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Exciting news!!!  You can play with us online.  We've developed a Virtual Bridge Club that's easy to use.  If you need any help, then Richard and Stephen will help you get online and assist you getting started.  Do not be reluctant to start playing.....we'll help you through it.  Just send us an email: 

Contact Us for Help: 

Richard Ross: 


M:  416-816-7115

or call 

Stephen Laufer


M:  416-729-8600



Message From A Club Player Member-- Club Review 2020

"Stephen's Bridge Club is a most welcoming place. A place that caters to the bridge players.........short lessons, very organized play, great snacks, a beautiful setting, spacious accommodation and an atmosphere of wanting to make your stay enjoyable. What is stressed is showing kindness and respect to each other and having fun too.

 5 stars in my opinion.   Thank you to Stephen and all his gentle organizers."  J. Stephens, Real Bridge Player at Our Club. 

Thank you for your kind words.  We will strive to keep true to everything that you experienced at our Club!

Bridge Dreams
Bridge Dreams

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Welcome to Stephen's Bridge Club
Our Weekly BBO and In Person Monday Schedule - Check it Out!
Our Weekly BBO and In Person Monday Schedule - Check it Out!


Ace of Clubs includes all points won in Clubs including those won online in virtual ACBL clubs and "SYC" games on BBO.


BBO Etiquette Tips - See ACBL Rule:  74A2 (Conduct & Etiquette, Proper Attitude)

Whether defending or playing the hand, our Club players congratulate their partners ONLY after the Opponents say it FIRST.


Many contracts end in positive results for a Pair due to an inadvertent error by the opponents.  Declarers, their partners, and the opponents, frequently recognize that if a different card or lead was made, the results would be different. 

So, a comment of "well done partner", or "good defence partner", can sometimes be interpreted as, "Opponents, thanks for helping us out on this hand!"  We have all been in the position of feeling responsible for a lost contract no matter whether we are defenders or declarers.  

Congratulatory remarks to partner should be limited to private chat.  This benefits everyone.  

Of course, advise the table of your general bidding system, either Standard or 2/1 or other, and defence carding. 

Being social using Table Chat is great. 

Steps I Must Take to Play on BBO with The Club
Steps I Must Take to Play on BBO with The Club

Step 1:  You need to be an ACBL member to play in these Games on BBO!  It's easy to obtain an ACBL number at:   

The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has just launched a FREE Guest Membership option,  

CLICK HERE TO: Sign up today! Once you’re a Guest Member, you can truly see all that the bridge world has to offer.

Please remember to add our Club information as your recruiter when you register: STEPHEN BRIDGE CLUB, Club #:  275784

Click here to see all the benefits you’ll get for free and then sign up at this link:

Guest Memberships last for 120 days and are only available to brand new members, not previous or existing members.

 Step 2  This will allow you to play indefinitely -- you just need to get the ACBL # once and then even if you do NOT join after the month, you can continue to play with us. 

Just send along your new ACBL number and your BBO Username to me at

Step 3:  Create a Username on Bridgebase Online:, if you need help, then call one of us at numbers listed on the Left of your screen in the Bulletin Box.

Step 4:  If you tried to log on BBO and Join Our Game at Virtual Clubs, and you find that you are BLOCKED FROM REGISTERING TO PLAY, then, please call or text:  416-729-8600 to reach Stephen  or call Richard at 416-816-7115, send along your BBO Username, share it with us so that we can add you to the List of Players eligible to sign on for a game and so we can find each other.

Step 5:  To Register, Go to BBO, then click on Competitive (means Duplicate), then ACBL All Tournaments or Virtual Clubs (or ACBL North America), then Search, 'Stephen' & Click on Name of Club to the RIGHT of our Club Number:  VACB275784 

Step 6:  Watch the Video attached in the boxes below--- it's great introduction to How To Use BBO to Bid, Play, and more!


#92570 STEPHEN'S 0-999 1:00 p.m.
St. Gabriel's
#87574 STEPHEN'S 0-999 1:00 p.m.
Bridge At The Church
Wed 7th June 2023
0-100 MP Play and Learn
12:30 p.m. On-Line Game
Wed 7th June 2023
1:00 p.m. On-Line Game
Thu 8th June 2023
1500 Game
9:30 a.m. On-Line Game
Thu 8th June 2023
1:00 p.m. On-Line Game
Message from Stephen's Bridge Club

We are a family & community of Bridge Folks who support each other as we learn and hone new skills weekly.  A very good place & perspective, indeed!


Click Here to Learn More About this Convention

Click Here to Learn More About the Convention