Club Manager
Club Manager
Jack Brawner
(239) 404 -0835
Sunshine Committee Contact
Sunshine Committee Contact
Babs Thacker (727) 686-7439
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Welcome to St Petersburg Bridge Club

St Pete Bridge Club 9103 US 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL Call 727-544-5040

We provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience for bridge players in the St. Petersburg area

Current Week at St Pete Bridge Club
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A Smorgasbord of Extra Point opportunities in June!
NAP = North American Pairs qualifier. RED points are available! (Qualifiers may choose to move on to the next round and compete to represent Florida!)
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP games. Extra points, no extra $$
STAC = Section Tournament At Clubs. ..........
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Current Schedule at the St Petersburg Club
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Open and 499er Games*
Monday*, Tuesday, Wednesday*, Thursday, and Friday*: 12:30 pm
Sunday: Handicapped TEAM Game at 1:00 pm
FREE "Chalk Talk" classes with Jack!
    45 Minutes before the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday games.

*499er games will be held if there is enough attendance
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Bridge Tips by Jack
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                     When looking for a Queen, should you play for the drop or take the finesse? One of the first rules I was taught was “eight ever nine never”…  if you have eight cards in the suit, take the finesse. If you have nine, play for the drop. Later in my bridge development, I wondered why “they” say this, because “they” also say that “odd suits split evenly and even suits split oddly” which means that 3-1 breaks are more common than 2-2 breaks. ..........

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Mark Smith (813-416-7928) Monday Open and 499er games
 Elaine Garofolo (727-348-6183) Tuesday Afternoon (Mentee Focus) game.
Elaine Garofalo (727-348-6183) Wednesday Morning Newplicate (0-20)  game. 
Jack Brawner (239-404 -0835)  Wednesday  Afternoon Open and 499er games.
Gail Haire (813-417-3652) Thursday Open Game
Pamela Gorbics (201-247-1595) Friday Open and 499er games
Pamela Gorbics (201-247-1595) Sunday Afternoon HANDICAPPED team game
As usual, a full schedule for the week can be found in the weekly email and in the upper left-hand corner of the Club's homepage
2023 Board of Directors
2023 Officers and Board of Directors
Don Aschenbrenner Howard Braun Elaine Garofalo Hazel Getman Pamela Gorbics Sandy Peterson Bruce Philipoom Genie Skypek Lee Taylor Marianne Timmons Jack Wilde
Howard Braun
Elaine Garofalo
Sandy Peterson
Bruce Philipoom
Monday OPEN & LIMITED (0-499)
Sunday Grassroots Teams
Friday Aft Grassroots Prs

Mother of Mark Smith 


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* * ALERT - Viewing Our Website by Phone **
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How to View our Website Homepage or Results using your Cell Phone. ..........

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