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We meet every Wednesday at Stratford Town Football Club, Knight's Lane, Tiddington. Usual start time of 7pm. 

Please see notice opposite with regard to the current host system.

Welcome to Stratford upon Avon Bridge For All Club

The Stratford Bridge for All Club started in 1998 when students who had completed the first year of the English Bridge Union Bridge For All course continued to meet and enjoy a game of duplicate Bridge together supervised by Rob. In the adjoining room a new set of students started the BFA year 1 course with Chris. At the end of that first year the intention had been that students who had been playing for a year would graduate to one of the main Bridge Clubs in the area and the new beginners would start playing together under Rob's direction. The members however thought differently. The first group of players requested that they be allowed to continue to play with the newcomers promising to be friendly and welcoming, and so it has continued.

From the history comes the philosophy. The aim of the Club is to play Duplicate Bridge in a warm and friendly atmosphere supervised by teachers who are available to answer queries and also play with members; thus novices gain in confidence and ability and gradually absorb the rules and etiquette of the game. When ready these players should be able to move seamlessly into main Bridge Clubs in the area if they so wish.

In order that the newest novices may feel comfortable a minimum number of conventions are allowed. Past students and others who have joined the Club because of its friendly ambience positively enjoy welcoming new players and easing them into the game. It is regarded as a night out in good company playing bridge rather than simply a "Bridge Club". However there has developed a spirit of friendly competition and a real interest in the game.

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March 15th 2020. Kindly note that the Bridge Club will be closed with immediate effect until further notice.

Host System

Please note that there will be no host from January 8th 2020 until April 1st inclusive. Normal hosting will resume on April 8th 2020. Should you require a partner during this period please contact Anne Pepper who has once again volunteered to act as matchmaker. Telephone 01789-490590 or mobile 07799261619 email: cjapepper@gmail.com