30th.

2) Thursday Evening Virtual Game @7:00pm: July 2nd.

These games should be a fast 18 boards to be completed in less than 2 hrs.

We hope you can support these games as well.

Cavendish Bridge Clubs and Thornhill Bridge Club Pooling

Effective January 01, 2021-Cavendish DBC and Cavendish Monday are now pooled with Thornhill Bridge Club, every member of Cavendish is now a virtual member of Thornhill BC and is automatically approved to play in any of Thornhill Games. Please welcome Cavendish Players who want to join in our Thornhill Games.

Alternavely, all our Thornhill members are now eligible to play in Cavendish two evening games (Mondays and Fridays@7:30pm) automatically.

Happy 2021 New Year.........

THANKS, Medhat (Cell: 416-428 9034)

No Games Till Monday??????

I am sorry: 


Because of Covid-19, there will be no Bridge Games at Thornhill B.C. as of Saturday, March 14th till Sunday, April 5th???????

Games will Resume, Monday, April 6th when Thornhill Community Centre is Open again???????

Stay Safe Everyone!


Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Robert F./Medhat
Tuesday Evening - Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
#96867 Thornhill ON Open Pairs 7:00pm
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Tuesday Evening - Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
5th Dec 2022
Monday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Thornhill 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
6th Dec 2022
Tuesday Evening - Open Pairs
BBO 7:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
7th Dec 2022
Wednesday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Thornhill 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
12th Dec 2022
Monday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Thornhill 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
13th Dec 2022
Tuesday Evening - Open Pairs
BBO 7:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
14th Dec 2022
Wednesday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Thornhill 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy