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Welcome to St Petersburg Bridge Club

St Pete Bridge Club 9103 US 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL Call 727-544-5040

We provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience for bridge players in the St. Petersburg area

Merry's FREE Summer Classes
Merry's FREE Summer Classes
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Bidding Slams; Keycard and Cuebids
Monday Aug 8 10am
Stayman Transfers and Beyond the Basics
Tuesday Aug 9 10am
Dealing with Interference over 1NT
Wednesday Aug 1010am
Introduction to Losing Trick Count
Thursday Aug 11 10am
Defensive Basics: Signaling
Friday Aug 12 10am
No Trump Play and Defense
and The Hold-Up
Saturday Aug 13 10am


To sign up for any of these courses, head over to

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Current Schedule at the St Petersburg Club
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Open and 499er Games
Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, at 12:30 pm
Sunday Game at 1:00 pm
Masks are Recommended
The club no longer requires masks to be worn, except they are required for one round at a table if anyone at the table requests they be worn.  Please make sure you have a mask available while playing at the club
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This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club
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A week of STaCs

This week we have six opportunities for you to win silver points! The latest STaC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs) games are here, with the promise of lots of points to be won in the club, and the potential for more if your score is tops in the unit! Come prospect for some silver, and practice for our upcoming tournament. 

Remember to sign up as a volunteer for our tournament, or perhaps donate a bit to help buy snacks for the hungry hoards that will be here to play bridge Labor Day weekend! 

Bridgewhiz is once again signing up grade 5-12 students for a fall session of learning bridge. If you have a clever grandchild, you might want to sign them up! Here is a link to the announcement: BridgeWhiz. ..........

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2022 Board of Directors

2022 Officers and Board of Directors

Don Aschenbrenner Howard Braun Kim Dean Elaine Garofalo Hazel Getman Pamela Gorbics Milferd Jones Sandy Peterson Lee Taylor Marianne Timmins Gwynne Young
Pamela Gorbics
Elaine Garofalo
Sandy Peterson
Don Aschenbrenner
Directors for In-person Face-to Face (F2F)
Mark Smith (813-416-7928) Monday Open and 499er games
 Kim Dean (727) 420-8963 Tuesday Afternoon Mentor game.
Elaine Garofalo (727-348-6183)  Wednesday Morning Newplicate (0-20)  game. 
Elaine Garofalo (727-348-6183)  Wednesday  Afternoon Open and 499er games.
Gail Haire (813-417-3652) Thursday Open and 499er Game
Pamela Gorbics (201-247-1595)  Friday Open and 499er games,games
Pamela Gorbics (201-247-1595)  Sunday Afternoon Pairs game
As usual, a full schedule for the week can be found in the weekly email and in the upper left-hand corner of the Club's homepage
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs



Barbara Steffek

Judy Newton
Get Well

Dale Koch
St. Anthony Hospital - following a fall
Thank You Barbara Seagram - Strip for Success Seminar
Thank You Barbara Seagram - Strip for Success Seminar
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