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Tuesday:  0-20 MP's Play & Learn - Day Game at 12:30 p.m.

Thursday:  0-100 MP's Easy Duplicate (stratified) - Day Game at 12:30 p.m.

Thursday Eve: 0-499 MP's - Game Night 499 - 7:00 p.m. Evening at 7:00 p.m. - if you have up to 499 Masterpoints, then this is the Game for you!  Pre-dealt hands and Hand Records!



Coaching Workshops

Coaching Workshops with Robin and Stephen

What is it?----1.25 hrs of direct bidding and play of the hand with 4 persons at a table and 1 Director

Goal:  ----- to develop and improve decision making skills critical to success at the table

How Do I Sign Up?:  ---- send an Email to Stephen at ''

When Do They Occur?: ---- Back by Popular Demand!  -- 10:30 a.m. Select Thursdays Starting Again in the Spring 2020

Next Available:   send Stephen an Email:



SCENT-sitive FREE ZONE!  Remember that all of our games are scent-free zones.  Many players are reactive to scents.  Please be mindful, respectful and avoid utilizing any scents.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Welcome to Stephen's Bridge
Food Drive for the Holidays!!!

Let's All Support a Holiday Food Drive!!  Please donate! 

Bring in a closed package or can of food products.

We appreciate your efforts.

The Bridge Guys and Volunteers!

Welcome to our Guest Directors: 

Glenna Richardson on Tuesdays, the 10th and 17th of December AND

Craig MacIntosh on Thursdays, the 12th of December

Director --- Robin Stephens returns on the 19th of December

Club Closure for the Winter Holidays Between the 20th of December and Wed. the 1st of January All Games RESUME on Thursday the 2nd of January 2020!


TO:  Our Volunteers - Susan T., Helen W., Doug C., Beth H., Benita F., Peter H., Anne K., Joanne S. Ann K., Linda U., 

FROM:  Stephen and Robin and All of the Players and Club Members


You are incredible!!!

Thank you to each of you for your able help, patience, and understanding us and all of our Players!!!

Your contribution to our Bridge community and to each of our players does not go unnoticed!!

We are indebted to your commitment and consistent efforts to assist all us each day. You arrive with a smile and a very open and positive attitude and we appreciate it!

Thanks, just simply THANKS!!!

Stephen’s Bridge Club 


Where:         St. John’s York Mills Church, North York, M2P 1H3       

Address:      19 Don Ridge Drive, Yonge, York Mills, & Hwy 401 Area

Directions:   Access via Lord Seaton Drive or Old Yonge St.                 

Subway Access:       Yonge and York Mills Stn. – 6 to 8 minutes,

mild uphill grade, Walking Path to Church 

MAP:            (Click the MAP letters on the left to open)



We're Happy in Our New Home at St. John's!!!
Our Games - Play and Learn (Supervised) and Easy Duplicate Bridge
Our Games - Play and Learn (Supervised) and Easy Duplicate Bridge

We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for a bridge tip and game.  

AUDITORIUM - Lower Level with Accessible Lift Available

At St. John's North York Church, Yonge Exit on Highway 401

Access to St. John's, 19 Don Ridge Drive, North York, M2P 1H3, via 2 routes, EITHER from Old Yonge Street just East of Yonge off York Mills Road; OR, via Lord Seaton Drive, stick to the right and do NOT go on the Highway, then turn RIGHT onto Upper Canada Drive until you reach Don Ridge Drive, then turn RIGHT and then LEFT into the Church driveway

19 Don Ridge Drive, Toronto, ON, M2P 1H3, (North York) 

Click here for a map to M2P 1H3

Game Night 499 - Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. - if you have up to 499 Masterpoints, then this is the Game for you!  Pre-dealt hands and Hand Records!

Play and Learn Duplicate Bridge: On Tuesdays, bridge tip at 12:30 p.m. and game right after Tip.  Ask questions during the bidding and also receive some play tips throughout the game.  You may have up to 20 Masterpoints to Play in the Game

Easy Duplicate Bridge:  On Thursdays, games starts bridge tip at 12:30 p.m. and game right after Tip.   Make a decision about bids and play your hands --- questions are welcome if time permits at the end of a round, at a break, or at the end of the afternoon session.  You may have up to 100 Masterpoints to Play and be eligible for points in the Game (over the limit - you're welcome to play only).

Come and play novice and intermediate bridge!  You are invited to attend with or without a partner...if you need a partner, then we will arrange one.  The atmosphere is friendly, the players are open and welcoming creating a wonderful environment to advance your bridge skills. 

On Tuesdays, you may ask questions during the bidding and employ memory aids or 'cheat sheets'. 

On Thursdays, we encourage decision making during the bidding and play so no memory aids ('cheat sheets, etc) are allowed during the game.  However, the Director and Assistant Directors are always eager to answer questions, if time permits, after a hand, round or at the end of the session. Thursdays, using pre-dealt hands at the game provides a great opportunity to figure out each 'hand puzzle' and then learn which contracts were possible:  this feature allows you to communicate effectively with your partners.  We try to play at least 18 Boards per session.  

If you're looking for a game and practice where you can use 'cheat sheets' and or other memory aids, then I recommend Play and Learn, which is Supervised Play occurring on Tuesday afternoons starting at 12:30 p.m. for a bridge tip and game at the same location -----St. John's Anglican Church, 19 Don Ridge Drive, NorthYork, Toronto, ON, M2P 1H3, just south of Highway 401.

We look forward to meeting you and playing together!

Stephen Laufer -------- Bridge Director                Robin Stephens ------- Bridge Director


Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: G. Richardson
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Robin Stephens
Thursday Evening Pairs
Director: Robin Stephens
10th December 2019
Play and Learn
12:30 p.m. Tip & Game
12th December 2019
Easy Duplicate
12:30 p.m. Tip & Game
12th December 2019
Game Night 499
7:00 p.m.
Week's Top Scorers!

Top Score Earners]

Tuesday's Day Game: 

N/S:  Jerry Tenenbaum & Evy Strasberg -71.67%

E/W: Kathleen Magladry & Doug Knights - 60.83%

Thursday's Day Game:

Section A

N/S: Ron Safapour & Roshi Madadi - 73.26%

E/W: Susan Samuels & Lev Khondo -66.67%

Section C

N/S: Larry Sheldon & Doug Knights - 61.11%

E/W: Sharon Ridsdale & Glenna Morrison - 61.46%

Thursday Evening Game:

N/S:   Dragana Martinovic & Susan Samuels - 69.35%

E/W:  Jim Howes & Lorne Ireland - 61.31%

HINT:  'Click' on the Latest Results Tab directly above AND then, to view the hands that you played with your result, just 'click' on the Traveller's section at the top of the Result Page!  You can also do comparisomatches with other pairs to see how another team bid the same hands!  Ask us how to do it.

Barbara & Josee - School of Bridge - Contact: 416-300-9140
Barbara & Josee - School of Bridge - Contact:  416-300-9140