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The club premises  are closed until further notice


Contact Us

If you would like to contact the club, enter your details and click [Send]

You can phone the club on 01792646172

New WBU event for January

New for January

The WBU will be holding two new AFTERNOON bridge sessions on BBO commencing next week on Tuesday 26th January.

WBU/BBO Tournaments

Tuesdays (Matchpointed Pairs)
Fridays (IMPs – Pairs with Teams scoring)

Both start at 2pm

These events are for WBU members and their guests. Master points will be issued, and the entry fee will be BBO$2.50. There is no better way to spend a lockdown winter afternoon!

Do join us and make this a popular event.

Note - on order to play it is essential that you pre-register with BBO/WBU (you only need to do this once) so that you are on the 'BBO List'.

To join the tournament, search for ‘wbu_1’ on BBO (click Competitive - All Touranments).

To see if you are already registered, please view the BBO User Names, otherwise please register by email to WBU Admin providing the following details: ‘BBO User-name’; ‘First Name’; ‘Surname’; ‘WBU/NBO Number’ (this information will not be available to other members).


Welcome to Swansea Bridge club
Playing bridge with the club during the pandemic

Play Real Bridge

The Club has signed up to Realbridge. This is an on line bridge platform that allows play that is as close as you can get to being in the Club. You can see and chat to your partner and  opponents and you play a Mitchel or Howell movement.
The games will take place on Thursday mornings, usually 10.00, and  Monday and  Tuesday evenings, usually 7.00. (subject to change if numbers are poor).
 This will be FREE for the remainder of the year
 The links for future events may appear here but contact the secretary if you wish to play

The Results will appear here

The following Rules and advice are important to the smooth running of Realbridge:
1. ARRIVE EARLY Please logon early, 10 minutes before the start time of the session. Latecomers risk not being able to play.
2. DO NOT LOG OUT Once in play, do not leave. If you have technical problems re-booting your internet router or switching your device off then on should take you back.
3. IF YOU HAVEN'T A PARTNER If you are hoping to play, and do not have a partner you MUST STAY IN THE LOBBY AND NOT SIT AT A TABLE.
Once in the lobby, use the chat option to inform the Director you are a single wishing to play. The Director will sort you out with a partner if available. When a Host is available you should be able to play, but there are no guarantees if there isn't a Host. You can also chat berore logging on through the icon on the RealBridge logon page, but it is best to logon and wait in the lobby

4. SOUND AND VISION Whilst you can play without sound and vision, it is better if you have these turned on. However you need to set up in a quiet setting to avoid unwanted background noise when in play. If your preference is not to have these, particularly sound, turning sound on whilst play is being set up is particularly helpful to the Director.

5. COMMUNICATIONS It is helpful for your partner, and the Director if a single, to have a contact phone number for use if things go wrong and communication through Realbridge is not an option


Play Teams on Wednesday night on BBO  

 There is a teams game every wednesday night, if you would like to play or have a team then contact David Melville


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