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Sunshine Committee Contact
Babs Thacker (727) 686-7439
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NEW Thursday Evening Pairs Game at 6:30 PM

St Pete Bridge Club 9103 US 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL Call 727-544-5040

We provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience for bridge players of ALL levels in the St. Petersburg area.  We have many class offerings, as well!

Thursday Night Pairs Game
 Thursday EVENING Pairs Game 6:30 pm

This Week at St Pete Bridge Club April 21 - April 28
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APRIL 21 through APRIL 28

Sun 21 Mon 22 Tue 23

Wed 24

Thu 25

Fri 26

Sun 28

1:00 pm

Stratified SWISS Teams

12:30 pm

Open Pairs

12:30 pm

Open Pairs

Mentee focus

9:00 am mini-lesson followed by 
0-50 newcomers game
Play & Learn with Jack
12:30 pm
9:30 am
Supervised Play with Freida ($5)

1:00 pm

Stratified SWISS Teams

11:00 am
Sheryl Hobbs
IntermediatePlayers Class

 * New * 

6:30 pm

Open Pairs

12:30 pm
Stardust Open Pairs & 499er (Gold Points)
12:30 pm Open Pairs

Mentors Needed

The future of our club depends on attracting and retaining new members. We have a rather long list of mentees awaiting mentors. All that is expected of a mentor is to commit to play with a mentor in six games and spend a little time after the game going over the hands of interest. ..........

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Looking for a Partner for a Face-to-Face Game (Copy)
If you would like to Post a request for a partner, please enter the details below

Our partnership coordinator for pairs games is

Elaine Garofalo - (727) 348 -6183 )
For our Sunday team games, whether you need a partner or a team call Pam Gorbics (201-247-1595)

Note that your email and telephone number will be viewable by all by others looking for a partner

You are encouaged to Directly contact others by Phone or Email also looking for a partner for the same date/time.
Lessons for Beginners, Intermediates, and Progressing Players

Lessons for Beginners, Intermediates, and Progressing Players

9:00 am mini-lesson followed b
0-50 newcomers game
12:30 pm
Play & Learn with Jack $10
Jack's Dirty Dozen
Our Thursday “play and learn” class is going to switch gears for a little while. We have a number of players who would benefit GREATLY from a thorough lesson on the basic conventions that should be part of every player’s arsenal. So, I will be presenting “Jack’s Dirty Dozen”. Each class will have “bid ‘em up” sheets for practice AFTER the handout with a good explanation of the how & why of each convention. Most days, we will cover more than one topic. I expect to go about 2 – 2.5 hours. 
NEGATIVE (and reopening) DOUBLES
TAKEOUT DOUBLES (and responding to them)
WEAK TWO BIDS AND OTHER PREEMPTS (and responding to them!)
9:30 am
Supervised Play with Freida ($5)
10:00 am In-Person Beginner Class begins (FREE)
11:00 am
Sheryl Hobbs Classes
 Delve into a dynamic one-hour class where each week we explore a new topic sourced from the pages of the St. Petersburg Intermediate Deck Book.
Engage with fellow participants as we encourage the exchange of hands for insightful discussion and analysis, fostering a collaborative environment where learning thrives. The nominal fee of $5 ensures


Sharon Horton 
Intermediate and above-level players
Beginning May 8
using the Bridge Decks published by our club 
These classes will be held on Wednesday mornings. They are intended for first set of classes will focus on slam bidding
Dr. Bob’s Seminar
May 10
Time: 10:30 am Cost: $20
Improve your competitive bidding and defense. How to improve your bidding, defense and play examples will be covered. Topics requested include Major suit game tries including Spiral, raising preempts including McCabe Adjunct, Lebensohl over weak 2 bids doubled, when to use or not use Texas transfers in competition, defensive tips you can use in practice and other surprises.   Extensive notes will be provided. No signup required
1:00 pm In-Person Intermediate Class ($10)

For beginners and players returning to bridge after a layoff, Beginner lessons are held on Saturdays at 10:00. These are FREE!

For graduates of the beginner lessons and others who know the basics of duplicate bridge, we offer Intermediate classes on Saturdays at 1:00 pm. ($10)

On Wednesdays, there is a mini-lesson at 9:00, followed by a game for those with fewer than 50 master points. ($10)

Jack Brawner runs a popular Play and Learn class on Thursdays at  ($10)

This is recommended not only for newer players but for ANY non-expert!
We play a few random hands- one at a time, with each table playing the same hand- and Jack will lead a discussion at the conclusion of each hand. Bidding, play, defense- we never know what will come up!
We will start with a mini-lesson and finish around 3 pm. No, you do not need a partner! 

Jack Brawner offers classes at 9:30 am at $20 per seminar.


Dr Bob (Vollbracht) next class series begins Friday, March 29, at 10:30 am

and covers advanced bidding, declaring, and defending topics. ($20)

Merry Schainblatt's hugely popular online classes continue.

Her lecture classes are free, while the participatory ones cost $85 for 12 lessons. Check out her offerings at

Current Game Schedule at the St Petersburg Bridge Club
Open Games
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 12:30 pm
Tuesday is a Mentee/Mentor Open Game
 "Mentee Focus" (players are encouraged to play with a Mentee)

499er Game on Friday at 12:30
(occasionally blended with the Open during off-season, but 499ers will still have their own category!)
Sunday: Handicapped TEAM Game at 1:00 pm
Thursday Evening Game at 6:30 pm
2024 Board of Directors
2024 Officers and Board of Directors
Don Aschenbrenner Howard Braun Jack Brawner Bruce Philipoom David Rogers Lee Taylor Babs Thacker Catherine Vogel Jack Wilde
Howard Braun
Babs Thacker
Catherine Vogel
Bruce Philipoom
Wednesday Morning Pairs (0-50)
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
+GOLD+Tuesday Afternoon P
John Samaha
2024 Derby Game
2024 Derby Game
Free Lessons April 2024
Free Lessons April 2024
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