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Malcolm Pryor is currently representing England's senior team in the 44th World Team Championships in China. Click on d'Orsi Trophy for up to date results.

Some of the Suffolk player's matches are likely to be on line via Bridge Base Online, which you can watch for free, although the time difference is not the kindest. The daily schedule (British time) is

  • Session 1 03.00-05.20
  • Session 2 06.30-08.50
  • Session 3 09.30-11.50)

England is fielding four teams in the championships - Open, Ladies, Seniors and Mixed - and all have made a good start.

Chris Chambers was a member of a team which did particularly well at the EBU Summer Meeting in Eastbourne.

Malcolm reports on a slam hand in the final match which helped to determine the finishing positions. To read more, click on Suffolk@TheNationals


Suffolk travelled to Barleylands to take on Essex at the weekend and, unusually, two of the three matches ended in 10-10 draws.

The A team held a solid lead with the final eight board session to go but the hosts staged a comeback to prevail 12-8. Both the B and C teams tied their games.

To see all the results, click on Suffolk v Essex


Minutes of the Club Representatives meeting which took place in July are now available. Click on CLUB REPS to read


Rick Hanley explains why we should all switch from 0314 to 1430 when using Roman Key Card Blackwood. Click on RKCB to read more.


Card players and the Nature v Nurture debate: Glyn Button harks back to his experience in the 1950s.  Click on 2½NoTrumps, the antidote to traditional bridge chronicles, to read more. 


Suffolk’s three teams were involved in close finishes in their matches against Northants on Sunday.

The A team lost narrowly 9-11; likewise the B team 7-13, while the C team (pictured below) had something to smile about by winning 12-8.


Don't you just wish sometimes that you could play a hand again?

Well, you can...thanks to the wonders of Bridgewebs.

The 'Play It Again' feature is not that well known, but easy to use.

On your club website (or this one) just go to Results, click on any pairing and you will see below the hand 'Play It Again' (arrowed)

(if any club webmaster would like the graphics for this article to upload on to their website just e


Norman delves into a devious play during a hand at Stowmarket bridge club. Click on MoreOrLess to find out more.

If you play an unusual or interesting hand at your club, Norman would love to hear about it. Just email him at Hand of the Week

The EBU has offered some guidance on ensuring the 'security' of duplimated boards at clubs, which has been endorsed by the SCBA. To read more please click on SECURITY

Richard Evans & Paul Rickard are the webmasters running Suffolk's dedicated bridge website.

If you would like to publicise a forthcoming event or submit a news item for this website click Richard or Paul

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Competitions around the county to suit all tastes over the coming months...
FORTHCOMING SUFFOLK EVENTS using the online entry process below...


Pier Leisure Centre, Felixstowe IP11 2AE

The 39th Suffolk Congress at Felixstowe is the county's flagship event and takes place this year on Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 October at the Pier Leisure Centre.

The Championship Pairs are on Saturday, starting at 1pm. On Sunday, the Swiss Teams start at 11am, and the Relaxed Pairs for less experienced players (fewer than 2500 Masterpoints) begin at 3pm.

To enter on-line click on FELIXSTOWE or click ENTRY to download, complete and post an entry


SUNDAY 27 OCTOBER (11am start)

Stansfield village hall (CO10 8LW)

In most bridge competitions, the best players win - and the rest of the field make up the numbers.

That is not the case with the Stansfield Handicap Pairs, where theretically the entire field has an equal chance of winning.

Each pair gives or receives a percentage start, based on their EBU NGS grade. For example, last year the least experienced players enjoyed up to an 18% advantage over the top players - before they had even played a card.

So enter on-line now by clicking on HANDICAP PAIRS. The entry fee is £15 per pair and the event takes place at Stansfield village hall (CO10 8LW). And for good measure, prizemoney totals £300. Please note lunch will NOT be provided.

2018 winners: I & K


SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER - 2pm start

Highwoods Community Centre, Colchester CO4 9SR

We have space for 12 Teams (24 tables). First come, first served and to allow up to 12 Clubs to participate, any Club's second team will be put on a waiting list. 

To enter on line click TEAMS or click EIGHT to download, complete and post an entry 


SUNDAY 8 DECEMBER - 11am start

Nayland Village Hall CO6 4JH

To enter on line click CHAMPIONSHIP or click TEAMS to download, complete and post an entry


SUNDAY 29 DECEMBER - 11am start

Blackbourne Community Centre,

Elmswell IP30 9UH

Christmas and the New Year invariably play havoc with club evenings....and resulted last year in some clubs being shut for two weeks.

The inaugural Bah Humbug Pairs aims to fill the festive gap.

About 30 boards will be played. A free sausage roll, mince pie ('the best in Suffolk') and glass of wine will be available during the half-time break

To enter on line, just click on BAH HUMBUG


Do you play bridge online?

If not, do you want to?

by Jeff Orton, SCBA chairman

It's free, convenient, quick and good fun.

On behalf of the SCBA, Peter Bushby has generously volunteered to organise and host three separate online games on Sunday evenings over the coming months.

They wil be set up as 'Private Tournaments' - just for Suffolk players. All SCBA members are welcome to participate, irrespective of their online experience.

If you re interested click ONLINE for more details.


Can you emulate Debby & Maria?

Qualifying heats for the 2019-20 Suffolk Championship Pairs take place at most clubs in October.

You can play in the heat without attemptying to qualify but if you wish to attempt to qualify you must notify the director before play commences.

All players attempting to qulaify must be bona fide members of the club and have primary allegiance to Suffolk. A score of 50% or more will qualfiy a pair for the semi-finals at Elmswell on Friday 14 February. The final takes place at Nayland on 5 April.

For all the details about the competiton, won last year by Debby Sutcliffe & Maria Allnutt,  click on CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS


Flagship Summer Meeting at Eastbourne in trouble as player numbers tumble

The number of players taking part in English bridge’s flagship event of the year is plummeting. Attendances have fallen by as much as 70% since 2013 for some events.

Richard Evans reports from the Summer Meeting at Eastbourne and Mike O’Reilly offers some thoughts on the way forward. Click on EBU to read more.


Local club director training courses available

Every sport and game needs someone to run the event, whether it be an umpire, referee - or director.

A well run bridge session adds to everyone's enjoyment. One that is poorly run...well, let's not go there!

In a bid to guarantee the former and eliminate the latter, the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association is offering affiliated and non-affiliated clubs some local courses on directing.

The courses are one day only and designed for small groups. They can be tailored to specific requirements, such as:

  • club director training - the basics
  • refresher course for existing directors
  • scorer training: EBU Score/Score Bridge/Bridgemates/Arc scorer
  • the Laws of Duplicate bridge - a presentation for players

The club director training is very much aimed at allowing participants to support their local club. It is not a replacement for a full (four day) EBU directors course. The cost is £20 per person for affiliated clubs, £40 for non-affiliated clubs.

For more details, contact Jacks Morcombe, Suffolk's chief tournament director, or Peter Bushby by clicking on DIRECTOR PLEASE

David & Jenny Price (left) and Joan Watson & Patsi Barnes (right)

Multiple venues double Senior Pairs turnout

The decision to run the Senior Pairs at three venues spread across the county paid off handsomely on Wednesday.

After a gradual decline in entries for the event in recent years, the turnoout more than doubled from 10½ tables 12 months ago to 22½ for the latest renewal.

The message would appear to be very clear: players will support events within a reasonable travelling distance, but not if they involve a trek across Suffolk.

Clare has hosted the event for many years but that involved a drive of more than an hour each way for players in the Ipswich and Colchester area. This year the event was staged during the afternoon at Ipswich & Kesgrave (9½ tables), and in the evening at Abbeygate (8 tables) in Bury St Edmunds, and Clare (5 tables).

The success of multiple venues could be applied to other Suffolk competitions and is likely to be discussed at a forthcoming meeting between the county bridge committee and club representatives.

The Senior Pairs was won by David & Jenny Price who just pipped Din Gudka & Cathy Rowland. Joan Watson & Patsi Barnes who were third won the Veterans' Trophy. Click on RESULTS to see all the scores.


HORSES for courses...

The Relaxed Teams of 4 and the Club Teams of 4 ended with some familiar faces returning to the winners enclosure at Lavenham on Sunday.

In the relaxed race, the smiling faces of Mary Moir, Tony Trathen, Lynda Tibbs and Mark Leggett, repeated their success of four months ago when they won the equivalent event at the East Anglian Bridge Weekend.

And in the main event of the day, the winners of 12 months ago followed up: the only difference being that John Wilmott took the place of Mike Sherer, and joined Jeff Orton, Rick Hanley and Andre Gray. To see all the results, click on CLUB TEAMS or RELAXED TEAMS


A chance remark during a recent Winter League match revealed that the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Two members of the original group who met in 1979 to restart the association - Phillip Edwards (left) and Malcolm Carey - are still active in the county today and Phillip has very kindly penned a potted history of the SCBA.

In it he also explains the geographical anomaly within the SCBA which means clubs from north east Essex are included but clubs from north Suffolk are excluded. To read more click 40thANNIVERSARY

David Willson & Simon Riley Din Gudka & Cathy Rowland

You remember playing in your Club's heat of the Suffolk Championship Pairs last October?

Pairs scoring over 50% qualified for the Semi-final played in February and the top 24 pairs there qualified for the Final in April.

And the top three in the Final were eligible to represent Suffolk in the Corwen Trophy - which was played on June 1/2 in Daventry. 

Just two pairs went to Daventry, David Willson/Simon Riley and Din Gudka/Cathy Rowland, and both finished in the top half of a very strong field. Congratulations to the four of them. Click CORWEN to see the full results, and SUFFOLK to read Malcolm Pryor's analysis

2019 AGM

The annual general meeting of the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association was the best attended for years.

Forty nine people made it to Assington village hall to hear about the activities, achievements and finances of the association over the past 12 months and nearly all stayed on for bridge afterwards - won by Malcolm & Barbara Carey (click on RESULT to see all the scores).

In his chairman's report, Jeff Orton said the SCBA now had 22 affiliated clubs following the recent addition of Dovercourt bridge club. Following a break of several years, the committee held a 'very constructive' meeting with representatives of clubs and this would be repeated in July, when some non-affiliated clubs would also be invited.

He underlined the 'increasingly firm line' taken by the association against bad behaviour. A new conduct committee had examined three incidents and taken action where appropriate. He also touched on the changes to the website which appeared popular - with more than 33,000 hits so far this year - and changes to the make up of the committee.

Jacks Morcombe, the new chief Tournament Director, has joined the committee together with Paddy Lockwood. A third person will be co-opted to fill the recent vacancy of general secretary. To read his report in full, click on CHAIRMAN.

Chris Rickard, the competitions secretary, reported good attendance at most events and in response to numerous requests the starting times of some events had been brought forward to 11am or noon. Click on COMPETITIONS to read her full report and WINNERS to see who was successful in comnpetitions during the year.

Roger Tattersfield, the treasurer, reported on a 'very satisfactory' year with a surplus despite investing in long term initiatives which should benefit bridge in Suffolk. To obtain more details about the finances click on TREASURER and email Roger.


Debby & Maria win Championship Pairs for the fourth time

A nail biting finish to the final of the Suffolk Championship Pairs ended with Debby Sutcliffe and Maria Allnutt winning the event for the fourth time.

After six and a half hours of play and the result of the final board still awaited, Jane & Andrew Moore held the narrowest of leads over Debby and Maria. But when the last score was punched in via the Bridgemate the positions were reversed. Eric Newman & Mike Sherer were third, ahead of Jo Harpur and Conor Bignell.

The winners first landed the Championship Pairs back in 1991-2 and also were successful in 2011-2 and 2014-5. 

Unusally, all 24 pairs who qualified for the final back in February stood their ground and contested the final. To see all the scores, click on FINAL


GOOD MANNERS: Is it too much to ask?

Loosely interpreted, the EBUs 'Best Behaviour at Bridge' owes much to Manners Makyth Man, the motto of William of Wykeham - and Winchester College and New College, Oxford - both of which he founded in the 14th Century.

Indeed, the EBUs CODE, which asks players to be pleasant to each other and the director, might be better named Best Manners at Bridge.

The Suffolk bridge committee is taking a particularly strong line on 'bad behaviour/manners' and cracking down on anyone found to be in breach of the code. As with most counties, the culprits in Suffolk can be counted on the fingers of one hand - but that is a handful too many.

To highlight the issue, this website is running a series of cartoon strips devised by Peter Bushby (see below), and an article (click on 2½ No Trumps) by Glyn Button, the chairman of Framlingham bridge club, whose regular blog has delighted so many readers.

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To see older items please click on NEWS ARCHIVE


The Suffolk Autumn Pairs, incorporating the Mens, Married, Ladies & Mixed Pairs of old, was staged for the first time at Lavenham on Sunday and attracted 17 tables.

The overall (and Mixed Pairs) winners were Dave Walker & Sue Smith (top photo). The other winners were Norbert Voelker & Mike Sherer (Mens), Jo Harpur & Helen Mason (Ladies) David & Jenny Price (Married) while a new Handicap prize went to Tim Evans & Marion Berry (bottom photo, with Suffolk competitions organiser, Chris Rickard).


Chris Green and his panel of county players have produced the September set of hands for The Auction - and they include some tough ones.

Just click on THE AUCTION and you will see the East and West hands for eight boards. Work out how you would bid a hand, then click on Show Answer.

Suffolk Autumn Pairs
Suffolk vs Northhants
Seniors Pairs
Relaxed Teams
Club Teams of Four
Bridge with Lunch
AGM Pairs
Suffolk v Herts (h)
Championship Pairs Final
Suffolk v Norfolk
Relaxed Teams
EABW Swiss Teams
EABW Swiss Pairs
Championship Pairs Semi Final - Top 24 Qualify
Mid Anglia Pairs
Suffolk v Cambs & Hunts
Suffolk v Essex
Suffolk Championship Teams Rnd 1
Suffolk Champs Teams Rnd 2
Sat 5th Oct 2019
Open Pairs
Felixstowe - IP11 2AE 1.00pm
Sun 6th Oct 2019
Swiss Teams
Felixstowe - IP11 2AE 11.00am
Sun 6th Oct 2019
Relaxed Pairs
Felixstowe - IP11 2AE 3.00pm
Sun 13th Oct 2019
Suffolk v Norfolk (a)
Sun 27th Oct 2019
Stansfield Handicap Pairs
Stansfield - CO10 8LW 11.00am
Sun 10th Nov 2019
Club Teams of Eight
Colchester 2.00pm
Sun 8th Dec 2019
Suffolk Championship Teams
Nayland 11.00am
Sun 29th Dec 2019
"Bah Humbug" Pairs
Elmswell 11.00am
Thu 9th Jan 2020
Suffolk Championship Pairs Open Heat
Kesgrave - IP5 1JF 7pm
Sun 12th Jan 2020
Suffolk v Cambs & Hunts (h)
Elmswell - IP30 9UH 2.00pm
Sun 19th Jan 2020
Mid Anglia Pairs
Woodbridge - IP12 4AU 11am
Sun 26th Jan 2020
Bury St Edmunds Swiss Pairs
To be confirmed 11am
Sun 2nd Feb 2020
Suffolk v Cambridge University (a)
Sun 9th Feb 2020
Suffolk v Bedfordshire (a)
Fri 14th Feb 2020
Suffolk Championship Pairs semi-final
Elmswell - IP30 9UH 7pm
Sat 15th Feb 2020
Tollemache Cup final
see EBU website
Sun 16th Feb 2020
Tollemache Cup final
Sat 7th Mar 2020
East Anglian Bridge Weekend - Swiss Pairs
Elmswell - IP30 9UH 1pm
Sun 8th Mar 2020
East Anglian Bridge Weekend - Swiss Teams
Elmswell - IP30 9UH 11am
Sun 8th Mar 2020
East Anglian Bridge Weekend - Relaxed Teams
Elmswell - IP30 9UH 3pm