The Bridge Connection

Games during the week of July 27 through Aug 2 will give double Silver MPs. This is similar to the games in late May. The cost will be 5 BB$ for each player rather than the 3 BB$ we normally charge.

Media rings in on playing bridge F2F (face-to-face) during the pandemic; have a look here to see details ...

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If you receive any emails encouraging you to play at local clubs that you do not recognize or believe you have not played at in the last 18 months or so, please let Colin and Michael know ... thanks.

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Our regular offererings ...

The following games are offered weekly at The Bridge Connection (Virtual on BBO) ...

Monday 9am 0-1250 pairs
Tuesday 9am 0-750 pairs
Thursday 9am 0-1250 pairs
7pm Open pairs
Friday 9am 0-1250 pairs
Saturday 9:45am 0-1250 pairs

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