Temple Shaarei Shalom
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Welcome to Temple Shaarei Shalom

After 9 fantastic years at

Temple Shaarei Shalom,

 I am now directing at

Temple Sinai in Delray Beach.

Game times are:

Monday - Friday at 12:30

Sunday at 1:00.

Proof of vaccination must be shown.

If you have any questions,

call me at 561-602-6976.

Thank you for your continued support! 

Pam Anderson


 ♠ ♣  

Bridge Base Online Information:

Our online name is: 

Southeast Florida and Friends. 

Our game identification number is vacb267120

There are 2 virtual games offered each day.

Open Games:  12:30 p.m.

Limited 0-1000 mp: 12:15

0-499 mp: 12:10 on Tuesday's Only

To use Bridge Base online use the following steps:

Go to, then click Register or Log-In.

Add money where it says BB$ in the upper right corner.

Click on ACBL World to input your ACBL number.

Click on Competitive, then ACBL Virtual Club.

Search for my game which is vacb267120.

If your user name is blocked, please call or text Julie at 561-445-4792

with your user name and ACBL number.  She will unblock it.

Call Pam at 561-602-6976 if you have any questions.

Good Behavior at the Bridge Table

As a club we have a well-deserved reputation for being welcoming and friendly.  

However, the normally high standards of behavior at the club can be undermined by occasional lapses.  

Can I remind players of the ways in which we can all help to make sure that bridge is an enjoyable game

for everyone that comes to the bridge table?

Greet others in a friendly manner prior to the start of play on each round.

Be polite to opponents and partners.

Give credit when opponents make a good bid or play.

Make  your convention card readily available to your opponents and filling it out completely.

ACBL Zero Tolerance
ACBL Zero Tolerance for results