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Welcome to St. Therese's
Ita Crotty RIP

We are sorry to hear of the death of former valued member of St Therese’s BC, Ita Crotty.  Although she hasn’t been at the club for some time, members will remember Ita for her good bridge and her gentle humour.  She was aged 97.   We have no details yet regarding Ita’s funeral, but in accordance with current guidelines, it will be a private event.  Ita’s son Matt still plays occasionally in the club and we send sincere sympathy to Matt and the family at this very sad time. 

Bridge online

It's looking more and more likely that we won't be playing club bridge for some time.  As you probably know by now there is lots of bridge online that you can get involved in and maybe you are doing so already.  Below is the latest message from CBAI.  In the meantime, keep well everyone


Dear All,

As it seems ever more likely that return to  our “normal” bridge game is fading into the distance, it appears that online bridge can become our staple over the next number of months. Social distancing will be the order of the day for all of society and our game will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to accommodate this restriction in behaviour.

Our national activities, competitions, congresses etc have been postponed up until mid-July already, but further decisions may need to be taken shortly. However, let us wait until 5 May, when a clearer picture might emerge.

In the meantime, back to what is on offer online.

The BBO & Funbridge platform is available 24 hours a day and it is being extensively used. However, the free element of play on BBO is limited to “off-peak” times.

A number of clubs from across the country are already availing of this resource

If we want to play in the evening, starting at say 7.30, we will need to make a small payment to ensure we can get our game when we want it.

An amount of this – after set-up month - 50%, will be returned to CBAI to do with what we like. It will be done by setting up Virtual Clubs on the platform and the structure can be established definitively and circulated when an agreement is reached. Our costs will probably include organising a TD to set up each game / session

I am unsure of what element of our playing population would be interested, and this is where you come in!.

We would really like to hear from all of you on whether you would be interested in the concept for yourself and for your friends.

I am sure your less experienced club mates have been asking you for some tips and how they can improve their game in this “off” period. If you have been passing on your advice in lesson form, let us know so that we can encourage others to join you. We can also tell you that there are some teachers already conducting classes on line – via Zoom or similar and you can pass on their contact information.

Peter Pigot –

Thomas MacCormac –

If you know of any others, please let me know and we can include them on our website,

Let’s stay in contact and keep any (good or not so good) news coming !!

Kind regards



Covid-19 (Coronavirus)


You can play bridge online - join a competition or just practice.  Two options are Bridge Base Online and Bridge Club Live - there are probably several others to try, so don't get bored!

We hope our members are keeping safe during this terrible time for all of us.  The kind of social isolation that we are enduring is very difficult and it is important that we try to continue to live as normally as we can.  Please keep observing the guidelines and if everyone does that, we will come out of it eventually.  Below is the latest from CBAI with some ideas for anyone suffering withdrawal (from bridge) symptoms.  Communication with family and friends is vital so keep in touch on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook or simply by phone.  

Stay home, stay safe, stay well and look forward to getting together again 

CBAI notice:

Dear All,

What a situation for us all! I know many fictional books have been written about “Pandemic” and “Contagion” and non-fiction about the Spanish flu,

Ebola and other plagues – little did we know that with all our first world scientific advances, we would now be in the middle of it!

Anyhow, if we act as advised and maintain social distancing, we will all be around to do battle again at the table very soon.

I am sure that no bridge clubs are continuing to operate at present; so please keep it that way until we are advised that normal activity can resume.

In the meantime, there are a few things we can do to stop us going mad –

  1. Play bridge online on BBO or Funbridge platforms. Dermot has loaded a document on the website which will give you information

about how to set up your own competitions on BBO.

Eamonn Galligan & Fearghal O’Boyle are both running events in the evenings and I know that either of them will help if you need them.

I have no doubt others are or will be operating very soon.

Dermot will have details on the website about the CBAI presence on the Funbridge platform very soon, so keep an eye open for that.

  1. If you want to teach your children Mini-bridge, we will send you a how-to leaflet and two packs of cards, free of charge. 

That will give you something to do and keep them busy! Jacques Lumbroso and his excellent team of mentors have been running Bridge Classes

with several National Schools in the Nenagh area and have found the more than 200 pupils really interested and committed.

  1. Our listing of Bridge Books in Stock is being updated with orders that are on their way to us, so if you need to brush up on your bidding, play,

leads or defense, we should be able to help.

  1. We will be maintaining a presence here in the office, so if you feel the need to order any equipment or supplies – just email or call and

we can mail to you.

  1. Keep in contact with older members, particularly those on their own and perhaps offer to help with shopping, grocery & pharmacy.

The odd chat on the phone can really help to combat the feeling of isolation.


Wash your hands properly and often.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough and sneeze.

Put used tissues into a bin and wash your hands.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Try to avoid close contact with people who are not well.

Follow the Travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs


Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

Wash your hands

You should wash your hands:

  • after coughing or sneezing
  • after toilet use
  • before eating
  • before and after preparing food
  • if you are in contact with a sick person, especially those with respiratory symptoms
  • if your hands are dirty
  • if you have handled animals or animal waste


Player of the Month

Four Wednesdays of March 2020

How to enter the competition:  To be eligible to take part in the ‘Player of the Month’, a member must play in at least 3 Wednesday competitions in March with a different partner each time

Points awarded: Points are awarded as follows: 8 for first, 6 for second, 4 for third and 2 for fourth.

 For members who play with a different partner in four different competitions, the best 3 results are used to calculate their total points.  For members who only play with different partners on three dates in March, all three results will be taken into account in calculating their total points.  Members who play with different partners less than three times in March will not be eligible to take part in ‘Player of the Month’.

The member who accumulates the most points over the month, based on the above rules, will win the ‘Player of the Month’.  In the event of two or more members having the same total score, the winner will be the player with the highest percentage score from their three best results (as per competition results sheets).


Doyle Bernie 8
Hutchinson Kevin 8
Mortimer Eddie 8
O Suilleabhain Ann 8
Creed Eileen 6
Martin Fedelma 6
Murphy May 6
O'Kelly Kay 6
Creed Dermot 4
Furlong Carmel 4
Graham John 4
Lyons Celine 4
Cormican Bridie 2
Corrigan Toni 2
Flynn Gerry 2
Hogan Julia 2
Joker roster



Please note that there will be no joker during Player of the Month in March.


Kellleher Cup

Congratulations to the winners

Carmel Furlong & Phyllis Troy




Privacy notice

See under "Membership" for full club privacy notice

Some Bridge Trivia

Did you know –   Each king in a deck of cards represents a great king from history?  The King of Spades is King David; the King of Clubs is Alexander the Great; the King of Hearts is Charlemagne; the King of Diamonds is Julius Caesar!              With acknowledged thanks to "Three Rock Panorama".  

Player of the month - week 1
Scorer: Fedelma Martin
Scorer: Eddie Mortimer