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19th May 2023 12:00 BST
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Thank you to the members who have volunteered as standbys.
We have standbys for each week up to end of March 2021
The standby is listed in the Calendar
Thu 1st Jun 2023
Open night
Standby: Margaret McMahon
Thu 8th Jun 2023
Open night
Standby: Michael Myburgh
Thu 15th Jun 2023
Open night
Standby: Lesley McMullan
Club AGM
Standby: Beryl Dunne
Novice Pairs
Standby: Ann Lynn
Welcome to St. Crispin's Bridge Club

Our AGM is on Thursday 25th May 2023


If you would like to apply for membership of St Crispin's Bridge Club, please complete the Application Form here and return it to the Club Secretary.

Membership Application St Crispin's Bridge Club

PLease note that you must be a member of Greystones Bridge Centre to join St Crispin's bridge Club - see here Greystones Bridge Centre

Novice Pairs competition

St Crispin's will continue to run a Novice Pairs competitions over the summer.

An assistant will be on hand to offer advice and guidance if needed.

This is open to all novices, so why not practise your bidding & play in the company of other novices?

Table money will be € 5 and play commences at 7:30pm

Martin Rahill Individual 20th April 2023
Martin Rahill Individual 20th April 2023

Congratulations to prize winners in the Martin Rahill Individual competiton which was held on Thursday 20th April 2023 after a lapse of 4 years!

1st Kevin Clark 63.33 %
2nd Peter Markham 60.83 %
3rd Cynthia Ó Dúnlaing 59.58 %
4th George Murray 57.50 %
5th Ada Bradbury 56.35 %
6th Noel Carthy 55.42 %


Charity Night Thursday 23rd March 2023

Our Charity Night on Thursday 23rd March 2023 was a great success with over 80 in attendance.

President Pat presented a cheque for € 2,000 to Karen Purcell, St Vincent de Paul, who spoke of the work to help families in difficulties.

A big thank you to everyone who helped to make it a successful night, including Supervalu Greystones who sponsored the bottles of wine for the bridge prizes 

President's Prize Feb 23rd & Mar 2nd 2023
  • Presidents Prize 2023 1st Nicky and Kevin Clark
  • Presidents Prize 2023 2nd Emer Roberts and Pauline Barry
  • Presidents Prize 2023 3rd Margaret McMahon and Ray Breen
  • Presidents Prize 2023 4th Deirdre O Connor and Frank Devlin
  • Presidents Prize 2023 5th Eleanor Callanan and Gerry McCarthy
  • Presidents Prize 2023 6th Mona Driscoll and Yvonne O Doherty
  • Presidents Prize 2023 S1 Peter Markham and Betsy Carvill
  • Presidents Prize 2023 S2 Sheila Harvey and Ann Lynn

Our President's Prize was held on Thursday 23rd February & Thursday 2nd March.

This was one of the most closely contested President's Prize competitions of recent years, with less than 1% between the top five places!

1st Kevin & Nicky Clark 55.72 %
2nd Emer Roberts & Pauline Barry 55.68 %
3rd Ray Breen & Margaret McMahon 55.46 %
4th Deirdre O'Connor & Frank Devlin 55.24 %
5th Gerry McCarthy & Eleanor Callanan 54.91 %
6th Mona Driscoll & Yvonne O'Doherty 52.75 %
!st Session Peter Markham & Betsy Carvill  
2nd Session Ann Lynn & Sheila Harvey  



CBAI SIMS Pairs 9th Feb 2023

The results of the CBAI SIMs pairs are available here

CBAI SIMs Pairs Overall results

The Commentary booklet is available in pdf format here

006227 Commentary CBAI 2023 Thursday 9th February 2023

The overall results are provisional until all results are in - this can take up to a week or so

Bill Moloney Trophy 19th Jan 2023

The 29th edition of the Bill Moloney Memorial Trophy was held on Thursday 19th January 2023

Congratulations to the winners (pictures to follow)

1st Anne Benson & Noel Carthy 65.15%
2nd Peter Markham & Betsy Carvill 63.64%
3rd Beryl Dunne & Collette Maher 60.35%
4th Kevin & Nicky Clark 56.82%
5th Cynthia Ó Dúnlaing & Mona Driscoll 55.05%
6th Annette Kelly & Kate Ó Gallachóir 53.28%
Christmas Party - Thursday 15th December 2022

Our first Christmas Party since 2019 was held on Thursday 15th December 2022

We had 7 full tables, including two novice pairs - Veronica Kidd & Joan Stones - who braved their entry into club bridge, along with Preident Pat Levin & Penny Pennefather who more than ably manned the kitchen.

A great time was had by all - with mulled wine before play, some lovely bridge hands, a great supper and a fiendishly difficult quiz set by Ray Breen rounded off by Kevin Clarke's rendition of a christmas carol

We wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Turkey Competition 30th Nov 2022

Congratulations to the winners of the Turkey competion - we await our invitation to dinner with much anticipationwink

1st Anne Condren & Peter Markham
2nd Anne Benson & Vivienne Adams
3rd Patricia O'Regan & Margaret McMahon
4th Joe Dempsey & Ann Cafferky


Eileen O'Doherty Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Sheila Harvey & Annette Kelly who won the Eileen O'Doherty Memorial Trophy on Thursday 17th November 2022

Eileen O'Doherty was a Master bridge player who played in the Regent Bridge Club and her family donated the trophy after her death in 1992.

It is awarded to the winners of the Eastern Region Pairs (Inter B's) competition every year and is a qualifying competition for the National Finals. For many years, the competition was run in Greystones on account of the family link - Yvonne is Eileen's daughter-in-law.

On a similar note, congratulations to our new member, Karen Tyrell, who claimed seond place in the Patricia Rossiter Novice Trophy on the same night

Century Cup 2022
  • CC22 1st Gross Ray Breen and Margaret McMahon
  • CC22 1st Nuala Gunning and Ada Bradbury
  • CC22 2nd Ann Crotty and Rhona Woods
  • CC22 3rd Frank Devlin and Deirdre O Connor
  • CC22 4th Ann Cafferky and Mags Smith

St Crispin's hosted the Century Cup on Thursday 10th November 2022

Congratulations to the winners in what was a tightly fought contest

1st Nuala Gunning & Ada Bradbury
Gross Margartet McMahon & Ray Breen
2nd Ann Crotty & Rhona Woods
3rd Deirdre O'Connor & Frank Devlin
4th Ann Cafferky & Mags Smith


Running Lamb competition
Running Lamb competition

The Running Lamb competition runs from 15th September through to 6th October

Congratulations to the winners

1st Betsy Carvill
2nd Martin Colbert
3rd Collette Maher
4th Peter Markham

Bridge Lessons


“Bridge In a Nutshell”

 Greystones Bridge Centre, Sat 24 Sept & Oct 1

4 sessions over 2 days for those whose bridge would benefit from a spring clean!

€40 for 2-day course

♠   ♣ 

Sept 24, 10AM – 12.30PM

Bidding  - Opening Bids / Responses / Rebids – weak vs strong

Sept 24, 2.30PM – 5PM

Declarer Play in No Trump & Trump contracts – when to delay drawing trumps, where/when to finesse, counting losers / winners

Oct 1, 10AM – 12.30PM

Defence – Opening leads, Using Info from Bidding, Using Info from Dummy, Different approach to Trump & No Trump contracts, Communicating with Partner

Oct 1, 2.30PM – 5.00PM

Mixed Grill – Overcalls, Take Out Doubles, 4th Suit Forcing, Balancing in the Bidding, Transfers over No Trump

No partner necessary


or Call/ Text 087 631 4250 

  • Starting Thursday 15th September at 10.00 a.m. 

                                 €120 for 10-lesson term

  •  Starting Monday 12th September at 10.00 a.m.

                                  €120 for 10-lesson term


We will also have BEGINNERS CLASSES on Saturday mornings.

These classes will start on 5th November at 9.30 a.m.

For further information about any of these classes

please email

 or call 087 631 4250



CBAI SIMS Pairs 10th Feb 2022

The results of the CBAI SIMs pairs are available here

CBAI SIMs Pairs Overall results

The Commentary booklet is available in pdf format here

006227 Commentary CBAI 2022 Thursday

President's Prize 2022
  • 2022 president s prize
  • PP2022 1st Cynthia Ó Dúnlaing Joan Doherty
  • PP2022 2nd Anne Benson Noel Carthy
  • PP2022 3rd Ronan Nolan Paul Victory
  • PP2022 Session 1 Rose Vincent Wallace
  • PP2022 Session 2 Rosemary Lee Vivienne Adams

Our President's Prize was held on Thursday 31st March & 7th April 2022

Everyone was a winner as President Pat had baked yummy biscuits for all !

Oh, almost forgot - there were bridge competition winners as well

Congratulations to the prize winners

1st Joan Doherty & Cynthia Ó Dúnlaing 62.06 %
2nd Anne Benson & Noel Carthy 57.71 %
3rd Ronan Nolan & Paul Victory 57.04 %
1st Session Rose & Vincent Wallace 67.17 % S1
2nd Session Rosemary Lee & Vivienne Adams 58.64 % S2
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Club AGM
Standby: Beryl Dunne
Novice Pairs
Standby: Ann Lynn
Thu 1st Jun 2023
Open night
Standby: Margaret McMahon
Thu 8th Jun 2023
Open night
Standby: Michael Myburgh
Thu 15th Jun 2023
Open night
Standby: Lesley McMullan