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#50299 Pairs PETE & TBBC Alliance 500
#40106 ST PETE & TBBC Alliance 12:45 Open
#32140 ST PETE & TBBC Alliance 12:45 Open
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Welcome to St Petersburg Bridge Club

St Pete Bridge Club 9103 US 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Call 727-544-5040

This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club

41 in 2020


Joanne Wharton, president emeritus, offers thanks for your support.

While reading the May issue of ACBL’s Bridge Bulletin, I saw the “Top 50 Clubs, Table Counts for 2020.” As I scanned through the list, I was delighted to see that our club came in at number 41 with 5,818 tables. This was accomplished despite the fact that we held no games between mid-March, when the club was closed, and mid-April, when we held our first virtual club game.

A huge bundle of thanks goes to our three indomitable virtual club directors, Elaine, Pam, and Paul, who charged into ACBL/BBO’s virtual club world and conquered. 

Most of the thanks go to you, our loyal and supportive members and friends, who are primarily responsible for this achievement! I cannot thank you enough.

Being in the Top 50 Clubs was an important benchmark to Charlie. We were 47th in 2019 with 5,922 tables and 45th in 2018 with 6,426.5 tables. I think I can safely say that Charlie would be proud of us in helping to keep his dream alive.

So far in 2021, we are ranked 50th with 2,365 tables. We can do it again with your continued support.

See you at the club!

We are up and running face-to-face bridge at the club. Both a Limited and Open game begin at 12:30 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please join us and say hello to old friends and make some new ones, too. The week’s schedule can be found at the bottom of this email.

Charity games are scheduled May 17,  26, 28 and 31 to benefit the Grassroots Fund, which helps support our area's participation in a variety of events, including Grand National teams, and North American Pairs. Next month we begin North American Pairs qualifying games.


Board of Directors report

Pamela Gorbics reports:

The SPBC Board of Directors held an emergency session to discuss mask requirements and a policy regarding unvaccinated players attempting to play in club games. 

All players who have completed a vaccine series against Covid-19 are no longer required to wear facemasks, with the exception that if a player at a table requests masks be worn while at their table, whether an EW or NS pair, masks will be required for that round. 

Players are required to have a completed Covid-19 vaccination series to attend in-person club games. If it is found that a person is playing without such a vaccine, that person will be removed from play, asked to leave, and, if possible, a player will substitute for them the remainder of the session. No refund will be given, as this requirement for vaccine has been publicized. Although we cannot ask for proof of vaccine, once a player makes a statement they have not completed the required vaccination series, they will be prohibited from play until they state that they have completed such.

Silver Lining Week on-line

Silver points will be available for on-line games only from May 24 through May 30. You will earn double regular club masterpoints and all awards will be silver.

New convention card 

The ACBL is working on a new convention card. You can see the current draft and lots of comments at

The ACBL is also working on the creation of a simpler card for limited games.

Bridge trivia

Answers to last week’s questions

  1. You get two bites at the apple on Mosher defense to 1NT. Seventy-some years ago, Mosher, named after its "inventor" Bob Mosher, is a defense to the opponents' 1NT opening. 2C shows clubs; 2D shows diamonds; and two of a major shows the suit bid!

    However, in some parts of the English-speaking world, Mosher is the same as the Woolsey defense: Double is a long minor and a four-card major; 2C shows the majors; 2D shows one major; 2 of a major shows 5+ in the bid suit plus a 4+ card minor.
  2. Pearson Points is a valuation method used to decide if it is worth the risk to bid or pass in fourth seat after Pass-Pass-Pass. Don Pearson's method is to add your high card points to your number of spades. If the total is fifteen or more, open otherwise pass.
  3. The Beer Card is the seven of diamonds. Informally, some play that if your seven of diamonds wins the last trick of a hand then your partner must buy you a beer. Usually there are rules attached, such as you need to make the contract, too. The idea of a beer card started with the game of Skat in which the D7 is the lowest ranking card in the lowest ranking suit.

Questions for this week

The ACBL Open Convention Chart places requirements on certain opening bids. Since our club uses the Open chart in our Open games, it is important to understand these requirements.

  1. The Convention Charts (and there are four) all use the term "Rule of N" where N is a number. Examples include Rule of 17, Rule of 24, etc. How do you determine if your hand meets, for example, the Rule of 17?
  2. What are the requirements to open 1NT under the Open chart?
  3. What are the potential ramifications for opening 1NT on a hand that does not follow the requirements?

Word of the week


Definition: Void usually in trumps

Example: When declarer leads trumps and you have a chicane, your discard shows attitude.

Help, Please
Any suggestions, complaints, error corrections, or juicy gossip? Please drop me a note at
Paul (Guido) Friedman



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Reopening MAY 5th
In-person Face-to Face (F2F) and on-line game schedule coming together
Mark Smith will direct the Monday in-person Open and 499er games
 Elaine Garofalo will handle Wednesday’s in-person Open and 499er games,
Pamela Gorbics will be in charge of Friday's in-person Open and 499er games,games.
Paul Friedman will direct the in-person Tuesday morning 199er game. He will offer a mini lesson at 9 am followed by the game at 9:30 am.
As usual, a full schedule for the week can be found in the weekly email and in the upper left-hand corner of the Club's homepage.
There will be a 499er game on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm and a 299er game on Thursdays  at 1:00 pm. 
The Monday and Thursday 7:00 pm games are scheduled to begin on  May 10 and May 13 respectively
Mon May 17, 2021
Monday ST PETE & TBBC Alliance Limited (0-499)
Mon May 17, 2021
Monday F2F OPEN & LIMITED (0-499)
Mon May 17, 2021
Monday ST PETE & TBBC Alliance OPEN

      05/03/2021 Bob Lorenzen

     Year 2020 Memorials
Free Introductory Lesson for Absolute Beginners
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Free Introductory Lesson for Absolute Beginners
A ten-lesson on-line Introduction to Bridge class taught be Merry Schainblatt begins on Tuesday May 4 at 10 am.
 This is not the typical series of on-line lectures. ..........
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Need a MENTOR?
Now you can find a mentor online!
St Pete Bridge Club's mentoring program. We think this is a great way for newer players to improve while providing more experienced players a way to give back to the game we all love.
To make it even easier all potential mentors and mentees need to do is click Mentorship Program


Minutes Board of Directors Meeting MARCH 22, 2021
Minutes of the St Pete Bridge Club Board of Directors
Meeting MARCH 22, 2021
2020 ACBL ALERT Procedures

Alert Procedures2 AS OF 11/2020

Summary from BridgeFeed

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Monday TBCC Social Hour   Meeting ID: 892 8642 8285.
Thursday 0-199 Post-Mortem  Meeting ID 784 548 2262. ..........
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