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As the hall will be used for voting on

Friday 8th March 2024,

there will be

no face to face bridge

However, it is hoped there will be an on line game on the night.  Information relating to this will be posted nearer the date.  



PRESIDENT Aidan Synnott
PRESIDENT  Aidan Synnott
Club Secretary 2023/24
Club Secretary 2023/24

Barbara Bunworth, Club Secretary





Competition Winners - Patricia Quigley & Frances Gill - The Linnane Competition 2024
Competition Winners - Patricia Quigley  & Frances Gill - The Linnane Competition 2024

St Gabriel’s Bridge Club






1.   The Club shall be known as St Gabriel’s Bridge Club.




2.   The objectives of the club shall be the playing and promotion of Bridge under the rules, guidance and objectives of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI).

3.   The Club shall be fully registered with the CBAI.




4.   Membership shall be open to all grades of bridge players.

5.   The Committee shall decide on the number of members permitted.

6.   Each candidate for membership must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Club and the nomination given in writing to the Honorary Secretary, who shall place the nomination before the Committee.  The Committee, after considering any objections to such candidate, may proceed with the election.  This decision must be by a majority vote of the committee meeting.

7.   Membership becomes effective on payment of the Annual Subscription.  Members who have not paid their annual subscription by 1st October in any year will be deemed to have lapsed their membership and must re-apply for election to membership.  Only fully paid-up members will be entitled to compete in Club competitions or to attend Club functions.

8.   Guests may play with the permission of the President or Vice President. Guests will be liable for their table money but will not be eligible to play in any of the major competitions listed in the Club diary.

9.   In the event of any member acting in such manner as to bring the Club into disrepute or to disrupt the smooth running of the Club or the enjoyment of other members, the committee shall have the right to reprimand such a member, and to warn them as to their future conduct.  This may be done verbally or in writing.  If the said member should continue to so act, or if the behaviour is considered sufficiently serious, the committee may suspend or cancel membership and refuse membership in subsequent years. The committee’s decision may be appealed to an independent person acceptable to both parties.




10. A Management Committee, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, shall control the Club.

11. The Committee shall put into effect all Resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting, or any EGM, and shall make such Regulations as they shall from time to time see fit, provided that such Regulations shall not alter amend or repeal any Regulations embodied in this Constitution.

12. The committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer - The Officers and ordinary committee members shall be not less than 6.

13. The Vice-President of the previous year shall be installed as President and shall nominate the new Vice-President at the A.G.M. each year.  No officer may serve for more than 5 consecutive years in the same capacity. The President may not serve in consecutive years. All Committee members must be elected each year.  All ballots shall be by simple majority and the President shall have a casting vote.

14. The President shall be an honorary member during her/his year of office.  The out-going President shall automatically become ex-officio a member of incoming committee if she/he so wishes.

15. The committee shall have the right to co-opt any member should a vacancy occur.

16. The chair shall be taken by the President, or, in his absence by the Vice-President, at meetings of the committee.  A minimum of two officers, one of whom must be the President or the Vice-President and at least two other members shall form a quorum at meetings of the Committee.

17. The Committee shall have power to appoint sub-committees where necessary.

18. All decisions at Committee meetings of the Club shall be by simple majority and the Chair shall have a casting vote in the event of a deadlock.

19. The Committee shall meet at least 6 times during the year.

20.  Minutes of the meetings shall be kept.




21. The banking account of the Club shall be kept in the name of the club in such bank as the committee may from time to time determine. All cheques must be signed by any two of the Club officers.  All disbursements must have the prior approval of the Committee.

22.  The Club shall keep books of account of the Club’s affairs and its transactions.

23. Two nominated members of the club who shall be appointed by the Committee shall carry out the Annual Audit of the Accounts.




24. The President shall preside over all affairs of the Club and shall at all times be afforded the courtesy that the office demands.  The President shall ex-officio be a member of every committee and may preside over all or particular meetings of the club by expressing such a wish.

25. The Vice-President will substitute for the President.

26. The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer shall administer the affairs of the club as laid down at the Annual General Meeting and shall furnish appropriate reports to the Annual General Meeting.

27. Tournament Directors shall be appointed by the Committee and shall run Competitions in accordance with the Laws of Bridge and the C.B.A.I. regulations.




28. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the months of May, June or July each year.

29.  The order of business at AGM’s shall be:

       (a) Ascertainment that a quorum is present.

       (b) Reading and approval (or correction) of the minutes of the last AGM, and any intervening special general meeting.

       (c) Report of the Management Committee, including an account of the income and expenditure of the Club for the previous 12 months.

       (d) Nominations and balloting

       (e) Any other business

       (f) Announcement of election results

30. A special general meeting may be called at any time by the committee or shall be called on receipt by the Hon-Sec of a requisition signed by at least 15 members of the club and stating the business to be brought forward.

31. Notice of the date fixed for an AGM or EGM shall be displayed on the Club Notice Board for at least two weeks preceding the meeting.  Nominations and Resolutions must be displayed on the Notice Board before the start of the AGM.  A quorum of at least 15% of members must be present at any AGM or EGM.

32. A notice inviting nominations for election of officers and committee members shall be posted on the club notice board at least two weeks prior to the AGM.

33. Only fully paid up members of the club shall be eligible to engage in discussion or vote at a general meeting.

34. The Hon. Treasurer’s financial statement, including a balance sheet shall be included in the items presented at the AGM, including the proposed annual membership fee and table money.



       Winding up of the Club

35.  In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the club no distribution of assets shall be made which would breach the tax exemption of the club.





36. Alterations, amendments or changes to this Constitution shall be made only at a General Meeting of the members and shall require a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at the GM.

37. This constitution supersedes and replaces any previous Constitution.



Dated: This Constitution was approved at the Annual General Meeting of the club on 25th May 2018.