The Bridge Connection

Please have a look here for some suggestions related to behaviour at the BBO table. Updated as items arise during agame.

If you receive any emails encouraging you to play at ANY club that you do not recognize or believe you have not played at in the last 18 months or so, please let Colin and Michael know ... thanks.

Release 2.19n
Mon Aug 10- free play winner ... drum roll ... njm22
  Adjustment of score on a board

Please remember ... if you believe a board needs adjustment OR was scored incorrectly when pulled from a round, chat with me as vacb185736 or call me on my cell 343-262-4063. Sending an email may not be seen until the 20-minute score-adjustment window expires. This window is defined by BBO.


Last updated : 2nd Aug 2020 21:29 CDT
  Playing with a visitor

A visitor is defined as someone who is not in TBC include list. The include list is built by ACBL, containing the BBO usernames of people who "be;ong" to our club. If you would like to play with a visitor, please discuss with the Director well before the start of any of our games. Michael can be reached online as vacb185736 30 minutes before the game. His cell number is 343-262-4063.


Last updated : 2nd Aug 2020 21:32 CDT
  Cost for games

The Bridge Connection games cost ...

  • 3 BB$  per person
  • Some special games are 5 BB$
Last updated : 2nd Aug 2020 21:45 CDT
  Play hands again using Bridge Solver Online

Consult this document to see how to pull this off. It walks you through installing an extension in the Google Chrome browser. Enjoy ... if you have ever used the Play it Again engine on our website, this will be nothing new ... Michael A.

Last updated : 29th Sep 2019 14:01 CDT
  Results display on our web site

Some videos on looking at the results on our website:

  1. Have a look here to see where/how one can view results for a board, similar to that which you now see on the Bridgemate after a score has been accepted by E/W. 
  2. An intro to the results engine available on the web site can be seen here.
  3. Discussion of goings-on at the table that detracts from the ability to play all the boards in the 3 hours alloted time can be seen here.


Last updated : 29th Jan 2019 15:33 CST
  Becoming a member

There are two ways we communicate with players and the Ottawa bridge community:

One list involves email to our members. There is no chatge to join, and f you are

  • not a member, click here to start the registration proocess; once on that page click Register to start, and the Member Registration Code you use is m3mb3r
  • already a member you will be asked for your username and password

The second way uses a more general list and sends information out to the greaater bridge community.To join this more general list, please proceed to our contact page located here. When you send us a note from here, please indicate you would like to be added to this list.

Our suggestion is to join The Bridge Connection (no charge). If so inclined, have a look here please. The code you will need is m3mb3r. There is no charge for joinging The Bridge Connection.

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Tue 11th August 2020
0-750 - MPs on ACBL Live
BBO 9am
MP awards

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0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live
0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live
0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live
0-1250 - MPs on ACBL Live
OPEN - MPs on ACBL Live
0-750 - MPs on ACBL Live