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Malcolm Pryor is currently representing England's senior team in the 44th World Team Championships in China. Click on d'Orsi Trophy for up to date results.

Some of the Suffolk player's matches are likely to be on line via Bridge Base Online, which you can watch for free, although the time difference is not the kindest. The daily schedule (British time) is

  • Session 1 03.00-05.20
  • Session 2 06.30-08.50
  • Session 3 09.30-11.50)

England is fielding four teams in the championships - Open, Ladies, Seniors and Mixed - and all have made a good start.

Chris Chambers was a member of a team which did particularly well at the EBU Summer Meeting in Eastbourne.

Malcolm reports on a slam hand in the final match which helped to determine the finishing positions. To read more, click on Suffolk@TheNationals


Suffolk travelled to Barleylands to take on Essex at the weekend and, unusually, two of the three matches ended in 10-10 draws.

The A team held a solid lead with the final eight board session to go but the hosts staged a comeback to prevail 12-8. Both the B and C teams tied their games.

To see all the results, click on Suffolk v Essex


Minutes of the Club Representatives meeting which took place in July are now available. Click on CLUB REPS to read


Rick Hanley explains why we should all switch from 0314 to 1430 when using Roman Key Card Blackwood. Click on RKCB to read more.


Card players and the Nature v Nurture debate: Glyn Button harks back to his experience in the 1950s.  Click on 2½NoTrumps, the antidote to traditional bridge chronicles, to read more. 


Suffolk’s three teams were involved in close finishes in their matches against Northants on Sunday.

The A team lost narrowly 9-11; likewise the B team 7-13, while the C team (pictured below) had something to smile about by winning 12-8.


Don't you just wish sometimes that you could play a hand again?

Well, you can...thanks to the wonders of Bridgewebs.

The 'Play It Again' feature is not that well known, but easy to use.

On your club website (or this one) just go to Results, click on any pairing and you will see below the hand 'Play It Again' (arrowed)

(if any club webmaster would like the graphics for this article to upload on to their website just e


Norman delves into a devious play during a hand at Stowmarket bridge club. Click on MoreOrLess to find out more.

If you play an unusual or interesting hand at your club, Norman would love to hear about it. Just email him at Hand of the Week

The EBU has offered some guidance on ensuring the 'security' of duplimated boards at clubs, which has been endorsed by the SCBA. To read more please click on SECURITY

Richard Evans & Paul Rickard are the webmasters running Suffolk's dedicated bridge website.

If you would like to publicise a forthcoming event or submit a news item for this website click Richard or Paul

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