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Mon. 1st Jul.

Swiss Pairs


Mon. 22nd Jul.



Mon. 5th Aug.

Swiss Pairs


Mon. 2nd Sep.

Swiss Pairs


Mon. 7th Oct.

Swiss Pairs


Thur. 3rd Oct.

President's Cup 1


Wed. 30th Oct.

Edgar Foster Teams


Mon. 4th Nov.

Swiss Pairs


Thur. 7th Nov.

President's Cup 2


Thur. 14th Nov.



Mon. 2nd Dec.

Swiss Pairs


Thur. 12th Dec.

Christmas Party


Sunil Handa Cup

The function room in the main clubhouse is available for hire by members of the Bridge Club.

It can also be hired by friends of Bridge Club members, providing a member of the club is present at the event.

Contact Club Steward Doc Morgan
Tel:  07733 975066

Click here for full list of hire charges

News & Items of Interest
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
SCBC Policy on Strong Two Level Opening Bids - Further Clarification on TD Procedure

In line with the EBU Orange Book, Strong 2 Level opening bids need to comply with the  ‘ExtendedRule of 25’ which means the minimum allowed is any of:

a) a hand that contains as a minimum the normal high card point strength associated with a one-level opening and at least eight clear cut tricks, or

b) any hand meeting the Rule of 25 (HCP plus length of 2 longest suits) or

c) any hand of at least 16 HCPs

Examples: A K Q J x x x x © x x ¨ x x § x does count as 8 clear-cut tricks.

A K Q x x x x x © x x ¨ x x § x does not.

Clear-cut tricks are clarified as tricks expected to make opposite a void in partner’s hand and the second best suit break.

Deviation from this however minor will on a TD call result in the hand being recorded. Pairs who build up a record of such deviations will be deemed to have an illegal systemic agreement and be asked by the committee to discontinue the practice.

The TD at the time will follow EBU guidelines  to categorise whether the deviation constitutes the equivalent of a green, amber or red psyche. The latter of which will result in a score adjustment to 60%-40% in favour of the non-offending side.

Last updated : 23rd Nov 2012 11:08 GMT
Clarification on Alerting Doubles

The Committee have been asked to clarify the rules for alerting of doubles.

If a suit is bid naturally or is a short 1C or 1D, then an unalerted double is for take-out up to 3NT.

Doubles over 3NT must NOT be alerted.

Doubles of no-trump bids, if not alerted, must be for penalties.

Doubles of artificial suit bids, if not alerted, must be for penalties, i.e. they will show a holding in the suit doubled.

Redoubles are to play if not alerted.

Failure to alert or not alert correctly may result in a TD call and an adjusted score if damage has been deemed to have occured.

Last updated : 2nd Mar 2011 15:27 GMT
More on Car Parking
More on Car Parking

Our appeal to Bridge Players to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE park between the white lines in the Club car park (even if it takes a couple of minutes more to get it right, so that more cars can be accommodated) has been largely taken on board, so please keep up the good work.

Please remember that the disabled spaces are for blue badge holders only and parking in the turning area at the end of the car park and in the hatched area in front of the downstairs bar is not permitted.

Last updated : 2nd Mar 2011 15:27 GMT