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Calendar 2019


Mon. 1st Jul.

Swiss Pairs


Mon. 22nd Jul.



Mon. 5th Aug.

Swiss Pairs


Mon. 2nd Sep.

Swiss Pairs


Mon. 7th Oct.

Swiss Pairs


Thur. 3rd Oct.

President's Cup 1


Wed. 30th Oct.

Edgar Foster Teams


Mon. 4th Nov.

Swiss Pairs


Thur. 7th Nov.

President's Cup 2


Thur. 14th Nov.



Mon. 2nd Dec.

Swiss Pairs


Thur. 12th Dec.

Christmas Party


Sunil Handa Cup

The function room in the main clubhouse is available for hire by members of the Bridge Club.

It can also be hired by friends of Bridge Club members, providing a member of the club is present at the event.

Contact Club Steward Doc Morgan
Tel:  07733 975066

Click here for full list of hire charges

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