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If you are looking for a partner for a particular evening, please contact Fiona Jeffrey. Her telephone number and email address can be found in the 'Members Only' section, or use the "Find Partner" facility also in the Members Only section.


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Test Photograph
Welcome to Stepping Stone
Annual Subscriptions - 2019-2020

Annual Subscriptions are now due

Only one week left to pay. If subscriptions are not paid in time, members on the waiting list will be admitted.

£22 for members (includes £10 SBU membership fee)
£12 for members who pay their SBU fee to another club

Heating - Don't Tamper

Our secretary Norma receved the following email from the Baptist Church. Please comply.

This is just a quick email to remind regular users of PBC not to tamper with the settings of the radiators. If you find the heating is too hot or cold, please let me know and I will arrange for the heat settings to be adjusted accordingly

Best Wishes


AGM 3rd June

The AGM was held on 3 June skilfully chaired by our President May Harvey. The committee has been augmented by two new members, Valerie Lacey and Margaret Pemble. Thanks for "volunteering"!

The full committee may be viewed by clicking on "Information" on the left and choosing "Committee".

Set Up Rota - 3 Dec 18 - 16 Dec 19

Changes have been made to the Set Up Rota so that members on Set Up are on Lock Up on the same date.  Volunteers please check when you are required. If you are unavailable, please try to arrange a swop with another pair.

Members Only Section

Our President has asked me to clarify how to gain access to the Members Only section. Bridgewebs instructions are a little confusing. Best and safest approach is to ask me for access. I will then set it up. I must have your email address for the process to work. Your email address will not be compromised. It is a very secure site and addresses will never be revealed without permission. Other club members will be able to see email addresses but within the Members Only section.

Call me on 07773 787754 and I will set it up for you.

Sandy Forbes


Revised Constitution

Click on "Information" for the link to the revised Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Club Pairs
Director: May Harvey
Scorer: Fiona Jeffrey
Club Pairs
Director: Margaret Pemble
Scorer: Sandy Forbes
Club Pairs (Red)
Director: Donald Harvey
Scorer: Elizabeth Johnston
29th Jul 2019
Club Pairs
Director: Sandy Forbes
Scorer: Elizabeth Johnston
5th Aug 2019
Club Pairs
Director: Sandy Forbes
Scorer: Sandy Forbes
12th Aug 2019
Club Pairs
Director: Ann Anderson
Scorer: Elizabeth Johnston
19th Aug 2019
Club Pairs
Director: Donald Harvey
Scorer: May Harvey