Master Point Promotions in the month of June 2024

Primary and Secondary Surrey Members that are also Primary members of a Surrey club

Name Promoted to Primary Club
Richard Fedrick 1 Star Grand Master Mayfield
William Clennell Premier Regional Master Camberley
Barbara Regan 7 Star Regional Master Yateley and Hawley
Jody Butters Premier Master
Michael Tettenborn 5 Star Master Bourne, Farnham
Annamarie Critchard 3 Star Master The Monday Club
Carolyn Shakerchi 1 Star Master Ditton
Olga Ansary Advanced Master Lavender
Gay Lewis Advanced Master Lavender
Tony Winship Advanced Master Wimbledon
Stephen Fordred Master Richmond
Sue Mcdonald Master Bookham
Sarah Patel Master Reigate
Bharat Shah Master South London Oshwal
Sanjay Shah Master South London Oshwal
Roger Buckley County Master By the Wey
Sandra Byers County Master Camberley
Joe Cotter County Master 3 Counties
Gill Dowling County Master Allingham
Hiroko Kawanishi County Master Wyvern
Pearl Balachandran District Master Wimbledon
Michelle Baroukh District Master Wimbledon
Michael Burgess District Master Ashford
Tracey Childs District Master Wimbledon
Jean Deal District Master Buckland
Freda Lewis District Master Buckland
Joy Ward District Master Wimbledon
Marie Bedin Area Master Richmond
Sue Edwards Area Master Wimbledon
Marie Faulkner Area Master Tudor & Guildford
Mark Gilbert Area Master Wimbledon
Andrew Jacobs Area Master By the Wey
Dave Mitchell Area Master Bourne, Farnham
Alison Robins Area Master 3 Counties
Mary Stuart-Menteth Area Master Caterham
Tracey Wood Area Master Buckland
Derek Buckle Club Master Allingham
Katy Cooke Club Master Richmond
Sharon Fawcitt Club Master 3 Counties
Thiru Jesudason Club Master Horley
Michael Jolly Club Master South Croydon
Nick Lambert Club Master South Croydon
Chun Li Club Master
Charlotte Nicol Club Master Richmond
Alistair Pearson Club Master Tudor & Guildford
Jacki Roche Club Master Richmond
Tom Roche Club Master Richmond
Tony Rushforth Club Master Lavender
Paula Sargent Club Master Wimbledon
Gaynor Scracher Club Master Wyvern
Janet Sissons Club Master Wimbledon
Rebecca Sturt Club Master Allingham
Nick Tanner Club Master Allingham
Jennie Underhill Club Master Woking
Sue Costello Local Master Caterham
Anne Douglass Local Master Godalming
Rosie Evans Local Master Woking
Lionel Goldstein Local Master Lavender
Sally Hazell Local Master Allingham
Jackie Jennings Local Master Allingham
Jamie Patel Local Master Wimbledon
Gill Richards Local Master Allingham
Hana Rudcenko Local Master Wimbledon
Jill Spence Local Master Buckland
John Tyrwhitt Local Master Roehampton
Bozena Zegarlinska Local Master Wimbledon