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The Common Game

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Handicapped Swiss Team Charity Games at 1:30 on 2/29 and 2/5
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  TBBC House Players


The TAMPA BAY BRIDGE CENTER has recently implemented House Players. †There are several benefits of having a House Player:

1-- If you show up to play and your partner has an emergency and cancels at the last minute, you can play with the House Player.

2-- At game time, if there is a half table, the House Player can then play with the Director to prevent sit outs to benefit all of those attending that day.

The House Player always plays for free. †If the House Player does not end up playing, they receive a free play for a future game of their choice. †We currently have volunteers for House Players for all Open Games except for the second and fourth Fridays of the month. †We also have alternate House Players for some days. †If you are interested in being a House Player for the second and fourth Fridays, or being an alternate House Player, please contact Kim Koletic at†kkoletic@verizon.net.

Our goal is to provide a pleasant playing experience for all of our members and guests and to enable our Directors to direct the games and ONLY play to prevent sit outs.

We have a regular schedule of games this week including on Saturday, December 31st, which is New Yearís Eve. †On behalf of the Board of Directors we wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and health and happiness and lots of great bridge in 2023!

Diane Landis

  TBBC 2023 Dues

It is dues collection time of the year again.† The TBBC 2023 dues are $30 per year.† The game directors can collect your dues.† As in the past there are address labels at the directorís desk.† Please verify that your information is correct.† If there are any changes, please complete a membership form so we can update your information.

You may mail your dues to me if you prefer; Larry Sullivan, 9201 Kingsridge Dr, Temple Terrace, FL 33637.

Larry Sullivan


  What's Happening At TBBC Week of February 6th

We have our regular schedule of games this week with a lesson by STEVE ASHE on Monday at 11:00 am prior to the 12:30 game.

The Board of Directors met and unanimously agreed that MARIE SKOP should be our February Member of the Month.† Marie is a long time member of The Tampa Bay Bridge Club and has served on the board and worked in various capacities over the years. †Marie just recently prepared and served a delicious meal for our Annual Meeting.† Marie thank you for all you do and congratulations for being selected Member of the Month for February!

Congratulations to REGINA RILEY for achieving the rank of REGIONAL MASTER!

Donít forget that the following week, February 13-19th is STaC Week. STaC stands for SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT AT CLUBS and is a great opportunity to earn silver points at our home club.

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you!

Diane Landis

Handicapped Open Swiss Team Charity Game
Director: Fred Tanzer
ACBL Wide International Fund Game
Director: Fred Tanzer
Stratified Open ACBL Foundation Charity Game
Director: Mike Vaughn
February 6, 2023
Stratified Open ACBL Foundation Charity Game
Director: Fred Tanzer
February 7, 2023
Monday Afternoon Novice Game Reunion Social Event
Director: Larry Sullivan
February 7, 2023
Monday Afternoon Novice Reunion Club Championship Game
Director: Larry Sullivan