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Please note that bridge starts at 7.30pm,except competitions which start at 7.15pm.  It takes 15 minutes to set up a competition and with this in mind  we ask you to kindly be seated by 7.15 on ordinary nights and 7.00 on competition evenings........

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Adino Mc Donnell

Sheila Harvey

Ciara Marimon

Maryrose Doyle

Rose Wallace

Mary McGee

Pat Levin (Mentor)

Bridge Etiquette Reminders
  • Do not speak loudly during a tournament , you may be disturbing other players
  • Avoid discussing the bidding or the results, others may hear
  • Please do not comment negatively on your partners play, its rude and makes others uncomfortable
  • Unduly slow play may be subject to penalty at the discretion of the TD
  • smileysmiley ENJOY YOUR BRIDGEsmileysmiley
Welcome to Sugarloaf Bridge Club
Sugarloaf Bridge Club Every Tuesday Night at 7.30pm

CBAI Eastern Region Pairs competitions will be held on BBO

 Sunday 6th February 2022, with play starting at 12 noon.

These competitions will take place on BBO over 2 sessions. Trophies and masterpoints will be awarded, there will be no prizes distributed. Entry fee will be BB$5 per session.

The competitions are pre-entry only. Current members of the Eastern Region can use our online competition entry system:

or contact Brendan Martin at 087 220 9152, email Details are on the Eastern Region website:

Winners will qualify for the 2022 National Pairs Championships, scheduled for 19th March.




New guidleines in place to help us stay healthy and safe.

  • Covid vaccination certificate: either paper or on your phone - every time you come to play. If you don't have it you won't be admitted to the centre. Sorry, no exceptions to this.
  • Own bidding box: if you don't already have one they will be available for purchase in the centre at a cost of 8 Euros.
  • Masks: must be worn while entering and moving about in the building, including changing tables and going to the toilet – but not when seated.
  • Own hand sanitiser: for cleaning your hands between boards.
  • Table money: will be 5 Euros - exact paper money please. 
  • Refreshments: Please bring your own beverage with you as there will not be any tea/coffee break.
  • New Bridge ID (NBID): You will need to know your New Bridge ID (NBID) number issued by the CBAI as this will be used to for the Bridgemates. Your Greystones bridge number no longer works on the bridgemates.  The (NBID) is on your CBAI membership card and will be listed on the Sugarloaf notice board in the Bridge Centre.
  • Open tournaments For the month of November, our tournaments will be open to all members of Greystones Bridge Centre. There will be a limit of 15 tables under current government guidelines. 
  • Standby available A committee member will act as standby for the first 6 weeks, but we will be asking members to act as standby as soon as this is practical.
  • Arrive early: Bridge will start at 7.30pm - plan to arrive a little earlier than usual to allow time for potential start-up hiccups.


If you have not paid your annual subscription please plan on doing so on the night.


Covid 19 : Check into this website for updates

The Board of Directors are very pleased to say that our Bridge Centre has now been open for five weeks in person bridge - thanks to the hard work of our club Presidents and committees - but also thanks to the members of our Centre observing all the necessary Covid protocols.


Errigal Bridge Club are delighted to announce that their club will reopen tomorrow night Friday 22nd October 2021 at 7.30pm. They will welcome all annual, honorary and life members of the Centre to play with them on Friday nights. 


Terry Brennan is resuming her Friday morning Bridge tomorrow Friday 22nd October 2021 at 10 am. 


A very positive sign that we are really resuming our bridge life - Two different sets of Beginners Bridge Classes will commence in November! 

1. Saturday 6th November 2021 at 9.30 am x 10 weeks classes, €120

2. Monday 8th November 2021 at 10am x 10 weeks classes, €120

If you know anyone who wishes to take up our wonderful game please give them the contact details


Mobile: 087 620 3461


Following the Government announcements this week, the Bridge Centre will be continuing with the protocols which are already in place. 

1. Covid certificates will be checked every time you come to the Centre - this is because due to GDPR we cannot keep a list of who has a certificate. We do not need to take your phone number as the list of members will be on the results sheets after every session.   

2. Masks MUST be worn every time you stand on your feet! And that does mean putting it on correctly, not holding it up over your face. You may remove your mask when you are seated at a table behind the screen.

3. Please continue to bring your own personal sanitiser and bidding box.

4. Tea/Coffee will not be available at the moment - please bring bottles of water or sealed coffee mugs - NO disposable coffee cups with loose lids. 


Sugarloaf Bridge Club will be reopening at some later date to be confirmed, in the interim BBO bridge will continue to be available on Tuesday nights at 7.30pm 


We hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying these bright crisp days.


Kind regards,
Bernadette Coggins
Greystones Bridge Centre

Meet The Committee and Sub - Committees


Sugarloaf Committee

President : Catherine Neary

Vice President : Susie Deithrick

Hon. Secretary: Sheila Grace

Hon. Treasurer: Maeve McCarthy

Applications Secretary: TBC

Committee: Rosaleen Mullen, Maura Hanley, Adino Mc Donnell, Frank Deignan, Ex Officio: Anne Condron

Tournament directors: Adino Mc Donnell, Mary Rose Doyle, Sheila Harvey, Ciara Marmion, Rose Wallace, Mary McGee, Pat Levin (Mentor)

Sub Committee : Dealers

Ann Condren, June Byrne, Deirdre O Connor, Helen Scullion, Mary Lannigan



Sugarloaf Bridge Winners 2019/2020

La Touche Legacy: 09 - 2019

Fiona Nolan and Vincent Wallace

Individual competition :10 - 2019

Brid O Neill

Team of Four: 11 - 2019

Ciara & Phyllis Marmion
Maeve Woods & Rosa Flynn

Sugarloaf Memorial Trophy 1-20

June Byrne and Lesley Mc Mullan

Leg of Lamb (1) 28/01/2020

Mary Lannigan and Mark Mitchell.

Sims Pairs: 02/2020

George and Mary Mc Garry

Brid O Connell and Olive Hanley

Leg Of Lamb (2) 03/2020

Mary Lannigan and Mark Mitchell




La Touche Legacy 2019/20
  • La Touche legacy 2019 1st Fiona and Vincent
  • La Touche Legacy 2019 2nd Joan and Frank
  • La Touche Legacy 2019 3rd Linda and Barbara

Congratulations to La Touche Legacy winners. 

1st: Fiona Nolan and Vincent Wallace

2nd:Joan Doherty and Frank Devlin

3rd: Linda McGeehan and Barbara Donovan


TD Note: this competition was scored using Cross Imps - What is Cross-Imp Scoring explained in simple terms

Team of Four

Congratulations to Team of Four winners. 

1st: Ciara & Phyllis Marmion, Maeve Woods & Rosa Flynn.

2nd:Fedelma Sheehy & Dolores Dooley, Deirdre Ahearne & Jennifer Owens.

3rd: Joyce Fahy & Lesley mcMullan, Maeve McCarthy & Rose Dockery.

Jointh 4th:

Pat O' Sullivan & Joan Doherty, Eileen Megannety & Mary O' Loughlin.

Jointh 4th:

Noel Carthy & Rose Wallace, Adino McDonnell & Mary Rose Doyle.

Team of Four
Sugarloaf Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to the Winners  : Lesley and June

Sugarloaf Memorial Trophy

A Member of the Committee will be the standby until the end of January 2022

Christmas 21 - 14th Dec
7 & Half Tables - 30th November
23 rd November