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14th May 2024 16:53 BST
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Welcome to TGRs
TGRs Super League

TGRs Super League - Spring 2024

Start for TGRs SL 2024 Spring has been postponed by 2 weeks - this was due to planned tube strikes 9/10 January

Division 2 will now start on Tuesday 23th of January 7.30pm. Every 2nd Tuesday. Last match expected on 28th of May.

Division 1 will now start on Wednesday 24th of January 7.30pm. Every 2nd Wednesday. Last match expected 29th of May.


SL 2024 Spring Division 1

Overall Score 2024S Division 1

Draw 2024A Division 1

Roster 2024S Division 1




SL Division 1 PO3
SL Division 2 R10
Director: Gitte
SL Division 1 PO2
Director: Gitte