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If you receive any emails encouraging you to play at ANY club that you do not recognize or believe you have not played at in the last 18 months or so, please let Colin and Michael know ... thanks.

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**CHANGE ** Survey on reopening the club will be open until Fri Jul 30 ...
  Position on reopening the club

We sent out a survey on Tue the 20th about reopening the club; if you did not get a copy of the survery and would like to participate, please let us know using our contact page located here. The survey can be filled in as late as Fri Jul 30.

Michael and I have been discussing the feasibility of this as we move forward. We have no intentions of opening the club without:

  1. "Society" in general having had both vaccines
  2. The province's, the fed's, and the city’s health personnel’s advice to the public that large indoor gatherings are deemed to be safe (with appropriate precautions); we could easily have 70 people or more at a big game
  3. We poll our players, collect responses, and make a decision based on all the input received

Then, and only then, will we move in one or the other direction. Based on recent news from ACBL, there seems to be a desire to keep the virtual component even if clubs reopen. That remains to be seen and ACBL keeps us posted as the process evolves. We will strive to please our supporters and move forward based on recommendations from local and more widespread health experts.

Colin and Michael

Last updated : 25th Jul 2021 17:43 EDT
  NAP events at TBC

We recently discovered that in order to allow for any more qualifications on an NAP event, the upper MP limit must be 2500 for our limited games. We are not aware of any game in the area with that upper limit. If you want to earn more red and qualify for higher-rated events, please take part in an OPEN game in some other club. The NAP games that we have already held stand. Check in with Colin or Michael if you need any further info ...


Last updated : 24th Jun 2021 09:55 EDT
  Convention card display

If you only play the 0-50 game on Thursday evening, the expectation to have a card for opponents to browse does not apply to you ... but if you want to make one,  please proceed and ask us for assistance if required.

The Bridge Connection, ACBL, and BBO "insist" that players have a convention card accessible to opponents. Please:

  •  see this location for some details on filling these out
  • see here for  some guidance on wnat needs to be alerted and announced

Please let us know when you end up playing a pair who does not show a card. Let us know (using our contact page located here) if one is missing. Be sure to include the BBO usernames for the pair involved. We (and your opps) thank you for your co-operation.

To see opponents' card, click the hamburger and their card should be accessible there.

Colin and Michael

Last updated : 3rd Jul 2021 11:21 EDT
  0-50 game with Heidi (Thurday at 7pm eastern)

Click here to Zoom in on the 15-minute pre-game chalk talk (starting at 6:30pm eastern) and/or the post-game wrapup by Heidi. To read more about the game,  especially what you need to know and do to join, can be found at click here.

♣   ♠ To find Heidi's 0-50 novice game at 7pm ♠   ♣ 
On the BBO home screen, click Competitive then ACBL Virtual Clubs. If the game does not show up, then go back to the home screen then click the click Competitive then All Tournaments. In the top right of the window there is a Search area. Click in that area and enter the characters TBC and our game should appear. Chat VACB185736 if this does not work for you. Click the game and then Register. Your partner must be online to accept your invite.


Last updated : 11th Mar 2021 08:52 EST
  Playing as a visitor

All you need to know about playing here as a visitor can be seen in this document. Please follow the directions in this document which explains the visitor definition and the best way to register your desire to play in one of our games ...

Last updated : 9th Mar 2021 07:30 EST
  Virtual bridge classes

How will we spend our time without face-to-face bridge? The Bridge Connection encourages all to get on the virtual band wagon if not already. Using video chat, we are prepared to guide you through all the ins/outs and nuances of playing online at BridgeBase. Many of us used to going south for the winter have changed our plans for this winter. A great opportunity to take advantage of this offer ... topics include

  • signing up for BBO
  • depositing money on your BBO account
  • entering your ACBL number in BBO (see below for a discussion on this if you have never belonged to ACBL)
  • finding our online games
  • registering for a game with a partner
  • bidding and playing on BBO
  • alerting, announcing, and explaining your bids
  • calling the Director
  • just about anything else required

Guest membership

Our morning games are limited to 750 MPs (Tue AM) and 1250 MPs (Mon/Thu/Fri/Sat). To play in a limited game online, you must be a member of ACBL. There is a 60-day free guest membership available to players who have never been a member. This membership allows you to register for limited games online and take advantage of most member benefits for that 2-month period. At the end of that period, your ACBL number stays with you and can still be used to register for our limited games.

Once it expires, any masterpoints you earned will remain on file ad infinitum. Any MPs earned before you renew your membership will stay on your account as unrecorded. If or when you renew, these MPs will be credited. Please

  • click here to read about a guest membership before signing up
  • click here to sign up for a guest membership.

More questions before you decide (or anything else that pops up) ... let us know using the contact page located here or call Michael at 343-262-4063 (8am-9pm eastern)


Last updated : 15th Feb 2021 08:45 EST
  Cost for games

The Bridge Connection games cost ...

  • 3 BB$  per person (5 BB$ Thursday evening)
  • Some special games are 4 or 5 BB$ (6 or 7 BB$ for Thursday evening)
Last updated : 3rd May 2021 10:15 EDT
  Play hands again using Bridge Solver Online

Consult this document to see how to pull this off. It walks you through installing an extension in the Google Chrome browser. Enjoy ... if you have ever used the Play it Again engine on our website, this will be nothing new ... Michael A.

Last updated : 29th Sep 2019 15:01 EDT
  Becoming a member

There are two ways we communicate with players and the Ottawa bridge community:

One list involves email to our members. There is no chatge to join, and f you are

  • not a member, click here to start the registration proocess; once on that page click Register to start, and the Member Registration Code you use is m3mb3r
  • already a member you will be asked for your username and password

The second way uses a more general list and sends information out to the greaater bridge community.To join this more general list, please proceed to our contact page located here. When you send us a note from here, please indicate you would like to be added to this list.

Our suggestion is to join The Bridge Connection (no charge). If so inclined, have a look here please. The code you will need is m3mb3r. There is no charge for joinging The Bridge Connection.

Last updated : 20th Apr 2020 15:15 EDT
  Results display on our web site

Some videos on looking at the results on our website:

  1. Have a look here to see where/how one can view results for a board, similar to that which you now see on the Bridgemate after a score has been accepted by E/W. 
  2. An intro to the results engine available on the web site can be seen here.
  3. Discussion of goings-on at the table that detracts from the ability to play all the boards in the 3 hours alloted time can be seen here.


Last updated : 29th Jan 2019 16:33 EST
Mon 26th July 2021
0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live 25% Gold
BBO 9am
MP awards

Click here to go to ACBL Live!

0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live
0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live
0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live
0-50 pairs with Heidi - MPs on ACBL Live
0-750 - MPs on ACBL Live
0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live