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Session Starts

Please note:

Wed & Fri afternoons, Play will commence by 1.30pm

Mon Supervised Play will commence by 1.45pm

Thurs evenings, Play will commence by 6.45pm

Please ensure you are seated at least 10 minutes earlier, so the movement can be set. Joining the session cannot be guaranteed after this time.

Table Money

Table money is £3.00 per Member and £3.50 per Visitor which includes tea/coffee and biscuits.

Monthly Wine Winners
Monthly Wine Winners

Congratulations go to the following people for the month of:

October 2019

Peggy Malone
Well done.
Please collect your bottle from Ken Walker, or a small box of chocolates if you don't drink.
Message Board

We now have a new message board if anyone would like to use it.  Any information entered will be on open internet access for all to see. A great way to find a partner if you want one. Try it out on the menu bar above.

Welcome to Thanet Bridge Club
Tuesday Evening Social Bridge

Tuesday Evening Social Bridge is being introduced  on the 1st, 3rd, and if applicable 5th Tuesday of the month, to compliment Broadstairs BC's Social Bridge on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening of each month.

To mesh with Broadstairs BC's sessions, the Table Money will be £2.50 for all players, and Players must be seated by 6:50pm, so Play can start by 7:00pm

Play will be gentler to suit novice and intermediate players, with possibly fewer boards, and slower play than a normal sesstion. Director: Paul Gibbons

See Calendar for future dates.

This Session is Hosted so no partner is required.

Special event on Tuesdays 22nd and 29th October. Over these two weeks our Gentle Duplicate will be Swiss Pairs, where it is just the normal pairs scoring with which you are familiar, but where almost everyone can win masterpoints. Even if you can only come one week or play with different partners each week you can still win masterpoints for the matches you win but if you play with the same partner both weeks you can win even more.

Chicago Pairs 2019

Round 1 Pairs should contact the first named other Pair with the same letter and agree a date, time and venue to play each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Pairs with (H) next to their names are the Host Pair, but this can be revised to allow for player mobility or travel needs. Hosts are only required to have a suitable table and seating for play, and offer tea and biscuits during a comfort break.          Play can be at Northdown House if required.

The only play needs are 2 packs of cards and 2 score cards. Bidding boxes are not essential, but can be used if available. Any needs can be borrowed from the Club, by arrangement.

Play is as normal during club play, Vulnerability as per Scorecard, Dealer rotates Hand 1 North, Hand 2 East etc, and Scoring per Hand as normal allowing for vulnerability. Cards are shuffled and cut before each Deal. With at least 24 hands played, play should take 3 hours or less.

Chicago Competition 2019
Round 1 Round 2 Winners
A - Ken Walker    
& Peggy Malone    
  A - Ken Walker   
  & Peggy Malone  
A - Joyce Saker    
& Ann Wells    
B - Mary Langham    
& Peter Webster    
   B - Maureen Tatham  
   & Jacky Bowler  
B - Maureen Tatham (H)    
& Jacky Bowler    
2018 Trophy Winners

Monday's Winners Cup - Mary Langham & Peter Webster

Wednesday's Winners Cup - Marlene Berry & Shelagh Norvill

Thursday's Winners Cup - Mary Langham & Peter Webster

Friday's Winners Cup - Mary Langham & Anne Kearsey-Jones

Sophie Pearce Challenge Salver - Chicago Competition - Maureen Tatham & Jacky Bowler

Presidents Shield - For Services to the Club - Kenneth Walker

Chairman's Cup - Best SIMs Result - Maureen Tatham & Jim Martin

Charity Cup - Shelagh Norvill & David Mann

Club Championship - Marlene Berry & Shelagh Norvill

All Trophies need to be returned to the Club for 2018 engraving before Christmas 2019

New Entry Buzzer

The Club has a new Entry Buzzer for entry through the Front Door

Press the Top Button on the Right of the Door

2018-19 Overdue Membership Subscriptions

2018-19 Membership Subscriptions of £12.50 were due 1st November 2018.

To pay your overdue Subs, please make cheques for £12.50 payable to Thanet Bridge Club and give to Ken Walker or the Session Director as soon as possible.

Revision Bridge Lessons

Starting - Tuesday 5th February - 2pm to 4pm

Thanet Bridge Club at Northdown House,

Northdown Park Road, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, CT9 3TP

Lessons by Joyce Saker

Qualified & experienced English Bridge Union Teacher

Ten lessons for £50

Telephone 01843 319908

2019 Club Championship

The Championship will include all full Club sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Championship will be in the form of a Ladder of the Average % for each Pair, taken from their 30 Best Scores during the full year at Club level, and any Individual will ranked for each Pair they have been a member of. If you have 3 partners, you will be listed 3 times.

Please look at the current Year to Date Championship Ladder in Competitions on the left hand side.

Find a Partner

 If you know you will need a partner call and leave a message, or text Peter Webster on 07710 419241, or email him on leave contact details, dates, and any preferences.  He will co-ordinate the service, keeping a list for all partner requests for upcoming sessions, and notify you if a suitable partner is available.

Please try to register your partner requests at least 24 hours in advance, as on-the-day requests may be difficult to match.

If anybody does not regularly play a particular session, but is happy to consider occasional games with those seeking a partner at short notice, please register an interest.

Monday Afternoon Supervised Play Sessions

On Monday afternoons at 1:45, Paul Gibbons is running Supervised Play sessions.

These sessions are aimed at players who want to practice their Bridge skills, and to be able to discuss their hands, correct plays, and solve problems etc. in a relaxed atmosphere. Table money £3, including refreshments.

If you don't have a partner, just come on your own, or contact the Partnering Service who should be able to match you up.

As Supervised Play, there will be no EBU Master Points awarded.

Thanet Bridge Club
Thanet Bridge Club

Thanet Bridge Club, Northdown House, Northdown Park Road, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, CT9 3TP.  

The club has been established over 25 years and over that time we have moved from The Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate to Northdown House in Cliftonville, then to Margate Football Club and we have now returned to Northdown House. The venue is large enough for all of our tables in the Red and Gold rooms, both of which are on the ground floor.  Ample car parking is also available.

The club, which is EBU registered, meets at 6.45pm on Mondays and Thursdays every week for regular pairs competitions. Our Wednesday and Friday afternoon sessions start at 1.30pm.  We hold social events including two dinners each year.

Visitors and new members are most welcome to our friendly club. Please contact the Secretary, Nigel Thomas on 01843 600363 or email

2018 Club Master Point Leader Board
Pos Player MPs
1 Peter Webster 1442
2 Shelagh Norvill 1224
3 James Martin 1130
4 Marlene Berry 1078
5 Kenneth Walker 991
6 Mary Langham 989
7 Jacky Bowler 978
8 Maureen Tatham 831
9 Lyn Bowler 779
10 Allan Kelsall 771
11 Brenda Kelsall 771
12 Pam Westcott 740
13 Anne Kearsley-Jones 721
14 Joyce Saker 693
15 Peggy Malone 668
16 Josephine Wreford 541
17 Roddy Macaulay 478
18 Malcolm Dale 430
19 Irene Wollaston 409
20 Dave Spink 381
2018 Kent Top 50 Master Points by Category

Last year in 2017, we had 17 members listed. This year we have 21 of the 300 places available in Kent. Well Done!

Category Pos. Player MPs
Cat 1 32 Paul Gibbons 3721
Cat 2 4 Sharon Bayne 4486
Cat 4 5 Dave Spink 4400
Cat 4 8 James Martin 4176
Cat 4 9 Maureen Tatham 3771
Cat 4 23 Jacky Hollands 2951
Cat 4 43 Anne Kearsey-Jones 2492
Cat 4 49 Marlene Berry 2455
Cat 5 2 Peter Webster 4907
Cat 5 6 Mary Langham 2680
Cat 5 9 Peggy Malone 2411
Cat 5 11 Jacky Bowler 2185
Cat 5 13 Shelagh Norvill 2069
Cat 5 14 Madeleine Cooke 1962
Cat 5 45 Lyn Bowler 1209
Cat 6 1= Allan Kelsall 2816
Cat 6 1= Brenda Kelsall 2816
Cat 6 4 Kenneth Walker 2410
Cat 6 29 Malcolm Dale 851
Cat 6 46 Angela Townsend 646
Cat 6 49= Margaret Barnes 636
EBU Master Point Promotions

The following Thanet Club Members received a Master Point Promotion in:

October 2019

Premier Life Master

Paul Gibbons

Advanced Master

Mary Langham

County Master

Frank Fridd

District Master

Barry Hawkins

EBU Master Point Promotions
2018 Club Master Point Champions

These players earned the most local points in sessions played at Thanet Bridge Club.

See bottom of Centre Column for Club Top 20 & Kent Top 50 by Category

Player MPs
Peter Webster 1442
Shelagh Norvill    1224
Jim Martin 1130
Web site 2019

Click on "Latest Result" in the top right hand corner to see how you got on. You will find a lot of detailed information there - not just the final scores but your own personal scores on each hand and all the travellers with scores and match points entered.

Master Points are now transmitted to EBU electronically, and all club members are also EBU members and have an EBU number.

9th December 2019
Monday Afternoon Supervised Play
Director: Paul Gibbons
Scorer: Bridgmate PG
11th December 2019
Wed Afternoon Pairs
Director: Maureen Tatham
Scorer: Bridgmate MT
12th December 2019
Thu Evening Pairs
Director: Madeleine Cooke
Scorer: Bridgmate PW
13th December 2019
Fri Afternoon Pairs
Director: Maureen Tatham
Scorer: Bridgmate MT
16th December 2019
Monday Afternoon Supervised Play
Director: Paul Gibbons
Scorer: Bridgmate PG
17th December 2019
Social Bridge
Director: Paul Gibbons
Scorer: Bridgemates PG
18th December 2019
Wed Afternoon Pairs
Director: Maureen Tatham
Scorer: Bridgmate MT
Fri Afternoon Pairs
Director: maureen tatham
Scorer: Bridgmates mt
Thu Evening Pairs
Director: jacky hollands
Scorer: Bridgmates PW
Wed Afternoon Pairs
Director: Peter Webster
Scorer: Bridgmates PW
Social Bridge
Director: Paul Gibbons
Scorer: Bridgmates PG
Fri Afternoon Pairs
Director: Ken Walker
Scorer: Bridgmates KW