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Stirling and Union Bridge Club
24th May 2020 07:54 BST
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Stirling and Union Bridge Club
Welcome to Stirling and Union Bridge Club

This is the home page for the Stirling and Union Bridge Club. The club has been formed by the merger of Stirling and Stirling Union Bridge Clubs with effect from 2nd May 2011. The site provides information on all aspects of the club, including results for previous weeks and details of forthcoming events. If you are interested in joining our club, visit our information section to learn more about the club and how to become a member.


Maude Binnie

We are sad to announce that Maude has passed away.  She has not played in the club recently but, for a long spell, she and her partner. Nick Miller, "owned" the Weir Kirkpatrick Trophy.

West District League

Huge congratulations to all involved.  The Stirlling team have won the league for the SECOND YEAR RUNNING!

SUBC Online Teams Competition

About a dozen of us have been playing 12 board team of four matches on BBO (during the day) and I am wondering if anyone would like to join us.

If we had 7 teams we would play 6 matches over, say, a month. With BBO being so busy, it seems that short matches played at a time convenient to the two teams involved might be quite workable.

If you would like to enter a team please contact me ( or 01259 751707 - I have a call blocker so please hold so that I can accept your call)

Each team would need a name (max. 7 characters) and a captain who would be the contact person (email and phone number please) and organise matches with the other teams.

Unlimited substitutes would be permitted if required.

If you have not set up a teams match on BBO I will give you details and support if needed.

If you need teammates or would like to join an incomplete team i will keep lists of available people so please let me know.

Bridge and the impact of Covid-19 - research participants wanted

We hope you might consider participating in this bridge research project as part of the Bridge: A MindSport for All work?  

Whilst we recognise that the health consequences of Covid-19 are by far the most important and distressing, there are also significant economic and social impacts. Government guidance to stay at home and engage in social distancing means that our everyday lives have been massively disrupted.  

Covid-19 is impacting the bridge community in a range of ways, and these changes regarding bridge may be, to differing degrees, positive or negative. As sociological researchers, we would like to understand the diverse issues that the bridge community is currently facing and how it is responding (or not) to these. 

We would be delighted if you would share your experiences of bridge in the time of Covid-19.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please read the guidance notes which you can find in the main menu under "Bridge and COVID-19" and send your diary entries by email to: (please note that only Miriam and I have access to the BAMSA email). Feel free to forward these details along with guidance notes on to others who might be willing to participate - anyone involved in bridge is welcome to share their views. In due course, the findings will be freely available and the final report will be sent to all participants (unless you ask us not to).

The attachments can also be found via this link:
Many thanks

Sam (and Miriam Snellgrove)

BAMSA researchers

Mr Bridge

Bernard Magee has started live broadcasts which will be a combination of seminars, quizzes and information.  The first broadcast was on Monday 30 March at 11am on You-Tube (free of charge and still available).  The next will be on Wednesday.


Members new to playing Bridge on line may find the You-Tube videos by Paul Gipson helpful.

The link is


Following the Government's announcements the Board has decided to cancel all regular sessions and classes until further notice.


If you are looking for a partner or team-mates for any session, please contact


                     Monday and Friday  Susan Wilson tel. 07778506406

                                                                          or email:

                     Wednesday   Anna McLean   tel:  01259 760687

                                                                 or email:


Mon, Wed, Thurs 

Sandra Hopkins: Home 01259 214963,



Friday -          Ella Galletly Home 01786 448810

                                        or email:

Club Phone Number 01786 450244



Bridge Classes

Anyone interested in bridge classes, beginner or intermediate, please contact Pat Wilson (01786 473907)  or Anne Ritchie (

Building Development

The board have established a sub-committee to investigate the possible development and refurbishment of the rear premises of the bridge club. An initial appraisal document has been placed in the building development section in the main menu. Further information will be added.

Keep Bridge Alive Campaign
Keep Bridge Alive Campaign

The University of Stirling is setting up a Keep Bridge Alive Campaign which will run in Feb and March 2019 and will be linked to the Sociology of Bridge research projects. They are hoping for support from Stirling and Union Bridge Club. For more information see the document listed in the main menu. There are also some photos from Wednesday 9th January. A full programme of events see shown in the menu opposite.

Terrys Cup
Scorer: van Condon
SR Teams
Scorer: van Condon
J Boyle Quaich
Scorer: van Condon
Colquhoun Cup
Scorer: van Condon
Weir Kirkpatrick cup
Scorer: van Condon
Easter Pairs
Scorer: van Condon
P Wilson Cup
Scorer: van Condon
25th May 2020
Afternoon Aggregate
Scorer: Stirling and Union Bridge Club
25th May 2020
Evening Agg/MP
Scorer: Stirling & Union Bridge Club
26th May 2020
Evening Agg/MP
Scorer: P Wilson
27th May 2020
Afternoon Aggregate
Scorer: R Hatleskog
27th May 2020
Evening Agg/MP
Scorer: Stirling & Union Bridge Club
28th May 2020
Evening Aggregate
Scorer: B Wales