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Breaking News

Aidan Synnott elected President at the 2023 AGM.

Members voted overwhelming to support plans to amalgamate the club with the other Clontarf Bridge Clubs.

Open Season: The Club is open to all CBAI members until the end of August.




Club Secretary 2022/23
Club Secretary 2022/23

Barbara Bunworth, Club Secretary





Welcome to St Gabriel's Bridge Club
Welcome to St Gabriels Bridge Club
Welcome to St Gabriels Bridge Club

Location; In St Gabriels Community Centre

St Gabriels Road, Clontarf,  Dublin 3

The  club is now open for face to face Bridge for members, and for non  members during the Open Season until the end of August.

Members of St. Gabriel's Bridge Club are also eligible to play in the  games run by the CAVBC. See subsequent panels.


AGM 2023 /24 Committee

The President and Committee for 2022-23 are as follows:

President: Aidan Synott

 Secretary: Barbara Bunworth      Treasurer: Mary Mc Elhinney

Members: Shelanne Purcell, Phil McIntire, Christine Madden


Ex- Offico;  Rhona Booth

Chris O'Doherty

The President and Committe, on behalf of the members , offer their sincere condolences to to the family and friends of our long term member 

Chris O'Doherty who died recently. May she rest in peace. 

Defibrillator in St. Gabriels Community Centre
It is 
 There is a Difibulator on the outside wall of the Centre.The password to open it is 1703.




What's App St. Gabriel's B.C. This can be used to find a partner for all the games run by the CAVBC or St. Gabriel's face to face games.


Click on 'Find a Partner' on the menu panel on this page


On BBO by logging in to the game for which you need a partner and using the 'partnership desk' function.

N.B. This is only available for approx 2 hours before the game.


Laws of Bridge
Laws of Bridge

Club competitions are subject to the Laws of Bridge and the Regulations of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI). The Laws can be accessed by clicking on Useful Links on this page and then Laws of Bridge 2017, or by downloading them (free) from the website of the World Bridge Federation.

While playing Online Bridge, Alerts are made by the player making the alertable bid. Otherwise the Regulations of the CBAI apply.




Card Play
Card Play
Friday Pairs
Director: Rona Booth
Friday Pairs
Friday Pairs