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Sat May 16, 2020
Sat May 16, 2020
Saturday Morning pairs
Mon May 18, 2020
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Welcome to St Petersburg Bridge Club

St Petersburg Bridge Club 9103 US Highway 19 N Pinellas Park, FL 33782 Call 727-544-5040
Temporary Closing
Temporary Closing


Temporary closing through May 11 as recommended by ACBL

This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club




The other day our young grandson said that things are going to 

start being referenced as Before Corona and After Corona.

After Corona

It will be a different world.  There will be many challenges to face 

as we move forward.  Many things will be better than they were 

before this crisis.   

Before Corona

We all can appreciate how good things were before this corona 

virus pandemic.   In retrospect we realize that most of 

our problems were minor. 

Concurrent with Corona

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to have a picnic breakfast 

under the Belleair Bridge by the public boat ramps.  Not a single 

parking spot was available except for one handicapped spot.  Nearly 

every space was filled with (mostly) pick-up trucks with boat trailers.

That made me think about what people are doing to "escape."  

Obviously, those of you who own boats are opting for time on 

the open seas.

Some of us are reading.  The Pinellas County library system 

recently posted that in March they had a record number of 

digital books checked out.  Some people are binge watching TV 

and some people are just binging.  Someone posted on Facebook 

that, for weeks now, she has not worn anything that didn't have 

an elastic waistband.

Although escaping to the bridge club is not an option, there 

are bridge-related escapes.   An increasing number of you are 

playing on Bridge Base On-line in the Support Your Club games.  

I receive a list of the names of those of you who have played in 

those games.  The number of different names on that list 

continues to increase. Thank you so much for your support 

and the revenue you are generating for the club. 

This past week, Merry Schainblatt launched her 

Competitive Bidding Class using the Zoom meeting 

technology.  On Wednesday she had 47 students.  

Thank you, Merry, for that super initiative!  

The class is free; Merry does ask for contributions to 

be made to the club.   If you wish to participate in 

the class, please e-mail Merry at

This month's Bridge Bulletin, available through our club's 

homepage, has some options that can be accessed through 

the Bridge Winners website.  We are investigating other 

technology related activities to keep you engaged with the game 

we all love so much. 

We appreciate hearing from you.  Please stay in touch 

with us and with each other and stay healthy, stay safe.

Joanne B. Wharton
Acting Manager
Temporary Closing Update

Missing You

We hope that you all are doing well.  We miss you and hope to see you as soon as we are comfortable that it is safe to reopen the club.  We appreciate all of your kind words and support during this difficult time.

The Board of the SPBC met on Monday, March 23, and, among other things, reviewed ACBL’s recommendation that clubs remain closed through May 11.  The Board elected to extend our temporary closing through May 11 as recommended by ACBL.  We understand that several other clubs in our area are closed through May 11 as well.  We will continue to monitor future developments as well as any additional recommendations from ACBL and may adjust our reopening date as warranted. 

During this closure, some of you are helping our club by playing in the Support Your Club Games on BBO.  We appreciate your playing in those games since it generates some revenue for the club.   The club receives up to $4 per player (of the $5 entry fee).

Even though we are closed for business, our expenses do not cease.  During this closure we are incurring expenses of approximately $170 per day. 

We encourage those of you who may not have played on BBO to try it.  There are a number of tutorials available to help you get started on BBO.  Links to those tutorials are posted on our website,  It is not difficult to use BBO once you’ve done it a couple of times. If you have any questions or need additional help, several of us are ready to help you (Lee Taylor, Pam Gorbics, Joanne Wharton).  Contact information for us will be on our website.    We also hope to have a partnership “room” to help you find a partner available to play with you on BBO.

Thank you again for your support and kind words as we all weather this storm together.

Joanne B. Wharton

SPBC President and Acting Manager

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04/01/20 -  Bill Hale passed away in Hospice after a long illness.
Merry Competitive Bidding Class On-Line
Merry Schainblatt
Competitive Bidding Class
using the Zoom meeting technology. 
The class is free; Merry does ask for contributions to 
be made to the club.   (Click HERE for donations)
If you wish to participate in 
the class, please e-mail Merry at
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ACBL members can play with any other ACBL member in a specially created game on Bridge Base On-line and earn black masterpoints. When you play in one of these games, the majority of your table fees will be given back to your club. This way, you can help to support your club while also having the opportunity to win black masterpoints.
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Bridge Base On-line

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3/10/20 - Audrey Thompson is recouperating from hip surgery
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Sat May 16, 2020
Sat May 16, 2020
Saturday Morning pairs
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