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#16142 ST PETE & TBBC Alliance 10am 0-499
#16271 ST PETE & TBBC Alliance 12:45 Open
#16429 ST PETE & TBBC Alliance 3:05 0-499
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Cheryl Miles (727) 455-5996
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Welcome to St Petersburg Bridge Club

St Pete Bridge Club 9103 US 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Call 727-544-5040

This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club
Virtual club news
We are trying to increase attendance in our Open games. Right now we are experimenting by running weekend Open games as 24-board events whenever possible. If this succeeds in improved attendance, we will continue this practice.
Do not forget our weekly Swiss Team game. This 24-board event is held every Tuesday at 12:45 pm. If you do not have teammates, you will be paired up with another pair, so do not let that stop you from enjoying these games.
As one of the on-line directors, my greatest fear is a last minute registration. Once a virtual game starts there is no way to change any of the parameters, e.g., number of total boards, boards per round, Mitchell or Howell movement. A late registration can therefore result in strange movements such as revenge rounds. Please (pretty please), register and stay on BBO at least five minutes before game time.
The club needs your strategic help
What systems will we need for membership, events, online sales, etc. when we return to playing face to face? There are many options and we really need the help of a few strategic thinkers to figure it all out. 
We'd like to create a small working group to explore these options. The group will have a very limited life; three months at the most. Business savvy is far more necessary than technical skills. Please contact Dar Webb at if you can help.
Want to know more about all this? Dar is planning a Zoom demonstration of our current system, Shopify. Just let her know you're interested ( and she'll send you a link to the meeting.
Bridge tips for newer players
Opening 1NT with a singleton Ace, King or Queen is legal and some times a good idea; but not always. I never open 1NT with a red suit singleton because I will always have a good rebid in Spades. A singleton Spade, on the other hand is hard to handle. Given K – AJxx –KJxx – KJxx, I would open 1NT as I have no good rebid after opening one of a minor and hearing partner respond 1S. 
Bridge trivia
Answers to last week’s questions
1. Harold Vanderbilt, while cruising on his yacht in 1925, is credited with the invention of bridge.
2. Charles Goren hosted the nationally televised Championship Bridge with Charles Goren for 7 years beginning in 1959.
3. Jeff Meckstroth is at the top of the ACBL Masterpoint list with 92,304 and change as of February 6, 2021. Jeff often played at our club when we had face-to-face games and we hope to see him again soon. His wife, Sally, a club regular, has 12,418. Third on the list is Jeff’s long time partner, Eric Rodwell who has 77,922.
Questions for this week
1. 1NT – 4H showing Spades and 1NT – 4D showing Hearts is called Texas. What is the name for 1NT – 4C showing Hearts and 1NT – 4D showing Spades?
2. The ACBL runs three North American Championship tournaments a year. What city hosted the largest attendance?
3.The first coup, which goes all the way back to whist, is the declarer ducking the lead of a King when holding the AJx of the suit. If the leader continues with another card in this suit, the declarer takes two rather than one card in the suit. What is this coup called?
Help, Please
Any suggestions, complaints, error corrections, or juicy gossip? Please drop me a note at
Paul (Guido) Friedman



Top ten finishes in Unit 128 for Year 2020
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Mon March 1, 2021
Monday ST PETE & TBBC Alliance Limited (0-499)
Mon March 1, 2021
Monday ST PETE & TBBC Alliance Open
Mon March 1, 2021
Monday ST PETE & TBBC Alliance Limited (0-499)

03/01/2021 Alan Abraham

2020 ACBL ALERT Procedures

Alert Procedures2 AS OF 11/2020

Summary from BridgeFeed

Suspend Face-to-Face through April 30 2021
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On January 25, the SPBC Board of Directors voted to extend the club’s closing through April 30, 2021. ..........
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Monday TBCC Social Hour   Meeting ID: 892 8642 8285.
Thursday 0-199 Post-Mortem  Meeting ID 784 548 2262. ..........
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