Temiskaming Shores Duplicate Bridge Club
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Our Monday games provide a friendly atmosphere for bridge, learning and laughter. It is not necessary to have a partner! Come out and enjoy. Starts at 1:15 pm, but be there at 1:00 when possible or let us know you are coming. We now play in the Lions Club room at the rear of building, so no stairs!



Be careful not to gloat. Commenting that you have a top board is considered gloating. Complimenting your partner on his play or defence in front of the opposition can be gloating, especially if your good result was because of their error.

Avoid game  postmortems, they slow the game and there is a correct time for them. 

Dont Argue with your partner during a bridge game .... it is embarrassing for everyone at the bridge table.

Encourage new players with patience not impatience. 

Heart of the North Temiskaming Shores
Did You Know?

Opening a 1 bid with less than 8 high card points is illegal

During play of hand you cannot look at your convention card

Until a card is led to the next trick, declarer or either defender may inspect but not show, his own last played card

Ideas for Review and to Learn

♣ Interference to NT

 ​Cappelletti Responses

 Responses to a Strong 2 Clubs

♠ Responses to Overcalls

♣ Re-evaluating your Hand when Fit Found

 Losing Trick Count

 Doubles all Types

Game Time

Mon 1:15 pm Open Pairs 

We now play downstairs in the Lions Club room ---- enter from the back or the front. No Stairs at the back

Thu 7 pm Open Pairs

90 Whitewood Ave