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Wed May 27, 2020
Virtual Wednesday Morning 499er
10:00 AM
Wed May 27, 2020
Virtual Wednesday Afternoon OPEN Pairs
Thu May 28, 2020
Virtual Thursday Morning 0-199
Release 2.19n
Silver Point Week - All Our BBO Games - May 25-31

St Petersburg Bridge Club 9103 US Highway 19 N Pinellas Park, FL 33782 Call 727-544-5040
This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club


We all appreciate a pleasant surprise. A nice gesture by someone makes a huge difference, especially during this difficult time.

I was surprised, when I went to the club a couple of weeks ago, to see that some good gremlins, as yet unidentified, had returned all of the playing tables and chairs to the playing rooms.  The folks that cleaned the carpet had moved them out of the rooms for us, but it was up to us to return them to their rightful places. 

Donations to the club continue to arrive each day.  Since the club has been closed, nearly 100 thank you notes have been written.  Yes, we have received that many donations from our wonderful members and friends!  Since my source for note cards and return address labels is no longer available, I have been writing the return address by hand.  The other day a set of 500 return labels for the club arrived in our mail.  Thank you, Pat!

Merry Schainblatt continues to amaze me by developing more new ideas to help our club and our members.  I receive rave reviews about what a good teacher she is.  Starting next Thursday, May 28, from 3 to 4 PM, Merry will be teaching Defense Basics.  Please
e-mail Merry, if you would like to participate,   Her partner in this endeavor is our Paul Friedman.

Our Board meeting that had been scheduled for Monday, May 25, at 4 PM has been postponed.  It seems that the majority of our board members wish to observe Memorial Day on Monday, May 25.  Therefore, the regular, monthly Board meeting will be held Monday, June 1, at 4 PM.  The meeting will be held via Zoom and, if you wish to attend, please send me,,  your e-mail address and I will issue you an invitation.

Please remember to get your silver points this week!  All of our virtual club games, starting Monday, May 25, and ending Sunday, May 31, will award silver points.  Our games continue to grow in popularity; we have been welcoming new players every week.  Our great team of directors, Elaine, Pam and Paul, continue to go above and beyond to make our virtual club games the place to be and be "seen."  We all enjoyed Hawaiian shirt day this past Friday, even though we had one protester, a shirtless Leon!

Speaking of our virtual club, please do not forget to check out the Virtual Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that are on our website.  For reasons abundantly clear to my partners, I now use the "confirm bid" function so I can double check my bid before it's too late (and a surprise for us both). There are other surprises in there that I expect you will find useful. 

You might be surprised that I have not forgotten to include the articles from Randy Baron articles this week. Here are this week's articles from Randy.

When Declarer Leads Towards the KQx, Duck

Do You Know Your Partner?

In conclusion, here is our virtual club game schedule for this week.

Monday, May 25

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-499

12:45 PM -- Open

6:30 PM -- Open

Tuesday, May 26

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-199)

12:45 PM -- Open


Wednesday, May 27

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-499)
12:45 PM -- Open


Thursday, May 28

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-199)
12:45 PM -- Open


Friday, May 29

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-499)
12:45 PM -- Open


Saturday, May 30

12:45 PM -- Open


Sunday, May 31 

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-50)
12:45 PM -- Open



Thank you to all of our caring players, members, friends and gremlins 

for all you do to support our club.  We wouldn't be able to survive 

this without you. 

Joanne B. Wharton
President and Acting Manager

Temporary Closing Update
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On May 4, The Board elected to extend the temporary closure of our Building Indefinitely

We hope that you all are doing well.  We miss you and hope to see you as soon as we are comfortable that it is safe to reopen the club. ..........

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* * ALERT - Viewing Our Website by Phone **
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How to View our Website Homepage or Results using your Cell Phone. ..........

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The Common Game

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Silver Point Week May 25-31
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Here comes Silver Linings Week: Behind Every Board are Silver Points! It’s a new event during the week of May 25-31 (Monday-Sunday) where you can earn silver points in all our Virtual Club games on Bridge Base Online (BBO). ..........
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05/2020 - Linda Dimon passed. ..........
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NEW and Renewal Membership
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About St Pete Virtual Club Games
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May 15th Important Change affecting Game Start  for Virtual GAMES. ..........
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Merry Competitive Bidding Class On-Line
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Merry Schainblatt On-line Bidding Classes
using the Zoom meeting technology. ..........
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Bridge Base On-line (BBO)
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Bridge Base On-line

How to Create a BBO Convention Cards.
Getting started with BBO. ..........
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Get Well
04/20/20 - Pat Kollhopp hospitalized