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Club Manager
Club Manager
Jack Brawner
(239) 404 -0835
Sunshine Committee Contact
Cheryl Miles (727) 455-5996
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Welcome to St Petersburg Bridge Club

St Pete Bridge Club 9103 US 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL Call 727-544-5040

We provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience for bridge players in the St. Petersburg area

2023 Election Results
CONGRATULATIONS to the new board members!
After the election, the following volunteers will be serving two-year terms on the Board:
Howard Braun
Elaine Garofalo
Bruce Philipoom
Genie Skypek
Jack Wilde
Current Schedule at the St Petersburg Club
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Open and 499er Games*
Monday*, Tuesday, Wednesday*, Thursday, and Friday*: 12:30 pm
Sunday: Handicapped TEAM Game at 1:00 pm
FREE "Chalk Talk" classes with Jack!    45 Minutes before Each Game
*499er games will be held if there is enough attendance
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Mark Smith (813-416-7928) Monday Open and 499er games
 Elaine Garofolo (727-348-6183) Tuesday Afternoon (Mentor Focus) game.
Elaine Garofalo (727-348-6183)  Wednesday Morning Newplicate (0-20)  game. 
Elaine Garofalo (727-348-6183)  Wednesday  Afternoon Open and 499er games.
Gail Haire (813-417-3652) Thursday Open Game
Pamela Gorbics (201-247-1595)  Friday Open and 499er games
Pamela Gorbics (201-247-1595)  Sunday Afternooon HANDICAPPED team game
As usual, a full schedule for the week can be found in the weekly email and in the upper left-hand corner of the Club's homepage
This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club
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Reminder: This Thursday's class is about making competitive decisions. "When to Bid, When to Pass, and When to Double". The $20 fee also includes a free entry into the Thursday afternoon game. ..........

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2022 Board of Directors
2022 Officers and Board of Directors
Don Aschenbrenner Howard Braun Kim Dean Elaine Garofalo Hazel Getman Pamela Gorbics Milferd Jones Sandy Peterson Lee Taylor Marianne Timmins Gwynne Young
Pamela Gorbics
Elaine Garofalo
Sandy Peterson
Don Aschenbrenner
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Wednesday Morning Pairs
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Thank You Barbara Seagram - Strip for Success Seminar
Thank You Barbara Seagram - Strip for Success Seminar
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* * ALERT - Viewing Our Website by Phone **
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How to View our Website Homepage or Results using your Cell Phone. ..........

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