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East or West having accepted the entry, returns the Bridgemate to North to press OK to view the score; North then passes the bridgemate back to either East or West to view ..  It is not advisable to read the scores aloud as the tables nearby can hear.  If you have any problems please contact the tournament director.

Please note that bridge starts at 7.30pm except competitions which start at 7.15pm.  To facilitate  use of the bridgemates we ask you to kindly be seated by 7.15 on ordinary nights and 7.00 on competition evenings.

It takes 15 minutes to set up a competition and this cant be done until we have the exact numbers.

From June 2019 doors will be locked at 7.20pm   NO EXCEPTIONS. 




Welcome to Sugarloaf Bridge Club
You are most welcome to the Sugarloaf Bridge Club
You are most welcome to the Sugarloaf  Bridge Club

We welcome all visitors every Tuesday  From the 1st of June until the 31st of August . Please arrive at 7pm and enjoysmiley your bridge♠   ♣ 

Silver Salver 2019
  • Silver Salver 2019 1st
  • Silver Salver 2019 2nd
  • Silver Salver 2019 3rd
  • Silver Salver 2019 4th

Congratulations to the winners of the Silver Slaver competition which was held on Tuesday 21st May 2019

1st Ciara Marmion & Maeve Woods
2nd Joan Anderson & Fidelma Nolan
3rd Irene O'Brien & Olive Hanly
4th Darina Coleman & Mary Rose Callan


Player of the Year 2019

Vivienne Adams...Congratulations

Player of the Year 2019
President's Prize 2019
  • President Prize 2019 1st Mary Dutton and Pat Levin
  • President Prize 2019 2nd Ruth Dodd and Ronan Murphy
  • President Prize 2019 3rd Ciara and Phyllis Marmion
  • President Prize 2019 Session 1 Eileen Megannety and Dorothy O Connor
  • President Prize 2019 Session 2 Rose Wallace and Noel Carthy

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 President's Prize competition

La Touche Legacy Competition
  • La Touche Legacy 1st Mehmet Aydin and Adino McDonnell
  • La Touche Legacy 2nd David and Daphne Felton
  • La Touche Legacy 3rd Sean Lenihan and Terry Brennan

Congratulations to Mehmet Ayudin and Adino McDonnell, winners of the La Touche Legacy.

2nd place was Daphne and David Felton and 3rd place was Sean Lenehan and Terry Brennan, congratulations to all.


TD Note: this competition was scored using Cross Imps - What is Cross-Imp Scoring explained in simple terms

Prize Winners 2018/2019

Memorial Trophy; Joan Anderson and Fildelma Nolan

La Touche Legacy; Mehmet Ayudin and Adino McDonnell

Individual Competition;  Adino McDonnell

Leg of Lamb ;  Olive Hanly

Memorial Trophy; Olive Hanly and Irene O'Brien

The Silver Salver:  Sheila Grace and Catherine Neary

Presidents Prize:  Mary Dutton and Pat Levin

Player of the Year:  Olive Hanly



Note: If you are unable to do standby please call the next person on the list to swop.


4th     Helen Halligan

11th   Rosalyn King

18th   Eleanor Heron

25th   Mary Lannigan


2nd  Adino Mc Donald

9th  Sean Lenihan

16th Mary Little

23rd   Doreen Lumley

30th   Ciara Marmion


6th   Phyllis Marmion

13th  Derek Maynard

20th  Hazel Maynard

27th  Gerry McCarthy


4th   Maeve McCarthy

11th  Rosemary Lee.





























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