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The St. Petersburg Bridge Club is pleased to advise you that the July 2020 Bulletin is now available and can be found through this link:
This is a celebration edition of the Bulletin. ..........
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Sat July 4, 2020
Saturday Virtual Open
Sun July 5, 2020
Sunday Morning Virtual 0-50
Sun July 5, 2020
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Welcome to St Petersburg Bridge Club

St Petersburg Bridge Club 9103 US Highway 19 N Pinellas Park, FL 33782 Call 727-544-5040
Suspend Face-to-Face for Rest of Year 2020


Your Board of Directors met yesterday. Among other items of business 

was a report from Lee Taylor, Pam Gorbics and Howard Braun, the 

Reopening Committee.

The three of them did an outstanding job and developed an excellent 

plan for actions that will be taken when the club reopens. They 

have identified many safeguards that we will have in place to protect 

our members, friends, and guests when playing face to face.

After much discussion, the Board decided that the Club will suspend 

all face to face play for the remainder of this year. The Board considered 

the increase in Covid-19 cases diagnosed in Florida, the demographics 

of our players and guidance from ACBL. This is not a decision that 

the Board takes lightly. We want everyone to remain healthy and safe.


Joanne B. Wharton

President and Acting Manager

This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club


In these weekly e-mails, I like to recognize those members who have made significant contributions for the benefit of our club.


This week I want to recognize Dar Webb and Bob Vollbracht, co-authors of the Quick Reference Deck Series, who devoted countless hours to bringing us the latest addition to the series, Welcome to Bridge, published today. For those of you who do not know, all profits from the sales of these decks are retained by our club.
Thank you, Bob and Dar!

Welcome to Bridge is for a new player, somebody who has just started to learn or re-learn the game. It covers the fundamentals that a new player needs to have fun playing competitive bridge online or at a bridge club. We were fortunate to have Merry Schainblatt reviewing the many drafts of Welcome to Bridge. Merry knows what newcomers need and helped make sure the new deck is simple and on target. 

Welcome to Bridge doesn't replace a teacher, a book or a software program. Instead it puts all the information on 4" x 6" index cards that are easy to review. The cards come with a ring binder to keep them in order. They are highly portable, easy to access, and have plenty of room on each card for notes. What's more, the system can grow by adding cards from other decks as the player's skill level increases.


You can order decks and find the complete tables of contents of all six decks (Welcome to Bridge, Basic Bridge, Intermediate Bridge, TwoOver One Toolkit, Doubles and Redoubles, and Guidelines for a Great Game) at You can also order decks at

Do you know somebody who is trying to learn to play bridge? Send them a copy of Welcome to Bridge!


We had announced previously that the Board Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, June 29, at 4 PM was going to be held in person at the club's facility. Since then, some of those Board members advocating the face to face meeting have had second thoughts. Personally, I am thrilled that they have reconsidered especially considering the significant rise in Covid-19 cases here in Florida. Therefore, our Board meeting tomorrow will be held, as originally planned, via Zoom. If you would like an invitation to attend, please e-mail me at


One of the highlights of tomorrow's meeting will be a report and recommendations from Lee Taylor and his Reopening Committee (Pam Gorbics and Howard Braun).


Attendance at our Virtual Club Games has been affected the last several days by the Endless Summer Regional being held through BBO. We hope all of you who played in the tournament enjoyed yourselves and enjoyed the rewards. We hope to see you back in our Virtual Club Games this week. These games provide a significant amount of revenue to offset our fixed costs.

 I continue to be wowed by the support you, our members, players, and friends,
provide to our club. It is obvious how much you care about our club and
that you want it to weather these difficult times. We can't do it without you!

 Joanne B. Wharton

President and Acting Manager

Our game schedule for this coming week is as follows:

Monday, June 29

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-499

12:45 PM -- Open

6:30 PM -- Open

Tuesday, June 30

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-199)

12:45 PM -- Open

Wednesday, July 1

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-499)
12:45 PM -- Open

Thursday, July 2

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-199)
12:45 PM -- Open

Friday, July 3

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-499)
12:45 PM -- Open

Saturday, July 4

12:45 PM -- Open

Sunday, July 5

10:00 AM -- Limited (0-50)
12:30 PM -- Limited (0-499) Section
12:45 PM -- Open Section

June 21 This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club
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 ACBL's announcement this week of the cancellation of all tournaments, Nationals, Regionals as well as Sectionals through the remainder of 2020 was disappointing. I love tournaments and am going to miss traveling to them, especially my annual "vacation" at the Sanibel Regional (picture above).

The good news is that ACBL is running a virtual Endless Summer Regional for four days at the end of this week, Thursday, June 25, through Sunday, June 28. ..........

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14 June This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club
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As many of you know, for a number of years now, ACBL has promoted special charity games in support of the Alzheimer's Association, . ..........

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June 7 This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club
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Silver Week, May 25 through May 31, was a big hit with our players.  We had 152 tables in play in our virtual club that week.  With the points tripled by ACBL, our players received 253. ..........

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June 1 This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club
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June 1, 2020
A book I read recently had a new take on this old saying, when one door closes and another one opens, it indicates that there is an architectural flaw. ..........
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June Bridge Bulletin
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The St. Petersburg Bridge Club is pleased to advise you that the June 2020 Bulletin is now available.

Who would have predicted the difference in participation between the May 2019 "live at the club" games and that of the May 2020 BBO "virtual" Support Your Club games? An amazing result!
Who should bid game holding a singleton Queen and no other high card points? You should, says Andrew Robson in his "Bidding Good Bad Hands"
Stumped for your third bid as opener? Take Eddie Kantar's insightful bridge quiz. ..........
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This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club - May 24
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We all appreciate a pleasant surprise. ..........

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* * ALERT - Viewing Our Website by Phone **
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How to View our Website Homepage or Results using your Cell Phone. ..........

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Friday Morning 0-499
Friday Afternoon Virtual Open
Thursday Morning Virtual 0-199
06/24/2020 Howard Smith passed.
06/22/2020 Rhea Kissel passed.
05/29/2020 Leon Lyday's Grandson passed
05/2020 - Linda Dimon passed.
Congratulations Cheryl Miles

Congratulations to our Newest Life Master!

Way to Go Cheryl Miles

Rank Changes for June - Congratulations!
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Date Unit Name New_Rank
7/6/2020 128 Ronald Coles Junior Master
7/6/2020 128 Leigh Ann Ennis Junior Master
7/6/2020 12 ..........
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St Pete Virtual Games

Get Well
06/08/2020 Judy Newton - In Rehab
following successful surgery
Merry Defense Basics Class Thursdays On-Line
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Merry Schainblatt Defense Basics Class
 Thursdays 3:00 pm On-line
using the Zoom meeting technology. ..........
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NEW and Renewal Membership
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JOIN or RENEW St Pete Membership at mkt. ..........
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Bridge Base On-line (BBO)
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Bridge Base On-line

How to Create a BBO Convention Cards.
Getting started with BBO. ..........
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