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Welcome to St. Jude's Bridge Club

2021 on-line bridge

It's been a very difficult time for everyone and hopefully we will get back to regular Club Bridge at some stage in 2021. 

In the meantime, our on line services will continue and we wish to thank all those playing for their continued support. 

St. Judes Bridge Club continues to welcomes new members.

For further information please contact

Marian: 0872050233

Anne: 0861082157

St Jude's Online Bridge

New St Jude’s Online Bridge Club Members. 

First of all you must register with BBO (  You will be asked to supply a username.

You will have to buy BBO dollars. This process is easy to follow on the BBO website

In order to play, first you must login to BBO,  this brings you to  -Competitive- then: All Tournaments- then search for: CBAI125585
Register for any of these 3 competitions: N/B2, B1/A2, A1/M
Please make sure you have sufficient BBO dollars in your account. 
If your partner has insufficient dollars, you can pay his/her fee. 
 Reminder that registration to play in our competitions is from  *5.30pm to 7pm * each Wednesday
Log back in to BBO well before start time:
 7.20pm  for N/B2, 
7.25pm  for B1/A2 
7.30pm  for A1/M.
If you fail to get picked up at start time, please contact our TD Bernard immediately to see if he can fix the problem. 
Please be aware that he can respond only to *WhatsApp messages or WhatsApp phone calls
and only on this phone number:
 *089 208 9499*
Bernard does not use regular calls or texts for this site.
If someone new wishes to register with our club, please contact Marian, Anne or Bernard any day but no later than *2pm* on the Wednesday they wish to play.
*Marian: 087 2050233*
*Anne:  086 108 2157*
We welcome all new comers and hope you will have a very enjoyable bridge experience.
Club/CBAI Membership

♠  To all our members  ♣ 

Those on the membership list for 2019/2020 will have their memberships renewed for 2020/2021.

Their Affiliation to the CBAI will be paid and they are eligible to play in all competitions organised by the Club and the CBAI.

Sincere Sympathy- Freda McLoughlin, Carmel Reason

Sincere Sympathy to the family of our esteemed member Freda McLoughlin, who passed away of the 29th January.

She will be sadly missed.

Also, sincere sympathy to the family of Carmel Reason, a cherished past member, who died on th 23rd January.

Further details and arrangements can be viewed on

Suaimhneas siorai da anamacha

Masterpoints 2019/2020

If anyone wants their masterpoints record,

they are now available from Kevin Lahart (Masterpoints Secretary).

Kevin has the masterpoints only for those who nominated St. Jude's as their Home Club.





The Bridge Centre remains closed temporarily.

Please keep yourselves safe and well, taking no unnecessary risks.

The TCCBC has infomed us that the

Annual subscriptions will not be collected by direct debit until there is more clarity about reopening.

There is no need to send cheques for subscriptions either.


This website will be updated when any decisions have been made regarding subscriptions and reopening.

Classes have been deferred. Details of rescheduling will be sent to students by email or text message .

Claire Toon RIP
Claire Toon RIP

We offer sincere sympathies to the family of Claire Toon.

Claire passed away on 28th September.

A most cherished member of our club.

She will be sadly missed.

Please refer to for funeral arrangements

AIB Trophy, Inter A trophy, Club Trophy, St. Judes Trophy
Anne Lalor Ber McNamara
Breege Kavanagh Patricia Quinn
Declan Doyle
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AIB Trophy, Inter A trophy, Club Trophy and St. Judes Trophy

Prize-winners 2020


1st   Breege Kavanagh & Patricia Quinn; 2nd Anne Brady & Mary Marrinan; Joint 3rd Anne Howard & Kathleen Sharkey and  Mona Moran & Patricia Wills

1st Session Winers - Emer O’Flaherty & Russell Down; 2nd Session winners - Phidias Stylianou & Bernie Wall

Inter A

1st Declan Doyle & Adrienne Weston; 2nd Cyril Mahon & Niall O’Sullivan; 3rd Marie Egan & Geraldine Lynch

4th Matt Kavanagh & Maura Kavanagh; 5th Colette Brennan & Cherry Keane; 6th Joan Cronin & Peggy O’Kane

1st Session winners - Roger Keller & Joe Hannon; 2nd Session winners Ann Ryan & Pat O’Connor

Club Trophy

1st Anne Lalor & Ber McNamara; 2nd Rhona Darcy & Arabella Fitnzpatrick;

3rd Marian McGuinness Logue & Martina Wheatley; 4th Marie Kennedy & Sean Fletcher

1st Session winners - Eleanor Morrissey & Anne Power; 2nd Session winners - Patricia Bonner & Jim Kelly

St. Judes Trophy

1st Bernie O’Connell & Loretta Redmond; 2nd Brian Byrne & Anthony Flannery

1st Session winners - Barbara McMonagle & Orla Fitzgibbon; 2nd Session winners  Sean Coyle & Marie Noblett

TCCBC 21st Celebration
TCCBC 21st Celebration

The TCCBC is celebrating its 21st anniversary

To mark the occasion they will be holding a party in the Bridge centre on the 23rd May 2020.
Each Club have been offered a limited number of tickets to sell to its members.
The tickets are €25.00 each.
We are asking anyone who is interested in purchasing a ticket to complete the forms
that are being passed around over the next few Wednesdays or by contacting our
president  Marian McGuinness Logue.  In the event that it is over-subscribed
tickets will be sold on a lottery basis.
Kilkenny Weekend Away - 2020
  • IMG-20200204-WA0001
  • IMG-20200204-WA0002
  • IMG-20200204-WA0003
  • IMG-20200204-WA0004
  • IMG-20200204-WA0005
  • IMG-20200204-WA0006
  • IMG-20200204-WA0007
  • IMG-20200204-WA0008
  • IMG-20200204-WA0009
  • IMG-20200204-WA0010
  • IMG-20200204-WA0011
  • IMG-20200204-WA0012
  • IMG-20200204-WA0013
  • IMG-20200204-WA0014
  • IMG-20200204-WA0015
  • IMG-20200204-WA0016
  • IMG-20200204-WA0017
  • IMG-20200204-WA0018
  • IMG-20200204-WA0019
  • IMG-20200204-WA0020
  • IMG-20200204-WA0021
  • IMG-20200204-WA0022
  • IMG-20200204-WA0023
  • IMG-20200204-WA0024
  • IMG-20200204-WA0026
  • IMG-20200204-WA0027
  • IMG-20200204-WA0028
  • IMG-20200204-WA0029
  • IMG-20200204-WA0030
  • IMG-20200204-WA0031
  • IMG-20200204-WA0032
  • IMG-20200204-WA0033
  • IMG-20200204-WA0034
  • IMG-20200204-WA0035
  • IMG-20200204-WA0036
  • IMG-20200204-WA0037
  • IMG-20200204-WA0038
  • IMG-20200204-WA0039
  • IMG-20200204-WA0040
  • IMG-20200204-WA0041
  • IMG-20200204-WA0042
  • IMG-20200204-WA0043
  • IMG-20200215-WA0000
  • IMG-20200215-WA0001
  • IMG-20200215-WA0002
  • IMG-20200215-WA0003
  • IMG-20200215-WA0004
  • IMG-20200215-WA0005
  • IMG-20200215-WA0006
  • IMG-20200215-WA0007
  • IMG-20200215-WA0009
  • IMG-20200215-WA0010

A very successful weekend and great time was had by all.

CBAI Simultaneous Pairs

The CBAI Simultaneous Pairs

Congratulations to all who played on Wednesday 5th February

Below is the link to the CBAI website for the results

St Jude's Committee 2019 ~ 2020
St  Jude's Committee 2019 ~ 2020

Back Row L-R; Patricia Bonner; Aileen Redmond; Connie Keogh; Anne Howard (Tournament Dir); Peter Heffernan; Margaret Keavey; Kevin Lahart (Master Pts Sec); Joan Daly; Marie Kennedy (Not present) 

Front Row L-R; Marie Lyons (Hon Treasurer); Frances Heffernan (Ex-Officio); Marian McGuinness Logue (President); Tadhg O'Connell (Vice President); Dympna Smyth (Hon Secretary)

St Jude's Christmas Party Pictures
  • IMG-20191206-WA0049
  • IMG-20191206-WA0050
  • IMG-20191206-WA0051
  • IMG-20191206-WA0052
  • IMG-20191206-WA0053
  • IMG-20191206-WA0054
  • IMG-20191206-WA0055
  • IMG-20191206-WA0056
  • IMG-20191206-WA0058
  • IMG-20191206-WA0059
  • IMG-20191206-WA0060
  • IMG-20191206-WA0061
  • IMG-20191206-WA0062
  • IMG-20191206-WA0063
  • IMG-20191206-WA0064
  • IMG-20191206-WA0065
  • IMG-20191206-WA0066
  • IMG-20191206-WA0067
  • IMG-20191206-WA0068
  • IMG-20191206-WA0069
  • IMG-20191206-WA0070
  • IMG-20191206-WA0071
  • IMG-20191206-WA0072
  • IMG-20191206-WA0073
  • IMG-20191206-WA0074
  • IMG-20191206-WA0075
  • IMG-20191206-WA0076
  • IMG-20191206-WA0077
  • IMG-20191206-WA0078
  • IMG-20191206-WA0079
  • IMG-20191206-WA0080
  • IMG-20191206-WA0081
  • IMG-20191206-WA0082
  • IMG-20191206-WA0083
  • IMG-20191206-WA0084
  • IMG-20191206-WA0085
  • IMG-20191206-WA0086
  • IMG-20191206-WA0087
  • IMG-20191206-WA0088
  • IMG-20191206-WA0089
  • IMG-20191206-WA0090
  • IMG-20191206-WA0091
  • IMG-20191206-WA0092
  • IMG-20191206-WA0093
  • IMG-20191206-WA0094
  • IMG-20191206-WA0095
  • IMG-20191206-WA0096
  • IMG-20191206-WA0097
  • IMG-20191206-WA0098
  • IMG-20191206-WA0099
  • IMG-20191206-WA0100
  • IMG-20191206-WA0101
  • IMG-20191206-WA0102
  • IMG-20191206-WA0103

♠   A good night was had by all 



Winners of John Comyn Trophy 2019.
B/Novice Section 2nd.Martina Flannery, Barbara Byrne, Joan King & Nancy Meredith 3rd Marie Kennedy, Sean Fletcher, Tom Flood & Anna Murphy
Middle Section.1st Kieran Hannon, Peter Branagan, Matt Kavanagh & Peter Searson. 2nd Bernadette McGillion, Pat McGillion, Martina Wheatley & Marian McGuinness. Logue
Top Section 1st Una Hogan, Edel Bracken, Aine Costelloe & Sean Costelloe: 2nd Brege Kavanagh, Patricia Quinn, Ursula Merriman & Michael Merriman
Winners of John Comyn Trophy 2019, Paul Derham Mary Conlon, Phil Stapleton (not present) & Olive Corbett
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♠  John Comyn Trophy 2019  ♣ 

Congratulations to all those who played in the John Comyn Trophy


Marie Moran Trophy 2019
Marie Moran Trophy 2019
St Jude’s produced 15 winners in the Marie Moran Trophy on Saturday 2nd November.
 Overall Winners: Mary Byrne & Patricia Bonner. (pictured above)
1st prize in their section: Marie Kennedy and Ephraim Purcell. 
2nd Prize in their section: Kevin and Phil Lahart. Tadhg and Helena O’Connell. 
 Other prizewinners from St Jude’s:
Bernie O'Connell, Loretta Redmond
Angela Keating, Annette Walsh
Breda O'Connor, Anna F. Murphy, Tom Flood.
TCCBC Donation
TCCBC Donation
After the presentation of prizes at the Marie Moran competition The Presidents of the Centres five clubs, Marian Mc Guinness Logue - St Jude's; Máire Lohan - Ballyroan; Vivienne Nealon (for Dan Meaney) - Templeogue College; Matt Reville - Knocklyon; Paul Baird - Cypress, were presented with a cheque of €4000 for each club’s use, by the Chairman, Joe Moran
Presidents Prize Competition Winners 2019
B/Novices ~ Mary Byrne and Patricia Bonner
Inter A ~ Joan Cronin and Peggy O\'Kane
Inter B ~ Anne Doyle and Norah Walsh
Top ~ Una Hogan and Edel Bracken
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♠   ♣ President's Prize Competition ♣   ♠ 

Congratulations to all of those who played in the President's Prize Competition.

The presentation of prizes took place  Wednesday 15th May.


PMPA Winner ~ Barbara McNamara
PMPA Winner ~ Barbara McNamara

♠   2019 PMPA Individual Trophy Competition Results  ♣ 

Overall Winners

1st      Barbara McNamara   459

2nd    Sean Costelloe             451

3rd     Eilish Reynolds           449

4th     Bertha Cohen                448.5

North South East West
1stRosaleen Byrne 1stMiriam Gaffney 1stMary Tynan 1stColette Brennan
2ndRussell Down 2ndTadhg O’Connell 2ndBetty Clancy 2ndNiall O’Sullivan
3rdEamon Martin Snr 3rdJosephine Quirke 3rdMary Gordon 3rdBetty Hardiman
4thMaura Croke 4thMarian McGuiness. Logue 4thMarie Hogan 4thPhideas Stylianou

PMPA 2019 All results.xlsx

AIB, Inter A, Club and St Jude's Trophy Winners
Winners of the AIB Trophy ~ Betty Hardiman and Ita Newell
Winners of the Club Trophy ~ Bernie Spillane and Pat Godfrey
Winners of the Inter A Trophy ~ Frances and Peter Heffernan
Winners of the St Jude\'s Trophy ~ Fran and Ephraim Purcell
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            Congratulations to all of our Winners


AIB, Inter "A", Club Trophy & St Jude's Trophy

Congratulations to all who took part in the AIB, Inter "A", Club Trophy, & ST. Jude's Trophy 2019

All of our prize winners listed below will receive their awards on the 20th March.

AIB Trophy   Inter A Trophy  
1st Betty Hardiman & Ita Newell 1st Frances Heffernan & Peter Heffernan
2nd Maureen Kelly & Anne Howard 2nd John Hickey & Jeremiah O’Regan
3rd Anne Barrett & Liz Brennan 3rd Hilery Murphy & Niall O’Sullivan
4th Anne Brady & Mary Marrinan 4th Mary Drake & Mary Kneafsey
5th Bertha Cohen & Bridie C. Maher
1st Session Ann Coburn & Pauline Leavy 1st Session Ann Ryan & Joan Sheridan
2nd Session Mary Cox & Doreen Doyle 2nd Session Margaret Keavey & Carmel Griffin
Club Trophy St Jude's Trophy  
1st Pat Godfrey & Bernie Spillane 1st Ephraim Purcell & Fran Purcell
2nd Susan Downes & Eileen Mason 2nd Bernie O’Connell & Loretta Redmond
3rd Rhona Darcy & Arabella Fitzpatrick 3rd Joan Daly & Dolores Jackson
1st Session Maureen Mee & Mona Stephens 1st Session Jacinta Quigley & Sylvia Carr
2nd Session Breda McCoy & Josephine Quirke 2nd Session Patricia Muller & Miriam Gaffney


40th Anniversary Celebrations
  • IMG 4077
  • IMG 4083
  • IMG 4085
  • IMG 4086
  • IMG 4087
  • IMG 4088
  • IMG 4089
  • IMG 4090
  • IMG 4091
  • IMG 4092
  • IMG 4093
  • IMG 4094
  • IMG 4095
  • IMG 4097
  • IMG 4098
  • IMG 4099
  • IMG 4100
  • IMG 4103
  • IMG 4104
  • IMG 4105
  • IMG 4106
  • IMG 4107
  • IMG 4108
  • IMG 4109
  • IMG 4110
  • IMG 4111
  • IMG 4112
  • IMG 4113
  • IMG 4115
  • IMG 4116
  • IMG 4117
  • IMG 4118
  • IMG 4119
  • IMG 4120
  • IMG 4121
  • IMG 4122
  • IMG 4123
  • IMG 4124
  • IMG 4125
  • IMG 4126
  • IMG 4127
  • IMG 4128
  • IMG 4129
  • IMG 4130
  • IMG 4131
  • IMG 4132
  • IMG 4133
  • IMG 4134
  • IMG 4135
  • IMG 4136
  • IMG 4137
  • IMG 4138
  • IMG 4139
  • IMG 4140
  • IMG 4141
Xmas Party 2018 Bridge Winners
Xmas Party 3rd Place Prize Winners
Xmas Party Bridge 1st Place Prize Winners
Xmas Party Bridge 2nd Place Prize Winners
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Team of 4 B-Novice Winning Team 2018
Team of 4 B-Novice Winning Team 2018




Catherine Ryan, Barbara McMonagle, Barbara Byrne, Martina Flannery
John Comyn Trophy Winners 2018

John Comyn Trophy winning team of Barbara McMonagle, Catherine A. Ryan, Eileen Mason and Susan Downes

John Comyn Trophy Winners 2018
Members requiring a partner

New Procedure for Members who need a partner

Please be at the Club no later than 7.00pm and contact Marian or a member of the committee on arrival.  You will be shown a table to sit at until you have been allocated a partner. 

Please do not ring or text Marian if you require a partner, please follow the above procedure.

While awaiting allocation of a partner you are not permitted to hold a place in any section unless authorised by Marian or Anne Howard.

General Notice


It is important for Members to be seated by 7.15 pm to facilitate the set up of competitions.

St. Judes Weekend Away 2018
All Aboard
Dinner on Saturday
Dinner on Saturday 4
Late night revellers
Our dining room
Out and about
Prize winners
Westport House staircase
Bridge on Saturday
Dinner on Saturday
Dympna and Seans 45th Anniversary
Men dancing
Our group on steps of Westport House
Out for a stroll
Prize winners 4
Daffodils are out in Westport
Dinner on Saturday 3
Ken and Nora
Men dancing
Our guide in Westport House
Prize winners
The Walking Tour Group
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A selection of photographs from St Judes Weekend Away on 16th to 18th February 2018


Selection of Pics from the Xmas Party 2017
At the Party
Dancing 3
Guests Tom Woulfe Joe Moran Ailbhe Mealy
Mona and Anne
Peggie and Joan
The band
Diners at Party
IMG 3668 600 x 400
Party goers
Phil and Kevin Lahart
Vivienne and Cyril
Enjoying their meal
Martina and Barbara
Party goers
Prize winners 3
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Visitors are welcome on Non competition Nights.

Visitors who are not Members of Templeogue Castle Community Bridge Center (TCCBC) can play at the Bridge Center on 4 nights in any given year. This includes all Clubs of the Center.

President 2019 - 2020
President 2019 - 2020

St. Judes President 2019 - 2020

Marian McGuinness-Logue

#24368 Pairs Novice/B2 St Judes
Scorer: Bernard Higgins
#24393 Pairs B1/A2 Relaxed St Judes
Scorer: Bernard Higgins
#24406 Pairs B1/A2 Quick St Judes
Scorer: Bernard Higgins